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  1. Z

    Decreased battery life on iOS6

    You've never been a member of any kind of technology support profession have you ;-) but I do get the gist of what you are saying - It's been a while but I remember even when users would come up to me with issues that I know could not possibly be the way they describe it, I would get out my...
  2. Z

    iKeywi HD for iPad - The new 5-Row Keyboard Tweak!

    I found you may need to restart the iPad or at least respring after installing this app.
  3. Z

    New iPad user

    First welcome to the forum. I am sure someone will point you to the new user resources here as there are many. However for your questions, as many have been answered before so you should search the forum. 1. No it's not true. You can connect any idevices to iTunes as a guest and not sync...
  4. Z

    Need VPN

    You are not really asking anything. I would suggest that you phrase your question more specifically for what you intend to do with it. There are many VPN apps in the app store. They all have different purposes.
  5. Z

    For those that got the new iPad - what device did you upgrade from?

    That is not what this thread is about. I thank you for your opinion. The objective is to see what people upgraded from if anything. I hope you voted. The results are very interesting so far. I am surprised.
  6. Z

    iKeywi HD for iPad - The new 5-Row Keyboard Tweak!

    I had no issue replying through IPF app and iKeywi hd. You may have other things running that cause the response.
  7. Z

    iKeywi HD for iPad - The new 5-Row Keyboard Tweak!

    +1 for that. I anxiously await that also.
  8. Z

    Ssh install ipad3

    You really should learn more about SSH on iPad before attempting using it as you can really do things on the iPad with it that only a full restore would fix.
  9. Z

    gmail ?

    I'm getting the distinct impression that the op does not realize they can use the same email account on multiple devices. Sorry if I am mistaken in my impression. Why not just set up the same account that you use on your computer on the IPad also?
  10. Z

    Your top 3 iOS wants

    Anyone can design a study or get stats that support just about any position they want. The drug companies have known about this for a long time. I wouldn't think os companies are much different.
  11. Z

    Should I upgrade to IOS 5.1.1?

    How fast of an internet connection do you have?
  12. Z

    iKeywi HD for iPad - The new 5-Row Keyboard Tweak!

    Do you have cursor control setting on? If you do already try setting it off and respring the go back and set it on and respring.
  13. Z

    Official iPad3 Jailbreak Thread

    What do you think you'll gain. Apps will not catch up for a while. Most will not to go ios 6 because of wanting to maintain compatibility with older devices that cannot run iOS 6.
  14. Z

    Official iPad2 Jailbreak Thread

    If iOS 6 turns out to not have a jailbreak then you may miss out on 5.1.1 also Do the update Yes. 0. Backup!!! 1. Update through iTunes to 5.1.1 2. Restore. 3. Backup the Unjailbreaked version you will restore from this once you are jailbreaked again 4. Go to settings and reset all data and...
  15. Z

    IPad 1 repair - OJ incident

    Man, That proves that you have stamina! Not sure the hot wife's going to see it that way :-)
  16. Z

    Help - Lose 3G When Jailbreaking

    Make sure you have a backup of when it was Unjailbreaked that you can restore and not a backup that was made when it was on a previous jailbreak. Also try without a restore to make sure that your 3G works that will help narrow it down to the restore being the culprit.
  17. Z

    is the New 3D iOS Maps gonna be better than Google Maps ?

    Street view is not a gimmick. It's great to be able to stand on the street of an unknown location and see what to expect when you get there. I use it all the time. I even use it to find the best parking nearby. Also missing is transit routing.
  18. Z

    For those that got the new iPad - what device did you upgrade from?

    If you read the retina screen is awesome. I would not have bought an iPad 2. But if you already have a 2 I agree you should skip a generation.
  19. Z

    iKeywi HD for iPad - The new 5-Row Keyboard Tweak!

    Beautifully thought out, you would not want a tweak to interfere with installs and removals and doing something malicious.
  20. Z

    iKeywi HD for iPad - The new 5-Row Keyboard Tweak!

    It did not work for me until I did a reboot of the ipad3. Now it works well.
  21. Z

    Official iPad2 Jailbreak Thread

    There is no reason that I know of to not upgrade your iPad to 5.1.1 right now. OTA is simple if available to you. It's solid and it works.
  22. Z

    iOS 6 confirmed next week

    Agreed with you there. Real features are usually in short supply as they don't dare make changed to the way things already work. I would be interested in inter-app communication. But it will take time for apps to be rewritten to use that. Based on that I'll likely upgrade to iOS6 on the iPad...
  23. Z

    Cracked the ipad screen, got a free replacement from the apple store

    If people bought it on a credit card, it may be worth checking the card policy on replacing broken items. Some of my cards offer quite amazing extra warranty. Which I am sure would be a hassle to use but better than nothing.
  24. Z

    Official iPad2 Jailbreak Thread

    Yes it is possible as of cydia 2.04 Keep up.
  25. Z

    Official iPad3 Jailbreak Thread

    Have you tried a reset?
  26. Z

    Anybody like me?: Love the iPad, but prefer Android phones over the iPhone?

    Are you joking here. I'm a computer geek, and this sounds crazy geek. It's much simpler to deal with jailbreak and downloading cydia themes and tweaks. This is what I get from android users all the time. They are so in love with technology that they fail to see how most people have no such...
  27. Z

    TUTORIAL - Jailbreak the iPad2 and iPad3 on 5.1.1 With Absinthe 2.0

    You need to check your Internet connectivity. It has to be a problem of getting to the servers to load the packages. If you are on a company network they may have prevented that at the firewall.
  28. Z

    iPad 3 - Maps & GPS

    My cheap GPS does FM traffic, so we may still be on the same road, but don't worry I'll be watching for drivers that don't have their eye on the road and be extra cautious around you.
  29. Z

    iPad 3 - Maps & GPS

    I can't agree that GPS alone is worth $100 when you can have a full gps unit with built in maps these days for that price. Also I hope you are not on my roads while driving and 'interacting' with your iPad and not with your car and the road. I don't think it's worth getting into an accident...
  30. Z

    Thinking about getting an iPad....

    Well, no one can accuse you of only doing things half way. Congrats on your purchases. It's great to be able to share apps off the same account.
  31. Z

    TUTORIAL - Jailbreak the iPad2 and iPad3 on 5.1.1 With Absinthe 2.0

    You realize that Internet servers have outages sometimes. Did you just retry to refresh multiple times over several hours? Have you tried pinging the source urls from the same wireless network your iPad is on?
  32. Z

    iKeywi HD for iPad - The new 5-Row Keyboard Tweak!

    Arrow keys are working for me. But find myself preferring swipe selection.
  33. Z

    Garageband songs lost?

    You said your syncing failed. I said retry it to try and fix the error. But if restore worked then that's good.
  34. Z

    TUTORIAL - Failsafe method to restore the current version of IOS

    You cannot update to anything less than 5.1.1 currently. You need to download 5.1.1 That is why you get the error.
  35. Z

    Garageband songs lost?

    Why don't you retry syncing again which may kick it out of what it's trying to do. If it does not help go to an apple store or call apple support.
  36. Z

    iKeywi HD for iPad - The new 5-Row Keyboard Tweak!

    The link does not work. Just use the search magnifier and enter ikeywi and it should appear in the search results.
  37. Z

    Official iPad3 Jailbreak Thread

    Just wanted to add I've found the dictate key when you press the .?123 key. The other problems are really minor though it would be great if they could be fixed as it could confuse some people.
  38. Z

    Please help me to fix my springboard problem on jailbroken iPad2 5.1.1

    Looks like you have a theme installed that is not compatible with 5.1.1.
  39. Z

    using new Ipad with 3G

    This seems to me a rather poor reason to buy an iPad when there are relatively cheap GPS units that have free map updates and work well in all kinds of conditions without any 3G or wifi connection. There must be more than that to your reasoning...?