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    How can I delete email on my gmail account..

    What app are you using to read / delete your mail? The built in Apple Mail app? Or are you using Safari?
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    Message on iPad 3

    The best thing to do is make sure you have WiFi turned on, plug in your iPad to the power adapter, turn off the screen and it will automatically backup. Or you could open the settings app and go into your iCloud email account and go to where it says backup and you can manually force a backup...
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    How do I transfer photos from my laptop to my iPad 3

    I'm sure there will be better options but if you just want a couple, for now just email and then open in email and hold your finger down on photo and you will get an option to save the photo. It will then be in your photo app.
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    Word processor

    Look at Pages. I think it will be the best solution.
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    Converting AVI to MPEG?!

    Do you have a Mac? I'm not sure if this can be done on Windows. But you could buy QuickTime 7 and open the avi movie and export to mov or m4v. Do a google search for Handbreak. I've never used it but heard that its a good program for converting movies.
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    Are these dead pixels?

    If you see them when the iPad is off it is most likely dust particles that got under the glass. If it bothers you, make a genius bar appointment at an Apple store and they will most likely give you a replacement.
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    App problems

    Maybe try shutting down your iPad and restarting. Hold the power button in until you see the "Slide to Power Off" message to appear and power off. Maybe an app you tried to download caused some type of problem.
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    10 Free Promo Codes for Desk Calc a calculator for iPad & iPhone

    I didn't realize that, but it makes sense to only allow rating if actually purchased. Thanks for trying and for comments!
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    10 Free Promo Codes for Desk Calc a calculator for iPad & iPhone

    Clean & Simple Design - The updated version released today is now universal for both the iPad and iPhone. Looks great on iPhone4 and the new iPad. Just search for Desk Calc or search by my name Darrin Altman on the app store. Please post what code you used for others to know which one is...
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    Are there problems with keeping iPad plugged in?

    From what I understand, it's fine to keep it plugged in all of the time. With old electronics it was better to allow the battery to fully discharge on a regular basis but that is no longer necessary. I listened to a recent tech show with a guy named Steve Gibson and Leo Laporte and it was said...
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    Smart Cover and the New iPad

    I think the key is some of the old Apple Smart Covers will work and some won't with the auto on / off feature. From my understanding the early batches made might not have the magnet positioned correctly as it is needed now on the 3rd gen iPad. I would say for sure any bought recently will be fine.
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    What bag ?? Ipad and Ultra slim Notebook

    Nice photos and the bag looks great. What exact bag is that?
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    What bag ?? Ipad and Ultra slim Notebook

    Incase backpacks and messenger bag have a pocket for iPad and laptop.
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    Task bar

    If I understand your question, in Safari look at the tab with the name of the site you have open and you will see a small x. Tap the x and the tab and page will close.
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    What bag ?? Ipad and Ultra slim Notebook

    Amazon has this for much less. It looks perfect.
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    Any printing app that actually works?

    I gave up and just bought a compatible HP printer and haven't had any trouble since then.
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    App Retina Support

    I'm a new developer and have my one iPad app updated and ready to go and a new one as well. As soon as I get the new iPad I will test and if looks good, I will send to Apple for approval immediately. I'm sure the larger developers are ahead of me, so I wouldn't worry. I'm sure within a week or...
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    Standing in Line

    I think 3am might be safe. If you drive by Thursday evening around 10ish and there is already a line, you better get in it.
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    Who is getting their 3 first?!

    I believe UPS doesn't allow pickups until after they have made one delivery attempt. But you can call them, maybe their policy has changed.
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    4G Hotspot

    I'm not 100% certain but I believe the only difference is the 4G connection chip, but other than that they are the same. So it does make sense that you could put an AT&T sim in the iPad3 and have Internet access. I found this on the web "If the iPad ships SIM unlocked, as it had before, users...
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    Who is getting their 3 first?!

    Apple seems to be way ahead of the game this year. In the past couple of years when I have preordered iPhones or iPads they ship straight from China while this year it appears they already have them locally. Mine is about ten miles away from me in So Cal. I bet they will have a lot in stores to...
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    16 or 32 gb ipad third generation for college student?

    For notes checkout Note Taker HD. If you can afford it get 32g. Text books with videos can take up a lot of memory.
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    TIPS AND TRICKS - for those of us who don't know!

    Unfortunately Yahoo is to blame because they only support POP email. If they supported IMAP you would have a few more customization settings, like only synching mail from the past few days, or folders where you could move all your old emails in a new folder and be able to access them on your iOS...
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    Wireless Security Camera

    I don't know about connecting without subscription since I haven't hit the year yet, although very close. You will have to check the web site or email them. Logitech allows for real time monitoring without having to login to a web site. You can view all of your cameras on a pc (not a Mac) for...
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    Wireless Security Camera

    I should also mention there is only an iPhone app but it works ok on iPad.
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    Wireless Security Camera

    It's been about a year since I bought it all. I first bought the system with just one camera and have added cameras one by one since then. I will probably add a newer motion detection camera soon. You'll have to check their site for current prices. Regarding the rest, no subscription charges...
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    Wireless Security Camera

    Look at the system. It has a gateway that connects to your router but the cameras are wireless, small and super easy to move around. I have a system with a camera for front door, garage, backyard, driveway, living room and family room. Have it now for close to a year and not once...
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    Check memory usage

    I don't know how to see this info on the iPad itself but when you connect the iPad to iTunes you can see a bar graph which shows your memory usage.
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    Multitasking Gestures

    I did it with Xcode 3. Open Xcode, plug in your ipad, you have to open the window that shows your iPad is connected. (I can't remember the name off hand. If you don't see your device I can look later for the steps to see your device.) But if you see it, just click where it says use for...
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    Cracked the ipad screen, got a free replacement from the apple store

    I would just drop in since your problem isn't a technical issue. If they say you need an appointment just say you didn't know you needed one and let them know how far you drove to get there.
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    Cracked the ipad screen, got a free replacement from the apple store

    If you decide to go, I would, just tell them what happened and how upset you are at yourself. Ask them if there is anyway they can fix it and if all goes well they will understand your pain and replace it. Don't say anything about you have read online how they replaced others who dropped...
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    Cracked the ipad screen, got a free replacement from the apple store

    I really think them seeing your honesty goes a long way. Years ago I ruined an iPod and they also gave me a new one. If you have a problem with an apple product (no matter where you purchase it), be nice and honest and they will help you. Tremendous CS nobody else provides.
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    Why does it take 5so long for it to charge?

    Somebody else posted something similar here. They went to Apple store and they replaced their charger and that resolved the problem. Unfortunately you probably have a bad charger.
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    Multitasking Gestures

    I am assuming youre on a Mac. You can buy Xcode 4 in the Mac App Store for $5 or do a Google search for Xcode 3 and you will find a lot of places where you can download it for free. I say it is well worth the $5 if you buy it. I never click on the iPad home button anymore because everything...
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    TIPS AND TRICKS - for those of us who don't know!

    It's not an error or problem with the photo app. Only certain views have the small thumbnail pics at the bottom that allow scrubbing. Open the photo app. Open a pic in full screen. For a few seconds you have the thumbnails at the bottom but they will disappear. To get them back, just single...
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    Possible to share iPad apps between my and my Bro?

    I believe the 5 devices only refers to computers sharing an iTunes account. I have a iPod video, iPhone 2g, 2 iPhone 3g's, 2 iPhone 4's, & 2 iPads all with the same user accounts and all synch to same iTunes account and share music, apps, etc. I don't believe the limit applies to iOS devices.
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    True or False: 2 Ipads, 1 apple id = shared apps?

    You can share apps and music on an unlimited amount of iOS devices. The 5 devices refers to music & videos on computers only. Regarding the original post, just use his account as your username and consider that your main 'household' account. Only buy content with that account and you & your...
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    Looking for a lightweight sleeve with magnets

    I like the way the smart cover works but I don't like it always hanging on the iPad. So I want to just get a sleeve that turns on & off the iPad when put in and taken out.
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    Looking for a lightweight sleeve with magnets

    I want to get a simple sleeve that will turn off iPad 2 when I slip it inside. Have you seen any?
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    Finally, a Skin on my iPad 2!

    I first ordered a BestSkinsEver back and then I had to return iPad due to a speck under the glass. Second time around I ordered a Phantomskinz back. The Phantomskinz provides complete back protection. The corners are tight (almost no exposed area) and it covers all around volume rocker and...