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    Agree with above... Just make sure each account is turned to the "On" position in Settings. They are controlled separately in Settings.
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    Copy and paste a calendar event

    But you can edit it and spin the dial to a new day.
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    I can see my iPad addiction getting expensive!

    Sounds like I need to invent an Addiction App. I'll call it AA and charge $14.99. Should make a killing. :D
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    Thoughts on the iPad - Three Weeks Later

    Thanks for taking the time to write the review, pretty much what I was expecting after doing some research. I too was a PC only guy, never even bought an iPod. Kids have them but not me. Mine should arrive this week. I bought it for my wife since she doesn't take the time to go into our...
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    Delivery ETA

    Mine made it to Alaska today too!! And I can see Alaska from my house. :D Might beat the 5/25 estimate by a few days.
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    Delivery ETA

    Same story... I ordered the afternoon of 5/10 and it also shipped today from China and has a 5/25 estimated delivery date to California. Looks like we're all in the same boat so to speak.