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  1. superfish

    A tablet that doesn't do much but text

    I would like to find a way to make it possible for my SO to text her kids. I am 81 and have been using PCs etc since there were any. I worked at IBM when the first pcs came out. She, however, "has trouble with anything with more than one button". I have tried taking almost everything off of...
  2. superfish

    Looking for iMac forum

    I have used and enjoyed this and the companion iPhone many times. I just bought an iMAC and I'm looking for a forum like this one. I'll take any suggestions.
  3. superfish

    Mute my iPad

    I have an iPad pro 10.5 and I use it sometimes to watch TV. As I do on my TV I would like to mute the sound during commercials. The best solution that I have found is using an external speaker and switching it off and on but that is awkward and I don't always have a speaker handy. Anyone have...
  4. superfish

    Something new or have I lost my last marble??

    This morning my partner's daughter sent me this message on FB messenger: Can you show this to mom? It's a very simple exercise and think it would really help her. "Along with a video." When I pulled it up the first two sentences were already in the out box. I'll tell her. And I'll keep her...
  5. superfish

    Gps and Cellular

    Has anything changed? Is cellular still linked with the GPS function on the newer iPads. I don't need cellular (I have a phone with "hotspot). Bob
  6. superfish

    Corrupt Apple ID -- strange problem

    I just got an iPad 2 Air and plan to give my iPad 2 to my SO. I reset it to new and used my Apple ID. Then moved things around to set it up for her. The problem: I decided that it would be better for her to have her own Apple ID so I went to reset it again and start over. It won't take my ID...
  7. superfish

    Looking for a QuikIO replacement

    QuikIO has been deactivated. This app made it possible for me to work with files on my LAN where ever I had an internet connection. I could designate what I wanted available. this was so much easier than me setting up a VPN. Anyone have a suggestion for a replacemment? I use File Browser...
  8. superfish

    Non loading "Mint" App

    I have an iPad 2 running iOS 7.0.4. Mint appears to download properly and the icon comes up. When I touch the icon a Mint page comes up but immediately goes dark and back to the page of icons. Mint runs OK on my iPhone 4s with iOS 7.0.4 and on my Win 7 PC. My guess is that the problem is...
  9. superfish

    For those of you that have switched to iOS7...... a question

    I have an jail broken iPad 2 running iOS 5 and an iPhone 4s running iOS7. I find that many of the APPs that I use regularly and some of the new ones that I would like to use require iOS 7. I have reached a tipping point where I would be willing to give up the wonders of JB to be able to use...
  10. superfish

    iPad as a GPS

    I'm looking for a GPS app for my JB iPad2. I have of course found a few and have installed a couple, MotionX and thinking about Navigon. But: I am really looking for an app that will let me plan a route on the PC and then install it on the iPad. I'm doing this now with MapSource and a Garmin...
  11. superfish

    Playing VIDEO_TS folders

    On my PC VLC player will play the entire folder just as if it were comming from a DVD. The streaming version of VLC does not have the "folder select" option and each file must be played seperatly. I just tried QuikIO and that will not do it either. I've had good luck playing these folders on...
  12. superfish

    Sent to OneNote

    I have an iPad2 (JB if that matters) and I'm trying to use the "send to OneNote" option on my PC. Send to Onenote acts like a printer on the PC and the printed copy ends upas a new page in ON. I have tried FingerPrint and PrintSharePro. ON showes up as a printer in both but the copy never...
  13. superfish

    "Windowing" on iad2

    I'm considering a jailbreak. One of the things that would interest me would be to "window" or run two app at the same time. Example: I often have a document with numbers that I would like to add. It would be really helpful to be able to bring up the doc and then run a calculator in the...
  14. superfish

    What the.....And how did I do that???

    I would have made the title more descriptive if I knew what to call it. I was sitting in my truck on the ferry yesterday and I fumbled a bit when I took the iPad2 out of the carry case. I looked down and there were all my icons on one page and at about half size. Then I touched the screen and...
  15. superfish

    New member intro

    Hi, My name is Bob Perry, I live in Vermont. I sometimes go by Superfish because I had a 1969 Plymouth Barracuda and that is a "Super Fish". Today is my74th birthday. I worked for IBM for 35 years and was there when the first PCs came out. I also worked on the computers that filled rooms. I...