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    Weak wireless on ipad 2

    That was what I was hoping.. But ipad2 is loosing connection where ipad1 is still connected in my house. And yes they are on the same network. Neighbours live to far away to receive any signal from any of them. It IS an wifi issue with the ipad2 compared to ipad1! The ipad1 even have a...
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    Wifi range

    Yes I have. That was the first thing I noticed the first time I turned on my ipad2. It was right beside my ipad1 and it showed one bar less than ipad1. And it does so all over the house... Guess they changed the antenna. Both are runninh iOS 4.3.1 Knut
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    Weak wireless on ipad 2

    Weak wifi signal compared to ipad1 This was the first thing I noticed after turning on my ipad2 for the first time. It shows one bar less than my ipad1 everywhere in the house. Both running iOS 4.3.1... So I guess they put in another wifi receiver than ipad1 has... Right where I am now it...