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  1. Moparx

    What's the latest app you've downloaded?

    The iPad version of Colloquy was released (via universal app update) so that is what I downloaded. :)
  2. Moparx

    Super Mario World Running On Jailbroken iPad Courtesy of snes4iPhone

    I have to say that if I ever jailbroke my iPad, this is one of the first things I would be doing. :)
  3. Moparx

    Hi from Middle Georgia

    Hi, Macmacga! Welcome to the iPad Forums. I hope you enjoy your stay with us.
  4. Moparx

    Hey from south FLA!!!

    Welcome from another South Floridian. :)
  5. Moparx

    Cleaning the screen

    I also just use a microfiber cloth and it does the job perfectly. The screen looks like new with just a few wipes.
  6. Moparx

    Hello everyone

    Hi fritz68. Welcome to the community and feel free to ask us anything. :)
  7. Moparx

    Just another "hello"

    Welcome to the community! I hope to see you around. :)
  8. Moparx

    What Do You Sync With (Mac or PC)?

    I sync with my Mac.
  9. Moparx

    Best Twitter app

    I tried out a bunch of free iPad Twitter apps, but I eventually purchased Twittelator.
  10. Moparx

    Problems with glare

    A lot of companies are selling anti-glare and glare reducing screen protectors for the iPad. Check or your favorite online retailer.
  11. Moparx


    Welcome to the community. I hope enjoy the iPad and your stay with us! If you have any questions about it please feel free to ask.
  12. Moparx

    New non-techie owner - 16 GB 3G

    Hi MLimtiaco. Welcome to the community!
  13. Moparx


    Welcome to the community! I hope you enjoy your stay.
  14. Moparx

    Hello all

    Thanks for the warm welcome. :) The display is still in excellent condition and I have no problem with the backlight either. I don't recall having any screen issues with any of my Newtons.
  15. Moparx

    iPad Case Reviews

    I've been using the Macally Metrolpad for about a week and I like it so far.
  16. Moparx

    Hello all

    Hello everyone. I discovered this community through a moment of boredom when I randomly decided to search for iPad forums to see what offerings were currently available. I am the proud owner of a 32GB WiFi-only iPad which was purchased almost as soon as they came out since it was perfect for my...