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  1. J

    I am needing more space for my 16gb iPad 2 Suggestions?

    Of course, costs are relevant for most of us. Air stash is $120 plus cost of SD cards (max storage 32 GB. Goflex Satellite about $200 for 500 GB, and Airstash $250 for 500 GB. All are local options with their own pluses and minuses. Effectively, you are creating your own local cloud. You...
  2. J

    I am needing more space for my 16gb iPad 2 Suggestions?

    Take a look at the apps that are taking large amounts of space. I suspect that some of the space is being occupied by data for the app. For example, the app AZUL (a video playr) is occupying about 1.3 GB on my IPAD. But I know that I loaded some non-Apple player compatible videos on the IPAD...
  3. J

    I am needing more space for my 16gb iPad 2 Suggestions?

    I just got the goflex for my 64 GB IPAD2, mainly for media (5000+ FLAC files and multiple scuba pics and movies. Be srure to update the firmware and get their free app. So far, it woksk like a champ! One bonus is that the interface for adding files is USB 3. Not sure about battery life yet. Joe
  4. J

    More than one computer

    Thanks! Joe
  5. J

    More than one computer

    What does "authorized" mean? Does Apple have to ok it?
  6. J

    Certain emails crash mail program

    Thought the problem was better, but it is not. Certain emails, notably bulletins from Science, cause the mail program to crash and drop back to the main screen. I only have to select the email to cause the crash. When it happens, any emails that i have deleted during the session are restored...
  7. J

    Kindle books

    I often do it that way, since there are no dtat chargesnfor the Kindle - even out of the US, where data charges for the IPAD are truly outrageous (i.e. $20.00 per MB in Japan). Then the next time I have the IPAD in a wireless area, I pick up the book (s) from the archive. Joe
  8. J

    Mail crash

    This seems only to occur in my Verizon account (not my work account, which uses Exchange server. I might try forwarding one of the offending emalils to the other account when i get to my home computer.. I have tried force close of the mail app, with or without restart of the IPAD - no change...
  9. J

    Mail crash

    Have an IPAD2, and upgraded to IOS 5.0.1 without incident. Since the upgrade, I have found that occasional emails cause the Mail app to crash to the home screen. Any emails deleted prior to the crash reappear when I restart the app. If I try to open the email again, the app again crashes. I...
  10. J

    Camera connection kit problems with iPad2

    IPAD recognizes camera SD cards by the default directory in which the camera puts the photos. I tried just copying photos to an SD card, and Ipad didn't see them, but if I pulled sd from camera, it worked fine. Of course, you could simoly copy photos into the directory where the camera had...
  11. J

    Ipad2 3g issue

    3G in Brazil I suspect that both AT&T and Verizon have contracts in Brazil. However, data rates for the US carrier outside the US can be outrageous (as much as $20 per megabyte). It might be possible to get a SIM card. I would try to find an Apple store in Brazil and ask them. Failing...
  12. J

    Camera connection kit problems with iPad2

    Compatible Camera Kits This one: Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit (MC531ZM/A), available locally or on Amazon, has worked with my IPAD2 for SD cards. I haven't tried the USB feature. Apparently, this used to work better, but Apple didn't want people to use the USB feature to import other...
  13. J

    Please help..newbie ipad 2 owner

    Routers Yes, and you don't need to order it online - just go into your local Best Buy or similar store. Linksys, D-Link, Netgear are all reasonable brands and, as noted, the Apple one is more expensive, and not better. - and you don't need a super-fast one, since IPADS only support standard...