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  1. K

    iPad Golla Tarif

    This is a very nice bag with lots and lots of space.
  2. K

    Order 2 x iPad and order got canceled

    So I ordered yesterday a 32Gb and 16Gb for my dad from the iStore and now a few minutes ago I get a email that they have canceled my order. The reason: To ensure that all customers are given equal opportunity to acquire this product they have limited the amount per customer. I think this is...
  3. K

    Ipad connect through Internet Sharing

    Hi Quick question. If a router does not have Wi-Fi capability, will I be able to connect using Internet Connection Sharing on a PC that is wired to the router or will I have to get a dedicated Wi-Fi ADSL Router etc.
  4. K

    Another One from South Africa

    Hi All Just a quick introduction. Also from South Africa. Ipad will be my first Apple product. I am a Blackberry person, but really looking forward to it.