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  1. pmurray633

    Marie's Angry Bird Thread!

    i have beaten the game, then the halloween version as well, they need to come out with more levels NOW
  2. pmurray633

    Need friends for Farm Story

    pmurray633 add meeeee
  3. pmurray633

    Restaurant Story! Need neighbors

    pmurray633 add me !!
  4. pmurray633

    We Rule Friends Needed

    add me, my name is pmurray633
  5. pmurray633


    Is anyone else having an issue when going to facebook from the iPad and it defaulting to the mobile site now? What gives??!!??!!
  6. pmurray633

    how fast is your wifi ipad speeds?

    I am getting in the neighborhood of 6-7mb
  7. pmurray633

    Paper Toss HD is out

    haha I am with you on that one. The only HD game I have paid for is Words with Friends, and I am addicted hardcore.
  8. pmurray633


    Hey all, name is Paul, got an iPad 16 gb 3G, love it. So far, no complaints, took some time to figure out to put videos on the thing that I torrent'd. I use this thing more than I use my new 17 inch MBP. haha