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  1. mrcupu

    Star Trek Rivals card game - Friend Request

    Add partner HXQVCl - daily player level 5 and growing :thumbs:
  2. mrcupu

    Arsenal Fantasy Manager - Friends request

    Add partner LQHpL6FN - daily player level 5 and growing :thumbs:
  3. mrcupu

    Help - No Modern War and Kingdom Age available

    I wonder why in my apps store there are no Modern War and no Kingdom Age from search... and when i search using 'funzio' only return Crime City....:mad:
  4. mrcupu

    Need help finding a football game titled 'Own The Game'

    Recently I read a good review for an ipad game called Own The Game, a football / soccer game with some real football stars in it, such as Van Persie etc.... Anyone know about it please help because I could not find it on the apps store nor any info about it so wondering if this really exist out...