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  1. Semel

    [GIVEAWAY] Win an AirBender 2.0 Wireless Keyboard Case for iPad Air!

    I want to win the Airbender 2.0! The Simpsons!
  2. Semel

    safari and apps reloading too much?any advice?

    Check this out
  3. Semel

    PC can'r read iPad 2--Restore needed?

    Install latest itunes,connect ipad and evrything should work fine
  4. Semel

    Multiplayer game for the family?

  5. Semel

    jailbroken apps wont update help needed

    Those are illegal apps.No help here.
  6. Semel

    Ipad 2 randomly turning off!?

    Reboot it.Hold home,sleep button together until an apple shows.Release buttons and let it restart
  7. Semel

    Unknown Error Message (9) When trying to restore iPad 1

    The "connect to itunes" screen is not Dfu mode.You know this right?
  8. Semel

    Exporting Outlook contacts via icloud to iPad

    Maybe this will help. Also
  9. Semel

    History on the ipad

    Go to Safari settings,autofill,names and passwords on.Hope it helps.
  10. Semel

    Calendar colour-blocks

    Then select edit,add calender,name it and choose a colour.
  11. Semel

    Calendar colour-blocks

    Open calender.Select calenders top left corner.
  12. Semel

    App Updates

    Try this.
  13. Semel

    What is it?

    Glass bowl and plastic lid?
  14. Semel

    Ipad Camera Connection Kit

    Look at this.
  15. Semel

    What are you guys doing right NOW??? ;)

    Looks more like they giving building material away.Hehe
  16. Semel


    Swipe your fingers on the keyboard from the outside to the inside of the screen and it will return to normal.
  17. Semel

    What are you guys doing right NOW??? ;)

    Watching the Springboks lose to Argentina.Hehe
  18. Semel


    Hello and welcome
  19. Semel

    iPad - Nothing happens when connected to PC.

    Is there no visible damage to the dock connector?
  20. Semel

    iPad - Nothing happens when connected to PC.

    Have you tried putting it in recovery mode to see if itunes detects it then? Also what level is the battery at?
  21. Semel

    Need Help Please...

  22. Semel

    Need Help Please...

    Is cellular data turned on?you may need to configure your data apn settings.
  23. Semel

    IPad2 other?

    It must be the server port setting as in the picture,although this is under incoming settings.
  24. Semel

    Email message removel - daily, weekly, monthly, never

    Is the messages deleted too soon for your liking? You want them to stay longer in the trash box?
  25. Semel

    New to the ipad.

    Check this out.
  26. Semel

    Twitter notifications

    Read this.
  27. Semel

    Twitter notifications

    Go to settings,then notifications.Check that twitter is actually "in notification centre".Select it there and change the notification settings.
  28. Semel

    What is it?

    My mistake.We crossed posts.
  29. Semel

    What is it?

    I have no objects of interest with or near me.Open to all.Txs
  30. Semel

    Different chargers

    Look at this.
  31. Semel

    What is it?

    Aircraft propeller?
  32. Semel

    Hi everyone

    Hello and welcome! Ask away.Someone will be able to assist you.
  33. Semel

    New iPad 2

    Gsm unlocked and unlocked means you can use it with any gsm carrier's simcard.Jailbrake gives you the opertunity to customize your ipad at will.
  34. Semel

    TIPS AND TRICKS - for those of us who don't know!

    Txs for that.Learn something new everyday.
  35. Semel

    Armondo has arrived!!!

    Hello and welcome.Enjoy.
  36. Semel

    Is there only 1 App store, or are there more

    Not able to discuss it on this forum.Google is your friend.
  37. Semel

    What is it?

    And bottle cap remover,yes.Over to you Sci.
  38. Semel

    What is it?

    What is this?It has 2 functions.
  39. Semel

    Is there only 1 App store, or are there more

    I think Hans is looking to get a Dutch app from the South African App store.Or he has a SA account trying to access another app store.
  40. Semel

    What is it?

    Paper hole punch?