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    Safari Search?

    In the Safari browser, how do you conduct a search for a specific word on a Webpage? Edit: Never mind, I found out. Enter the search word in the search bar, scroll it up and you'll see "On This Page". Tap "On This Page" and all the occurrences of the word will be highlighted. Seems to me...
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    Is There Any Way....

    To get rid of the annoying software update notification on the Settings icon if you don't want to upgrade the software? Sent from my iPhone 4S or iPad 3rd gen, whichever I happened to have in my hands at the time, using
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    How do I get Netflix to AirPlay from my iPad & iPhone?

    I have an iPad 3rd generation and a iPhone 4S. When I use the Netflix app on them it plays only on the device I'm using, it doesn't AirPlay to my Apple TV and onto the television. Movies in the stock Video app go through AirPlay to the television with no issues. I can play back directly to the...
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    iOS 6 And Updating Apps

    When updating apps already installed on my iPad 3 and iPhone 4S, why is it that the iPad does not require a password but the iPhone does? Sent from my iPhone 4S or iPad 3rd gen, whichever I happened to have in my hands at the time, using
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    Syncing iBooks Documents

    Can or do items in the iBooks apps sync across iDevices such as Contacts, Calendars, Bookmarks, and Notes do? I have saved several .pdf documents in my iPad 3's iBooks app and want them in my iPhone 4S's iBooks app as well but I don't know how to sync them over without going thru the PITA...
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    Can't Playback Music Videos Using the Music Widget

    I have music videos on my iPad 3rd Gen that play fine using the Video app but I can only play them one at a time. I made a playlist in the Music app of the music videos so they would play consecutively as songs do. But the videos aren't showing, only the sound track plays as if it's just music...
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    How Do I Sync Or Transfer Notes?

    I have a new iPad and have set it up by restoring it with an iCloud back up of my iPhone. All my Contacts, all my Bookmarks, most Settings, and of course only apps that work on the iPad as well, copied over to the pad but none of my Notes did. On the phone, in the iCloud setting, the Notes are...
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    Why Do You Think Apple Didn't Put Siri on the iPad 3?

    Anyone want to guess as to why Siri isn't available for the iPad 3? I'm sure the hardware could handle the addition of Siri.
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    Can't Track My iPad 3, Shipped With UPS

    On Saturday 10 March my iPad 3 order status changed from "Preparing for Shipment" to "Shipped" and showed UPS as the carrier with a tracking #. About 24 hours later on Sunday 11 March I received a text msg from Apple informing me the iPad was shipped. I imagine the iPad was shipped from the...
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    Setting Up New iPad

    I would like my new iPad to have all the settings, mail accounts, apps, etc. that I currently have on my iPhone 4s. I want the iPad to be set up exactly like the iPhone. When first initializing/activating the iPad on iTunes, do I just do a "Restore" using the iPhone's back up data? Thanks.