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    How many will be in stock at best buy??

    i was at the iPad1 release and obv its not going to be same but there was a full rolling book case full of them. and they passed out tickets last year as well corresponding to the model that you want
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    Launch Day!

    oh wow someone from my area! i tend to go to bestbuy, never really that packed on launch days (10 people were there last year on iPad launch)
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    What is the best remote desktop for iPad?

    I use splash top. It's great and you don't have to drag to move the mouse it's just tap. Also the videos play exactly like how they would on the pc. ANC sound works! I got it for $.99 don't know if it was discounted at the time though.
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    Brought my ipad to

    I took mine on my school bus one day to show one of my good friends who is also a tech addict and of course like 3 other kids saw it and ofc had to play with it. They were just so shocked to see a kid my age have one. One of the kids even told me he was waiting for gen 2. There is obv a lot of...
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    Could a Sexting Scandal Come to the iPad?

    Hello there, I currently go to the high school where they first caught kids sexting. It is actually a crime because it is possession of child porn. The first kids who got caught doing this got community service because it just wasn't tought that such a thing was against the law. Now, students...
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    What type of phone do you use?

    Blackberry storm 2
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    Amazed with how cool the iPad runs

    I am also blown away I have been using mine non stop all day since 11 and I'm at 7 percent finally lol. Plus this website looks great on the iPad!
  8. T - iPad Wi-Fi Case Contest!

    can it be the ipad box or does it have to be opened etc
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    What will be your first (3) movies,apps & pictures you load?

    I was considering it but i figured i would have to get insurance to make sure it doesn't get stolen from my hotel room (i know i have a safe but i'm still uncomfortable) Also i would have to buy the wall plug accessory which to me is a big waste of money... Therefore i settled on taking my...
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    What will be your first (3) movies,apps & pictures you load?

    1. District 9, Up (haven't seen either) 2. Flashcards, iTranslate (for Spanish class) 3. Pics from my Bahamas trip i'm taking next week!
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    Welcome Cimo Technologies as a sponsor of!

    just to let you know, on the side bar of the home page of the forum the word "Sponsors" is spelled wrong
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    Local UPS just told me this Week!

    I heard this once in school about how UPS workers once had a strike and nothing was delivered in that time therefore companies started using two shipping companies to prevent such a big lack of shipments. i would think that they would use at least two shipping companies but its just an...
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    HELLO all, new here..

    nice to see another crackberry addict like myself :D
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    What am i doing wrong?

    yup just tried firefox and it works thx guys and sorry for having a pc :P my christmas list includes an imac. i will be converting to apple everything cept my blackberry haha
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    What am i doing wrong?

    they do haha. but for me no stores pop up for any states... i dont get it guess ill have to go to the store without a reserved one
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    What am i doing wrong?

    I cant figure out how to do this? whenever i put in the state Ohio, no stores pop up?
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    New Member

    Hey my name is Brad, im 14 years old and im a gadget geek :P. The only apple product i have is an itouch. I also have a blackberry storm2 and use a pc. I plan on getting the 16gig wifi ipad then upgrade to a better version when generation 2 comes out.
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    How do i reserve one?

    Hello, I'm am almost brand new to this forums and to apple products (i have an itouch) but i have never been to an apple store. I was wondering how do i reserve an ipad for the 3rd? Do i do this online or do i have to camp out the night before pre order? Thanks beforehand if anyone knows