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  1. iPadPil

    Ios 7 apps update

    Thank you guys for your prompt responses.
  2. iPadPil

    Ios 7 apps update

    My update to iOS 7 went great with no problems at all. One thing though which was not happening before is after updating the various apps they still showing grouped together under the date they were updated. Before they were not showing after the update. Can I get delete them? Since the list is...
  3. iPadPil

    Taking photo's with iPad2

    Check this out:
  4. iPadPil

    iPad 2 as a webcam?

    Did the other person see you? I was wondering how it worked perfectly for you since Skype does not have an app yet for iPad2.
  5. iPadPil

    iPad 2 skype problem

    Skype is not supporting yet iPad2. Wait until they release a new app for iPad2 or use Facetime if your friend has an iOS product.
  6. iPadPil

    Ordering more then 2 ipads2 to the same address?

    I have just received my two iPads today. When ordering online it was stipulated two iPads per order only. Your card will charged when Apple sends you a shipping notification. Try to order the extra one next day and see what happens.
  7. iPadPil

    Pleasant surprise from Apple

    I will sure do, based upon my ten month experience with iPad 1.
  8. iPadPil

    Pleasant surprise from Apple

    Yes, I got an email shipment notification. Now I am waiting for my second order placed the same day.
  9. iPadPil

    Pleasant surprise from Apple

    My first (32 GB wifi ) of the two iPads I ordered back on March 20th is going to be delivered on April 15th instead of April 28th. I am sure my other one 3G 64GB will arrive soon since I ordered them at the same time. What a nice surprise. Now I must sell my iPad 1.
  10. iPadPil

    iPad 2 must go!

    iPad never meant to replace the laptop/desktop !! As the previous poster said you had more than twelve months to educate yourself before buying. I am awaiting my iPad 2 and I will keep my iPad 1 as well for my work. Good luck
  11. iPadPil

    Help Locating - Tripod mount for a Ipad 2.

    The Amazon post my me earlier is for iPad2.
  12. iPadPil

    iPad and travel external HD

    Probably this.
  13. iPadPil

    Wireless Portable Harddrive???

    Try this
  14. iPadPil

    Help Locating - Tripod mount for a Ipad 2.

    Check this out @ Amazon For iPad2
  15. iPadPil

    Clamcase = Scam?

    That's why I am not buying from a company which introduces a new hot product. Wait until the dust settles and if I need it I will ask the ones who bought about their opinion. Sorry, to hear your horror story. Usually legit companies charge credit cards when the product(s) are shipped. Talk to...
  16. iPadPil

    Some of my iPad sketches

    Very nice work !! Keep posting more.
  17. iPadPil

    Chrome stand $7.00 incl tax

    Update 2/12/2011 I have pushed it back and I added two mini clamps (35 cents each from Home Depot) for securing the position of the iPad. My next project is to make an adjustable height back, for now is fixed but it provides a very convenient viewing/working. This is work in progress..
  18. iPadPil

    Chrome stand $7.00 incl tax

    From Staples, chrome study stand. Rubber from my tool box to protect the iPad but I use it with the Apple case anyway. It is very versatile and collapsible. Go to the desk accessories and you will find it. I use it for typing, in the kitchen, in bed for reading and while watching TV and web...
  19. iPadPil

    Notion Ink Adam

    From 100 tablets in CES 2011 one is off the cliff, 99 to go...
  20. iPadPil


    Check this: ipad stands
  21. iPadPil

    iPad WiFi to Router Speed?

    Here is my router's status pic. The Win app is free.
  22. iPadPil

    How to delete unwanted download in progress..

    Thanks for the quick response. I did as per your suggestion (until Apple logo shows then release both buttons and let it restart) but the app is not gone and still shows Paused.
  23. iPadPil

    How to delete unwanted download in progress..

    I started to download an app which after starting it I realized is more than 1.8G and my WiFi connection is poor to say the least. I just paused it. Then I did the home button/power button turn off/on but it did not work. I did the back up through iTunes which took ages but the paused app is...
  24. iPadPil

    Windows 32/64 bit AirPrint Activator

    I have the same printer but I am unable to connect. I have w7 /64. Could you please outline the steps you took? I will appreciate that. Thanks
  25. iPadPil

    Windows 32/64 bit AirPrint Activator

    Thanks good to know.
  26. iPadPil

    Windows 32/64 bit AirPrint Activator

    Has anybody tried this? Very good one if it works. Activate AirPrint on Windows | 9 to 5 Mac Activate AirPrint on Windows | Apple Intelligence
  27. iPadPil

    MOV Files?

    The VLC app on iPad does it automatically (receiving email with mov attachments).
  28. iPadPil

    internet connection sharing using usb modem from laptop to ipad

    You can plug your USB modem to a broadband router (check Cradlepoint). By doing this you create a hotspot. I have the ctr-350 and works perfect with my Verizon data plan. One more thing the router supports up to sixteen wifi devices, therefore you are on with your laptop ( I have two laptops...
  29. iPadPil

    iPad webcam

    Just check this it is out today. Long road unknown if Skype supported yet. Scosche iClops iPod/iPad webcam and Optoma Neo-i pico-projector dock incoming - SlashGear
  30. iPadPil

    New stand holder

    Has anybody bought this? PropUp Ergonomic Stand Holder Accessory to prop up the Apple Inc. iPad I am looking for something like this for bed reading.
  31. iPadPil

    iPad for Business, connecting with the PC world

    Is anybody using Jump Desktop ($20) @ Appstore. I am willing to get it but I would like feedback from existing users.
  32. iPadPil

    Google Voice on ipad?

    Thanks for the explanation. Yes, I noticed there is nothing in the iPad Gmail like in my laptop.
  33. iPadPil

    Google Voice on ipad?

    My two cents.
  34. iPadPil

    Google Voice on ipad?

    It works for me with the Atomic as Mobile Safari-iPad. I do have Skype too which is very good for my international travel where GV is no good.
  35. iPadPil

    UAE sim card/data plan options?

    I don't get it. Why don't you ask you local providers (Du, Etisalat)?
  36. iPadPil

    Pogo Sketch - Has anyone actually used it for writing?

    Right on!!. Thanks for the comments. I did not comment on yours since you being a professional designer you always not only get praise about your work but you make your living too. In any case, great work!
  37. iPadPil

    Pogo Sketch - Has anyone actually used it for writing?

    Thanks-The Wacom stylus does not work on the iPad.
  38. iPadPil

    Pogo Sketch - Has anyone actually used it for writing?

    Well, to start I am not a professional designer but I do like to sketch. Here is a picture of a converted Pogo after taking apart three ball point pens next to the Wacom stylus I am using over the years. The feel is not exactly the same put very close if I may say. I still believe the Pogo is...
  39. iPadPil

    Pogo Sketch - Has anyone actually used it for writing?

    I bought pogo but it is no good for note taking or drawing which I bought for. Said that I converted it to feel like a drawing stylus like a Wacom one that I use over the years. I will post tomorrow on how to and pics. Check this forum tomorrow. Got to board the plane now.
  40. iPadPil

    Best iPad browser other than native SAFARI?

    Atomic for me!!!