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    TomTom iPhone App Now Optimized for iPad

    The Dual XGPS150 will get you around that limitation, there are others. I wonder how TomTom compares to Navigon which works beautifully on the iPad.
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    Hey Mick, welcome to the forum. Though there are few solutions to flash on iOS, I find that Puffin (also far from perfect) is much more useful than Skyfire.
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    Amazon Set to Step up as Next iPad Competitor

    Bloomberg: Amazon's Apple War Costs Investors 20 Billion
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    I can now confirm that Logmein Ignition does indeed have an option to hide the screen for each session, and that it works perfectly. When turning on the option ("Blank the Screen") in the iPad's settings, the desktop will pop up permission to install the necessary driver. For each subsequent...
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    iOS5 worth the update?

    Sorry to hear that you have had trouble with the update. Do you have an iPad 1 or a 2?
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    Of course, I understand.
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    Logmein Ignition does have an option in preferences to blank the screen and is *much* faster than Splashtop with certain versions of Windows. I understand that the reverse is true for certain versions of OSX. I like Splashtop and it streams audio for free; but, overall LMI is a much more...
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    Depending on one's hardware and software configuration, connecting to Windows or OSX remotely can extend the iPad's functionality dramaticaly. These programs are very important to some of us and work extremely well.
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    iOS5 First Impressions

    How about your other missing apps, when you downloaded them did you get your data back as well?
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    Resolution after iOs5 fuzzy?

    Were you jailbroken and using RetinaPad?
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    I found the Emoji keyboard!

    Hey, that's nice!
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    Where have my PDFs gone?

    Hmmm... That second paragraph makes me a little uncomfortable as I have not yet upgraded. Well, I'll just try to back my work up to the hilt when the time comes for me to do so. I'm in no rush to get a heart attack. :)
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    Logmein Ignition or Splashtop might be another alternative. Last I heard Puffin was working on Java support and they claim that all traffic is encrypted and anonymous though it may still be a risk.
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    Cleaning The Screen?

    These screens are fairly tough. I often carry my iTouch in my side pocket with a little change and sometimes my keys; and, though I try to turn it away from these objects, they sometimes come in contact with the screen. There is not a single scratch on it. I much more careful with the iPad...
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    Where have my PDFs gone?

    Thanks Diane, good to hear that the PDFs are not being lost everywhere. I saw the thread you mentioned and it does sound a bit unintuitive. Though I don't have Blogshelf, my guess is that it's being worked on and will reappear shortly.
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    Books disappeared

    Oops! I didn't notice that the app itself was gone too.
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    Wallpapers and Screensavers

    Search the App Store, I believe that there are several free or inexpensive apps.
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    Switching between apps in iPad

    Or, you can often just tap the app icon again to switch to it. No need to always double click the home button.
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    Cleaning The Screen?

    Strike out the saliva comment folks! :)
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    Cleaning The Screen?

    My screen must be a mess. ;). Good to hear about it though...
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    5GB of "other" is now on my ipad after updat

    You receive 5 Gigs of free storage on iCloud. It could be an indicator of unused space that you have there.
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    Slingbox and iPad 2

    I have the iPhone version but note that it is not a universal app.
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    Recipe/database app needed - advice please!

    I'll second Paprika as an outstanding program... it's the talk of the town (and a universal app). :D
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    Cleaning The Screen?

    ???? I've always used this "technique."
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    Cleaning The Screen?

    No products that contain alcohol. iKlear makes a packet containing several cloth sizes that is excellent. Lastly, I dont want to gross anybody out; but, for a stubborn spot, saliva works wonders. :)
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    Where have my PDFs gone?

    I wonder if the same thing is happening in iAnnotate, Goodreader, and the others.
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    Books disappeared

    Go to iBooks and touch Store and select Purchased from the menu on the bottom. Are they not there?
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    Do people expect too much?

    The iPad is a hundred times better than I ever dreamed it would be... and I knew that it was going to be good. :D
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    Anyone else waiting???

    Of course I'm waiting! I am disciplined and I like that about myself. :D
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    Is it normal?

    Goodreader is not able to reach outside of it's sandbox to reach other files, no program can do that unless you want to deal with the problems of jailbreaking (even then, I don't know if you will be able to approximate the functionality that you are hoping for). However, you can use it as a...
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    Is it normal?

    You sound like a bright guy Carlo, use the iPad for a while and look for different ways of doing things. I think that you will eventually find that you made an excellent purchase. I too come from the Windows/Unix world and initially felt a bit frustrated as well. As Tim pointed out above, you...
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    ios5 'The Daily' app Disappeared thou App store shows Installed

    Reboot, if that doesn't work, reinstall. Somebody had a similar problem yesterday and resolved it by some kind of a sync maneuver in iTunes I believe.
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    Who will be the first to download iOS5?

    Oh no. I have a lot of folders with carefully arranged apps so I think I will take screenshots before upgrading. I will probably wait at least a week before jumping in... at least. I hate to miss out on all the fun though. :)
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    Who will be the first to download iOS5?

    Congrats leelai. If you see this, what happened to your apps? Did your folders get messed up?
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    Who will be the first to download iOS5?

    I don't know who was the first to download iOS 5; but, being risk averse, I may very well be the last. ;)
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    iOS 5 Update Problems Flood Apple Support Forums

    I believe that this is the wisest course for those that have not already jumped in. Things may go smoothly for many but there is a higher probability of running into server problems etc. with such a highly anticipated upgrade. I won't touch it for at least a week. :)
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    WINDOWS XP Blue screen of death

    On some systems (i.e. HP) F11 allows a system restore via a menu choice. F8 will usually provide access to Safe Mode in either Windows or via the command line, but I'm assuming that this has not worked. Many modern BIOSs will perform a test for a hard drive failure which only takes a few...
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    WINDOWS XP Blue screen of death

    You may also be able to test the hard drive via the BIOS.
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    iOS 5 Update Problems Flood Apple Support Forums

    Yes, it certainly seems that way, people want iOS 5 badly. Hopefully, things will be back to normal soon.
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    iOS 5 Update Problems Flood Apple Support Forums

    It may be best to hold off on the upgrade until we can see more clearly. iOS 5 upgrade error reports flood Apple's support forum.