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  1. Ltapilot

    Picture Frame

    Try clicking on the icon just to the right of the slider bar when you first turn it on. This will put it into a slide show view of what ever you have assigned.
  2. Ltapilot

    Would you do your on line banking on iPad?

    WIFI or 3g? How secure is your WIFI connection? Would you use your lap for online backing? Would you use your 3g phone for online banking? If you answered yes then go for it. In you answered no then off to the bank you go.
  3. Ltapilot

    What is your ipads name?

    Mercury (as in the winged messenger.)
  4. Ltapilot

    HELP!!!! Is my iPad ruined?

    Hey iWagsm try this iPad: Turning on/off and resetting Can't hurt anything, until you get to the store.
  5. Ltapilot

    Time keeps changing

    I have this problem when I do not sync for over a week and the battery is lower than 30%. A sync and a charge fixes things wight up.
  6. Ltapilot

    iPad Converter - Handbrake

    How about a two step solution. Rip with DVDFab 7 then convert with Handbrake.
  7. Ltapilot

    Good Blu-Ray Ripper?

    Not that I would endorse violating copy writes but the word DVDFab7 comes to mind.
  8. Ltapilot

    iPad Converter - Handbrake

    Read this please Apple - iTunes - Learn about the features of iTunes 9.
  9. Ltapilot

    Do AT&T's 3G bars actually..

    Hey Wetstuff been watching your quest for enlightenment, good luck. Here is just a bit more information. Excellent Article Disconnect Between Bars Cell Signal By J. Cheng iPhone 3G
  10. Ltapilot

    Video Help

    Hi pamg I was just looking at the specs for your sx200 and the ipad. They seem compatible. What resolution are you shooting at? I would try to shoot something at 640x480 and see if that helps when you download directly to yur iPad. ipadone had a good suggestion to try to import the MOV into...
  11. Ltapilot

    Video Help

    Hi pamg - a little more information may help us figure out how to help. What format does your camera output? AVI, mpg4, something else? Or what is the model number of your Cannon? I found this article but I do not know if it will be helpful. Converting movies from my Canon camera to iTunes via...
  12. Ltapilot

    iPad GPS

    I took one of those "getting to know your iPad" classes at the local Apple store. We were playing around with Google maps on our WIFI's and this happened. The little hippie kid next to me just about lost it. Thought he was being spied on.:D
  13. Ltapilot

    Iphone sync cable not same as ipad cable

    Your old cables may be damaged. My iPod cable is working fine.
  14. Ltapilot

    How can I load my DVD movies on to the iPad?

    try DVDFab DVD Copy Software from DVDFab | Copy DVD to PSP, DVDR or iPod then nadbrake http://
  15. Ltapilot

    Wifi connection drops solution!

    Thanks for the interesting read. One quick question, he speaks of a Wi-Fi signal meter and it seems to fluctuate. Is this the small graphic in the upper left hand corner next to the word iPad? Or is there an app for that?:confused:
  16. Ltapilot

    Time reset

    Try Settings>General>Date and Time>Set Date and Time I do not now about a good (or bad) clock/Alarm App, but I would like to hear about it if you find one.