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    Ipad2 cases?

    Recently got my ipad2 replaced due to my cracked screen issue..and from this experince, i realized that the smart cover is worthless, and those plastic back cover too. So what are some good companies that makes those ipad2 cases? Preferably soft ones in case i drop it again. A recommandation on...
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    Broken ipad 2 touch screen. Replacment options?

    I dropped my ipad 2 on concret today. I do have a smart cover and a back case on when i dropped it. Right now i have a very large crack on the screen, and the top right corner is also damaged. The device still functions, but it really bothers what are some options for me? Should i go to...
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    Whats a good app to stream drama or movies on iPad?

    I have been asking my friends who uses it, they all told me to use youtube. Is there an app to stream drama or movies? Other than youtube? Thanks!! Sent from my iPad using iPF
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    New ipad user, any recommanded apps?

    Im new to ipad, have been using it for couple weeks(had it for like a month, just didn really use it other than ibook and safari). What are some recommanded apps on the ipad? Anthing gose, thanks! Sent from my iPad using iPF