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    Constant reboot since jailbreak

    Thank you..
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    Constant reboot since jailbreak

    I am using Verizon 4.2.8 and I did the jailbreak. My phone constantly crash. I did a restore last nite before I did the jailbreak. What gives? I may have to undo it and wait. About a few hrs today at my desk I didn't know the phone just shut off smh. Any ideas?
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    IPad as phone

    I use talkatone on my iPad2 for my GV number.
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    Pics are sideways

    This must be an iPhone issue. I own the adobe apps already. The problem is the picture appears fine and doesn't need rotating in the adobe app. The problem is viewing the picture outside of an apple product. If I take pictures with iPhone and load them to Photobucket. I would then have to go in...
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    Pics are sideways

    Yes when I take the pic it's normal. But when I send the pic to my email or to someone else the picture is sideways. They appear fine on iPad and iPhone. It's other sources that's the problem. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Pics are sideways

    For the life of me I can't figure out why my pics are sideways when I email them out or load them to another site. Am I doing something wrong? This is rather annoying! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Complete ipad 2 set up

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    DropDAV isn't free anymore

    Dropdav no longer free I received an email stating I was being migrated. It will now cost 5.00 a month. I hope this doesn't mean Dropbox will come with a fee too!
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    time settings

    This happened to me on Saturday but with my iPhone. First time it has happened but nothing would fix it except a reboot.
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    Any red Smart Cover owners?

    I also have a red smartcover and I love it. I haven't had any issues of staining though..
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    calling with ipad2 3g

    I use Talkatone with no issues at all. If my iPad rings and I don't answer the call forwards to my iPhone. The text I get on both devices!
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    HBOGo Released!

    Are u guys sure the mute switch is not on?? I have no sound issues on mine. Picture and sound is superb.
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    Broken ipad 2 glass

    I've been hearing Apple is doing a one time courtesy replacement. Doesn't hurt to try! Good luck. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Ipad trade in

    Yes apple did offer the 100.00 refund. Also best buy will do a trade in for the iPad even if u didn't purchase it from them. They will give you a gift card towards the new purchase.
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    HBOGo Released!

    I am now watching the HBO app.. Thanks to my mom subscribing to Fios!
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    HBOGo Released!

    I'm so jealous... I have Cablevision so it's a no go for me BUT there may be hope after all My mom has Fios so after making a phone call I got the okay to use her account. Gotta get the info today and try it out. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    HBOGo Released!

    Yes I would be connecting it to my bedroom tv as well.. Thx heading to best buy today to give this a run.
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    HBOGo Released!

    I'm interested in this slingbox.. Will I be able to watch my cable away from home??
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    HBOGo Released!

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    HBOGo Released!

    It's in the app store already...
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    Gmail contacts

    This happened to me on Friday and this was the resolve Https:// This should work..good luck!! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Gmail contacts

    I'm confused...where exactly is it asking you for the exchange password?? Is it after u have set everything up and then u keep getting a popup notification?? If so I may have your solution Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Gmail contacts

    My setup is a little different. Username is just the name without the
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    Gmail contacts

    Did u manage to get it to work?
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    32g vs 64g?

    I got the 32Gb on launch day and within my 14 days I exchanged it for the 64Gb. I just feel it's always better to have more. Couldn't be more happier Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    What are you doing right now?

    Watching Law and Order SVU on my Ipad2 while I enjoy my day off
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    So.....where are we all from?

    Brooklyn, New York
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    On screen keyboard

    I installed extended keyboard app and it has been my most used app..
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    Invoice for Ipad

    I have used invoice2go the free version
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    Facebook friendly not working after update

    Friendly has been fixed as of Friday! Maybe you need to reinstall. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Not quite understanding the part about signing into iTunes.
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    Very disappointed

    This is the reason why you should never get something engraved especially if it's a new product that you are trying out. iPads are too much money to take that risk. Also the IPad has so much more to offer than just watching videos.
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    Extended Keyboard

    I downloaded this app and it is great! Thx Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Friendly is back!

    The app is now fixed! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Found Back case that fits the smart cover

    Just ordered one. Not bad for 13.00 bucks. Even though my smartcover is red leather.
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    AppStore half-down?

    It's fixed now
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    Bose App for IPad

    The Bose app now works on the IPad!!
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    Didnt use all of my data this month...

    The same happened with me last month. What I did was one Sunday watched a few shows using the ABC player app. Caught up on Greys and Desperate Housewives lol.
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    Crackle Sony App

    I've been watching all the Seinfield episodes this morning but havent experienced any of the above. Mine has been flawless with picture thus far!
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    Crackle Sony App

    Just downloaded this free App. So far I'm impressed. Sitting at my desk watching Seinfield. Picture quality is also great.