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    Finally I can ditch Itunes!!

    I have it working without installing iTunes, guess I must be lucky. As I said I installed the required drivers as instructed by another app to get round installing itunes. I would rather buy and use an app that does not insist that I can only use one pc for my media, I use a media center pc...
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    Photo manager app that sorts and tags and uploads to pc?

    Ok newbie alert so apologies if this has been answered before or posted in the wrong section. So far not having the best time with my new iPad and feel as if it was mis-sold to me. This was supposed to be a bit of a workhorse rather than a toy as I need to download from my SkyDrive storage...
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    Finally I can ditch Itunes!!

    Erm no you don't that's the whole point of the massive range of iTune replacements, some say they need iTunes but most in reality like IMTOO do not. All you need to do is install the drivers another app I used supplied a link to them (at work typing this so do not have it to hand). I had iTunes...