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  1. AlxiPad

    What are you guys doing right NOW??? ;)

    Checking out the iPF forums whilst watching TV in bed. Also can't resist looking at the iPhone 5 rumours haha Sent from my iPad 2 using 3G
  2. AlxiPad


    Ever looked at what you would get on resale value? Sent from my iPad 2
  3. AlxiPad

    Ipad 2 addiction

    Amazing post my friend. That is some serious iPad 2 usage and a serious addiction I think :) Sent from my iPad 2
  4. AlxiPad

    USA ipad in UK

    If you pick up the 4G maybe those features won't work either but I can't be sure. Sent from my iPad 2
  5. AlxiPad

    New to Apple

    Hi, congratulations on your new iPad purchase. Welcome to the family Sent from my iPad 2
  6. AlxiPad

    A warm hello to the group

    The iPad 2 is a great device. The new iPad is a a beautiful piece of kit but unless you really feel the urge in my opinion you don't HAVE to have this latest device. Of course this is just my opinion but what you are reading on right now is still a great device for at least the next incarnation...
  7. AlxiPad

    Question about magazines in Newstand

    Hi there, I think newsstand works in much the same way as iBooks. Once you have the book / magazine uploaded onto your device you should be able to view it without any connection. But, I of course can be mistaken. Any experts out there? Sent from my iPad 2 using iPF
  8. AlxiPad

    Customising my ipad2

    Very true guys. Plus you can run the risk of bricking (rendering your iPad un-usable) if you do not know what you are doing. I'm running good on my official iOS 5.1 right here Sent from my iPad 2 using iPF
  9. AlxiPad

    Ipad 2 addiction

    Hey guys, as an iPad 2 owner myself and a self obsessed addict I just would like to know if there are any other junkies out there like me and how do you guys use your iPads? I take my iPad 2 everywhere using it as a notebook, calendar, diary, movie watching device, iPod capabilities, quick...
  10. AlxiPad

    Get an ipad 2 or ipad 3?

    I would say that if you a new iPad user I would get the new device. Unless money is an issue of course Sent from my iPad 2
  11. AlxiPad

    Overall iPad 3 disappointing

    That's a pretty neat way of doing things Sent from my iPad 2
  12. AlxiPad

    365 for used 32gb

    Nice deal Sent from my iPad 2
  13. AlxiPad

    Overall iPad 3 disappointing

    That's cool man, each is own when it comes to this stuff. I bet you can't wait for it to drop :)
  14. AlxiPad

    Battery life on ipad2 after ios5.1

    Haven't noticed anything major. Think this iPF app beats up the battery though haha My battery about an hour ago was around 75%, now check it out. Although I did upgrade OTA Sent from my iPad 2
  15. AlxiPad

    Overall iPad 3 disappointing

    Oh sure, as a first time buyer you got to go for the new iPad man Sent from my iPad 2
  16. AlxiPad

    Overall iPad 3 disappointing

    Would we be happy if we weren't complaining ? No seriously, I guess we all just want our utopian devices which we know isn't going to happen but that's consumerism for you. The new iPad is a great device but it isn't enough to warrant me to throw my iPad 2 away just yet. Sent from my iPad 2...
  17. AlxiPad


    Yeah I got me a nice leather envelope case for my iPad 2. I dropped this thing in some tiles a few months ago and I almost died. Little dent on the back corner but thankfully no damage to the screen Sent from my iPad 2
  18. AlxiPad

    The Official I got my iPad 2 Thread!

    The announced features were not killer enough for me. I can hold out for a better device in the mean time. Yo, how come we iPad 2 owners didn't get Siri in the latest 5.1 update. Will the iPad ever get it? Sent from my iPad 2
  19. AlxiPad


    I like that. You know something I actually prefer the form factor of the original iPad. It feels sturdy in the hand Sent from my iPad 2
  20. AlxiPad

    Overall iPad 3 disappointing

    I was surprised at a lack of Siri and I thought they were going to unleash the haptic touch screen especially how they said and the media invite it was something you had to touch. Hmmm Never mind we are in good hands. I'm going to be saving my only for the iPad 4 Sent from my iPad 2
  21. AlxiPad


    Sure :) do you still use the original iPad. Which one is your daily driver?
  22. AlxiPad


    Hey Semel. Nice idea ;). But seriously I can't give up this iPad just yet. What happened to Siri? Surely us iPad users deserve that feature? There wasn't enough new features for me to take the plunge. And hey. This is the last Steve Jobs announced device ;) Sent from my iPad 2
  23. AlxiPad


    This is the beauty of the iPad. Every niche is catered for. I hope you find what you are looking for buddy. Sent from my iPad 2
  24. AlxiPad


    Hey, how many of you guys are trading in your iPad 2 for the new iPad? As much as I like the thought of that new retina display I can't warrant the trade. Who out there is giving up the iPad 2? Sent from my iPad 2
  25. AlxiPad

    The Official I got my iPad 2 Thread!

    I have had my iPad 2 3G in black since the UK release date. I queued up like a typical Apple junkie lol. I love this device. It's so easy to use and all this data is at my fingertips along with a great community like iPF. This device is staying with me until the next iPad (not the one just...
  26. AlxiPad

    Who is getting their 3 first?!

    Who is upgrading from an IPad 2 here and why? Just interested as I am an iPad 2 user who wasn't sold on this update. Sent from my 32GB WiFi + 3G iPad 2
  27. AlxiPad

    How will the new "retina" apps look...

    The iPad 2 is still a serious piece of kit. Whilst ok it does not have that awesome retina display I think it has a great screen. It's good enough for my needs anyway. When I saw the new iPad announced I could not warrant the upgrade just for the display. Maybe the next incarnation will force me...
  28. AlxiPad

    Scratches on the black frame

    How did you manage the scratch? I dropped mine for the first time I few months ago straight into tile. I almost died haha Sent from my 32GB WiFi + 3G iPad 2
  29. AlxiPad

    Ios 5.1

    I just upgraded OTA and so far I havent come across any problems. Sent from my 32GB WiFi + 3G iPad 2
  30. AlxiPad

    Ipad2screen bleeding

    I have very small bleeding in the left hand bottom corner. Certainly not enough to warrant returning my iPad though. Sent using my iPad
  31. AlxiPad

    Is the Ipad 2 prone to scratches ?

    Here is the buffalo hide sleeve I have. Sent from my iPad.
  32. AlxiPad

    Is the Ipad 2 prone to scratches ?

    I have the smart cover and it does a great job of protecting the screen, however don't be fooled by the fact Apple says it also cleans the doesn't. Coupled with the smart cover I have a buffalo hide sleeve when not in use to keep the whole device safe and it works perfect for me...
  33. AlxiPad

    App too large to download on AT&T says to use wifi? What the heck!!!

    Nothing more annoying than that. I have been there before but only on my 3G network never WiFi Sent using my iPad.
  34. AlxiPad

    Movies on Ipad2 quality?

    I use handbrake to convert movies to my iPad 2 and they look perfect. Filling up my tablet quite nicely with movies :). Sent using my iPad.
  35. AlxiPad

    Since iPad, I now use my computer ____________.

    I assume you guys are talking about your Macs or PC's right? Sent from my iPad.
  36. AlxiPad

    Since iPad, I now use my computer ____________.

    My iPad has not yet killed my MacBook Pro but who knows maybe one day. I have a Windows based desktop which I use quite a bit as it has an awesome 5.1 system hooked to it so I just blaze my music. However just lounging, in bed, travelling, away with friends my tablet and Dr Dre Studio headphones...
  37. AlxiPad

    What memory to go for?

    I have the 32GB 3G iPad 2 and I can honestly say I have no problem with the memory size. I have an extensive music, photo and video collection and I have plenty of room left over. Very happy with my device. Launch device so only just over 2 month anniversary ;) Sent from my iPad.
  38. AlxiPad

    Ipad 2 owners, any general issues?

    I have a black 32GB WiFi + 3G iPad 2 purchased on launch day over in old blighty here (UK) I can honestly say I haven't had any major issues with my device. One very minor gripe at the moment with my device is I have that annoying camera glitch issue, where if you expose the camera to bright...
  39. AlxiPad

    Hello! New member: Coco

    Hello there. Great informative post. I love me a bit of Infinity Blade also, nothing better than having a mindless hack and slash after a difficult day at work. Enjoy the forums :) Sent from my iPad.
  40. AlxiPad

    Hello New Member Here

    Good evening fellow iPad owners. Just a quick hello from me as I am a newbie to these forums, however I am enjoying them already. Looking forward to chatting with you guys. Alex Sent from my iPad.