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    Ordered three leather cases.....I hope one will work out for me.

    Piel framma I hope you ordered it from,they have the best prices I have the magnetic one in brown,and love it Got mine during the spring sale,only cost $ 79.00 Great deal
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    Targus - CityGear Netbook Case

    City gear case I saw one at best buy today and really liked it. So I came home and did an Internet search and ordered it from for 23.99 with free shipping. Looks like it will hold everything and more
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    Clear touch anti glare vs power support

    Does anybody know how the clear touch anti glare screen protector compares To the power support one ?
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    Whats the best leather carrying case cover for iPad?

    Leather case I love my leather case by piel framma Check it out at Great quality Cost is $99.00
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    Full size stylus

    new stylus I just got an e-mail from ten one ,they are working on a new stylus that will be a little larger than the pogo sketch. do not know how long before it is going to br released
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    Full size stylus

    Pogo sketch I have a pogo sketch,it is only about 4" long,I am looking for a stylus the same size as a regular pen. Cross makes a very nice one,but it will not work with the iPad.
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    Full size stylus

    :) Does anybody know of a full sized stylus that will work with the ipad. the ones for the iphone are just to small for me.:confused:
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    How to delete bookmark ?

    just cleared my history and then I was able to get the edit icon to show up Thanks for the help
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    How to delete bookmark ?

    not on my ipad Thanks for the reply,but this does not work when I open safari on the ipad and click on the bookmark icon I only get a list of bookmarks - no edit button only a history tab and a clear history tab.
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    How to delete bookmark ?

    Does anybody know how to delete or remove a bookmark on the iPad Bookmark bar ?
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    How many iPad cases does it take to live your life...?

    Ipad Folder IPAD CASES I think this will be a great case. I ordered the brown magnetic one. will not ship until the end of the month. not a bad price either they get great reviews on their cases
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    Check out this case

    piel frama case I just ordered one from for $99.00 shipped. It will not be avalible until late april CASES.COM - IPHONE BLACKBERRY HTC PALM SAMSUNG CASES
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    Shipped! With tracking number!

    Mine shipped too !!! shipped from China by UPS. Everybody thought it would be FedEx.
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    Apple charged my bank account today

    apple charged my bank account today for my 64gb ipad. I guess we will have them next weekend
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    Bluetooth Speakers?

    bluetooth speaker I use this one for my Iphone,should be no problem for the Ipad altec lansing soundblade