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  1. antonio107

    HDMI stretching app?

    I'm hoping that there is a hack for this! I want to watch Hulu and other online content through my flash browsers, but my stoopid TV won't lemme stretch the image output. My grandma's HDTV, yes, but not mine...:( I know that the YouTube and NetFlix apps have an auto-resize feature, so the...
  2. antonio107

    Any cloud browsers use Java?

    There's been a lot of buzz about cloud browsers that use Flash (obviously), but the ones that I've bought (Puffin and iSwifter) don't have Java, which a lot of my regular digs on the internet use. Splashtop and VNC apps are good enough when I'm at home, but neither is fast enough when I travel...
  3. antonio107

    Present for a girl with an iPad?

    It's my friend's birthday. She has an iPad she got for her graduation, and as far as I can tell, the only accessory she has for it is the smartcover. She wants to use it for school, and I wanna buy her something for it. In the $25-30 range. I thought of a stylus, but I never use mine, and I'm...
  4. antonio107

    iPad to PC multiplayer: any games?

    I wanna play games with friends of mine who don't own iPads. Without Splashtop, which isn't all that great for gaming, I can't do pogo, yahoo games, or any of my other favorites. Any suggestions of games that work well in iOS AND in windows? Thanks!
  5. antonio107

    Got this on Wikipedia!

    Google's front page was a tribute to the anniversary of St. Basil's Cathedral. Following a Wikipedia article got me this picture: It's a beautiful night view with rich colours, and it has made an extraordinary lock screen wallpaper! :)
  6. antonio107

    Wireless problem in new JB: anyone confirmed it's fixed?

    So, today I was at McDonald's. I've never used the free wifi there before, and even though it said I was connected, it wouldn't connect with the Internet. Has anyone experienced any problems with wifi and a JB? Someone mentioned that the leaked release wasn't connecting to new routers, so I...
  7. antonio107

    Who is Wasserstein?

    Turn on your ipad's autocorrect. Type W-A-S-S. Hit space. I get this about once or twice a day while fumbling around, attempting to type "was." :mad: Who the Heck is Wasserstein, and why did he make it into the Apple dictionary??? :confused:
  8. antonio107

    Any help with NES A.D.?

    Disclaimer. I'm using this for chip bending, a form of musical composition, with freeware image files. Please don't get my thread locked by asking about pirated games. Thanks! So I have NES A.D., and yet the main way of "getting to Romz" appears to be through linked sites of questionable...
  9. antonio107

    404 errors in Cydia?

    Hello! Your search function filters out 404, so forgive me if there's 80,000 threads like this ( I didn't find any): Finally jail broke--yay!!--looking to find something to buy, but every page give me this: 404 Not Found The server can not find the requested page...
  10. antonio107

    Syncing the Gmail Calendar with the Ipad

    So, I don't think I've ever actually set up my calendar with gmail, but SOMEHOW, when I set a calendar appointment on my blackberry (connected to my gmail account), the appointment shows up on my google calendar, AND on my Ipad. Cool beans, right? Now, if I take an appointment, and write it...
  11. antonio107

    I just got SimCity for 99 cents

    It's not 100% of the game that it was for the PC, but it's pretty darn close. A beautiful port to the iPad, and a ridiculous sale price. Get it while it's cheap! :)
  12. antonio107

    Optical drive for the iPad?

    I have a USB optical drive from my old netbook, which was especially handy for the odd time when I was on vacation down south, and wanted to either rip a movie at my grandparents' home, or buy a DVD and rip it on to my netbook, and then go from my netbook to my iPod touch. Now I hear that...
  13. antonio107

    Do you rent (or buy) movies off of ITunes?

    I looked at it the other day. The movies didn't seem to be that much cheaper than DVDs or blu-ray. If I fill up my iPad, can I swap files onto my desktop hard drive, even if I can't watch them there? With the HDMI connection, how does the video quality compare to a disc? Does it stretch out...
  14. antonio107

    Streaming from my PC! Videos and sound!

    Hello! I would like to watch streaming videos from my PC (flash, etc.), as well as DVDs. Maybe even play some PC games if I'm lucky, but no, that's pushing it. Is there something better than VNC? Iswifter and other "flash friendly" programs are obviously using some sort of remote software to...
  15. antonio107

    iPad equivalent of ctrl+f?

    I have some long, text heavy websites I'm reading on safari. I want to find a keyword in the page. On a desktop I just hit ctrl+f or cmd+f. Is there a way of doing that on my iPad? Thanks in advance!
  16. antonio107

    I want the URL to a Youtube video

    On another message board like this, guys post a bunch of random stupid videos which are apt to the conversation at hand. I can watch these since I have HTML 5. HOWEVER, I've yet to find a means by which to post my own contributions, short of logging into a VNC server, and looking at it on a...
  17. antonio107

    Looking for a VNC client

    Hello all, Got my Ipad 2 today. Looking to hook it up to my desktop PC for my javascript requirements ASAP. There's a ton of VNC apps out there, and I was wondering if I could get any recommendations! My requirements would be speed, ease of use, and bluetooth keyboard compatibility. Sound and...
  18. antonio107

    New Member considering buying an Ipad, but...

    Hello, I'm Antonio. Nice to meet you all. I've long derided people who went for an Ipad instead of a netbook, like I did. I've had a Toshiba NB-100 for three years, and the experience was great. Even though it's a dinky stripped down laptop with windows XP, I've had no real complaints across...