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  1. curly5079

    iOS 6 to Launch September 19

    Download and installation completed, 45 minutes
  2. curly5079

    Guide: Creating Safari Bookmarklets

    Perfect, thank you
  3. curly5079

    Guide: Creating Safari Bookmarklets

    Any way to sort bookmarks alphabetically ?
  4. curly5079

    I cloud help.

    Hi, you must use wifi only to stream photos, so switch off mobile data, in settings, and ensure that you have a strong wifi connection, good luck
  5. curly5079

    No service ?

    Hi, if you wish to connect by wifi only.....go to settings, check mobile data is off, if it's on, tap mobile data and set to off. You are now able to send and receive data on wifi only. Good luck
  6. curly5079

    Box contents label in Spanish

    Hi Cart, should't be a problem. At set- up you will be given the option to select language, time zone, etc. good luck with your new iPad
  7. curly5079

    using an ipad in sunlight

    Agreed, had to sit In the shade in Florida to read my mails.
  8. curly5079

    iTunes download problem

    I'm running windows 7 on my PC, the same fault occurred , so I googled for iTunes download , there are a number of sites, and was successful the 2 nd time...good luck
  9. curly5079

    Any deaf members here?

    23 years on tanks left me deaf. My new hearing aids came with an (optional) Bluetooth device, quite small which hangs around my neck and is tucked into my shirt. It can be paired to my IPad 2 allowing me to hear all the music on my pad without disturbing my family. It also connects to TV, radio...
  10. curly5079

    New ipad 2 user - wifi wont connect and when it does it is very slow

    More info please, are you UK based? Who is your in broadband supplier?
  11. curly5079

    New member

    BBC iplayer is currently only available in UK
  12. curly5079

    Recording live tv

    How can I record and save a live program on my ipad2 ?
  13. curly5079

    Paperback Sales Plummet by 25% as E-Readers Become Increasingly Popular

    Agreed. Bought, delivered, and reading the new book on my iPad inside 1 minute
  14. curly5079


    Try checking Settings, iCLOUD, ensure photo stream is set to ON
  15. curly5079

    iPad owners average age

    I'll be 71 this year. Take it everywhere, even to Florida on holiday.
  16. curly5079

    New member

    Get the app from the store, it's free
  17. curly5079

    Where are you ipadding from?

    Edinburgh, Scotland...During winter twilight is almost permanent