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    Beware "Flash Video Detect" App Scam!

    So I was just browsing the app store and I came across this app that was in the top paid apps list called "Flash Video Detect" that claims to play flash videos, games, etc. So I bought it since it was in the top paid list and had decent reviews 4.5/5. When I opened the app all there was was so...
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    Onlive Desktop Canada

    So I'm in Canada and i wanna use Onlive desktops paid service. I was able to download their app by changing my app store to the US but I'm not able to pay for a pro account since I need a us address + payment method. Any suggestions?
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    Apo to instant sync files for offline viewing?

    App to instant sync files for offline viewing? Is there any app that will automatically instant sync (for later offline viewing) files I drop into a folder on my computer? Ie if I download a file on my computer and drop it in the folder and leave my house 10 mins later (without pressing sync or...
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    Recommend Me A Case?

    Hey I was wondering if you guys have any suggestions for a case. Here is pretty much the perfect case for me Targus Slim Case for the new iPad (3rd Generation), Wi-Fi/4G* Model 16GB, 32GB, 64GB THD006US (Black): Computers & Accessories But unfortunately the reviews are bad and...
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    Viewing Embedded PDFs

    So all my course notes are in the form of PDFs that are embedded into the course website. What it looks like is basically a normal web page with a PDF in a sub window that can be scrolled and downloaded. However, on the iPad, it shows the same thing except I am unable to scroll the PDF. I have...
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    iPad/Apple Return Policy

    So im thinking about trying out an iPad 3 but im not sure if it is the thing for me yet. So I want to order one and try it out and see if I like it. From what I have been told, you can return the item after 14 days no questions asked. But when I go onto their website Sales Policies - Apple Store...