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    Where can I buy a ipad 2 case ?

    haha!!! are you serious?? Tons of cases on line I love the leather cases on ETSY, you can find so more is great! External link removed
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    Another great ipad 2 Case!

    the website I found only one case!! that is the one iPad 2 cases you buy?
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    Otterbox Defender iPad 2 case - my thoughts.

    I find the iPad case in the site is ok!! but it is only four types!
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    fashionable ipad bags for the ladies

    handbag....It sounds cool!!
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    Any folio case that can put a notepad inside??

    This one is only cover I looking for this one for some time But not yet pay. But I want a portfolio case more,if I do not find another one,maybe I will pay for this one!!
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    Lost my Ipad!

    Lucky guy you are,haha!!!
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    iPad case with shoulder strap, where you can use the iPad while strap over shoulder?

    It can no insert a link onto just find the website:
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    Otterbox Defender iPad 2 case - my thoughts.

    a little expensive I think!!! Why not buy one from ETSY,I like the case on ETSY many are nice! or you can find this site: and many nice case for iPad I love the case with notepad for my working! But I dont think so the cases selling on E-bay nice, many just so so!