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    iOS 5?

    My hopes for iOS 5 I'm really excited for iOS 5, I definetly think it will bring some improvement to the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. I do love iOS but there are some areas that it does seem to be falling behind a bit almost, and I hope apple can pick up in them. You can read my full iOS 5...
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    iweb would be sweet! I've been googling around about this and it would be so sweet! I think, everybody on this page should send a request to that support link that was posted, and hope for the best, or hope an apple guy knows about this page and is seeing what we are saying :D
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    Official iPad Pre-order List

    Pre-ordered a few days ago in australia but dad has the receipt with the code. 8 days till it ships :D :D the wait is deadly!
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    Apple Customer Banned From Buying iPads For Life

    the ipad guy What is this guy's name? I want to buy an iPad, and i'm in australia!! :mad: oh well, i'll just have to wait till May ten to pre-order
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    Will The iPad Eventually Have A Camera?

    code in addy book The code in address book means nothing. Sure, a camera would be nice, but the code is just left overs that apple never tidied up when they were changing iPhone OS to run on iPad. It's just like base code sort of
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    Want a custom paint job for your iPad?

    i'm with you there and don't even have an iPad yet, (waiting in aus here) but the same for my iPhone, i could never do that to it lol
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    Took a trip to the apple store in Regent street, London, to try and find some info!

    the benifits of youth I do one to one at my local apple shop (in australia, hardly regent street size) and i have got heaps out of them. My trainer Phil, is a ledgend. And before the doncaster store opened, my trainer claire told me about that (because i had a suspicious hunch and asked) but i...
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    Apple unveils iPhone OS v4 April 8th!

    Totally agreed mate. I just want to find a way to get invited to one :D
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    my review 5 *****'S

    nice mate, i'm happy for you, and as soon as the ipad comes out in australia, well, i'll be camping out. Those critics know sh*t, we should be asking people like you for reviews, the "civilians"
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    My Ipad with its larger brother

    my apple family, the quad core i7 imac (love it) iPhone and soon to be iPad :D as soon as apple gets their arse in gear and ships to australia who's camping out at the doncaster store? lol there'll be a crowd of 10 overnight! and many many more in the morning, but first in best dressed eh?
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    To all you americans...

    YOU GUYS ARE SO LUCKY! I have a severe case of apple jelousy here in australia. I am so gonna camp out when it is released over here. And to those camping out right now, I HATE YOU :P jk jk
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    iPad Case Reviews

    wouldn't the big companys have been aloud to test it? like belkin or whatever, they make a lot of cases and apple prob wouldn't mind them testing cases out before they ship, they have already been anounced anyway
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    iPad wallpaper, does it really rotate?

    ipad wallpaper rotation yeah it does rotate, tried it on the simulator just before, but it makes you wonder what the optimal ratio would be???