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  1. stever

    Questions About iPhoto for iOS

    Wellll, that would actually be something I fear may be true. Something I do not need. 50 or so photos that I want, and a thousand that I don't want, just lurking there, hidden and taking up space .
  2. stever

    Questions About iPhoto for iOS

    I don't have an answer, but I had the same problem, and was coming here to ask if there was a manual of any sort for iPhoto for iOS. I would love an answer to either or both.
  3. stever

    The Official I pre-ordered my iPad 3 Thread!

    Ordered my 32
  4. stever

    The iFaraday Stylus---A Review

    We'll, no. Re--re-read the quote 1. Maybe your confusion is that you don't realize that the Jots are not an iFaraday product. It was the Jots that had the registration problems for him at his writing angle. So he went back to iFaraday. 2. Smudges? If you read the response before yours...
  5. stever

    We need a 7 inch Ipad

    No, thanks... No 7" iPad. (Is there even much room to price between Touch/iPhone and the iPad?) Worst of both worlds? Too small for comfortable browsing/and productivity Apps, and too large to fit in your pocket? Why would I want to combine the drawbacks of each device into one? .
  6. stever

    Streaming not so much

    There have been many threads about this through the last year. The answer is almost always to update to a newer router. Yes, I understand your other devices are handling this fine on your current router. But getting a newer router almost always fixes the problem as you describe it. .
  7. stever

    The danger of clones... two iPad one apple ID?

    In almost every instance, it is better and easier to use One computer, and one ID, to sync all your iDevices. It MAY be possible(someone let us know) to use one ID on two PCs, syncing different iDevices on each PC. BUT, you cannot use PC1 to sync your device most of the time, and PC2 to...
  8. stever

    4.3 officially released today Mar 9

    Hmm. Whose hype? Or which hype are you looking at? Give us a link to the claims you are comparing to. So far, everything seems to be exactly what I expected to see, from all the official news I have seen. .
  9. stever

    Someone jailbraked iOS 4.3?

    Are you stating that this is true? Or are you asking? .
  10. stever

    [Promo code giveaway] THE FIRST SOCIAL ORGANIZER - FaceTheDay for iPad!

    Took number 7.... Will fiddle with it later! Thanks .
  11. stever

    Hulu plus app

    I kind of go at that from the other direction. I already DO pay much more for cable. Local news is important to me. Too many of the awful things my wife likes to watch are only available on cable. My Internet is through my cable too, and is cheaper because we get both services. Cable is a...
  12. stever

    free books disapeared?

    I think we would need more specifics than that. Which App? What library? Which books? And where did you get them from? How did you load these books onto the iPad? .
  13. stever


    OK, I'll play. You mean like . . . Step-by-step / Randomly Efficiently / sloppily Stiffly / Loosely Always-the-same / Different-each-time ? .
  14. stever

    YouTube sucks

    OK, Waka, you need to be more specific. HOW does it not work? Are you not even getting to Youtube? Does the video start, and then stop? Do you get an error message? What happens? ________________ I can tell you now that we figured out 6 months ago, that if you are getting a lot of...
  15. stever

    Tv series on iPad?

    Well, it is streaming video from channels all over the world. I suppose sometimes the logistics of that, plus occasional technical difficulties from individual sites, might sometimes have effects. But I just watched a whole episode of "Two and a Half Men" on an LA station. (I was bored.)...
  16. stever

    Tv series on iPad?

    Try this one: You can even watch there in Safari. .
  17. stever

    how often do you see another iPad owner?

    I work in IT at a University, and I would guess I see 1 or 2 every week. But hey folks, Not seeing many iPads, is not statistically surprising at all. Test it for yourself, and try this.... Randomly choose a specific model of a specific brand of laptop. Now see how many of that specific...
  18. stever

    Good news!! pr has been updated

    ? ? .
  19. stever

    Invisible Shield help!

    Go ahead and use it all you want right away.... But the bubbles and smear WILL vanish after a day or two. .
  20. stever

    Screen lock

    Double click your home button. This brings up a bar of icons at the bottom of the screen. This displays Apps that are sitting in memory. (pseudo-multitasking). Slide that bar to the right... That uncovers an orientation lock button-icon, And some other icon-buttons. .
  21. stever

    ABC Player

    ABC Player is quite different from ABC News. I like both Apps really well. But the Player lets you watch full episodes of ABC shows. .
  22. stever

    Symbol in bottom right corner

    You know what they say are the 5 most dangerous words in the English language? "I wonder what this does..." And yet, . . . I still have tended to dive right in, whenever I see an unidentified symbol or button on the iPad, I almost always exercise that curiosity, and tap that button when I see...
  23. stever

    Screen lock

    Yes. That is indeed an intentional feature of the latest update of the iOS. The opinion on whether it 'messed things up', varies from person to person. BUT, Apple meant for that to happen in the update. .
  24. stever

    Apple case dyed my Invisible shield!!

    Yup. Blue markings here too. I would probably have left the Apple case on most of the time, without this problem. .
  25. stever

    Wallpaper changer

    Are we confusing iPad's version of 'multi-tasking', with a lot of apps actually running in the background? That isn't actually the case you know. Sure, you can have several alarms sitting, ticking away, Or you can have ONE app running sound in the background, while you run other apps. You can...
  26. stever

    DVDs on iPad

    I use "Air Video", to watch the collection of videos stored on my desktop, from anywhere I have connectivity. .
  27. stever

    how to sync keynote from mac to ipad

    Yes, MobileMe is pay. But things like DropBox, GoAruna, or emailing files, are free. .
  28. stever

    Anyone hoping for new ios UI

    Good luck on the thought of moving away from iOS! There are likely to be more features added, etc., but . . . You HAVE seen the peeks at the new OSX changes, right? OSX is going to start having many iOS features added, moving more in an iOS direction. With that trend coming, I would hope you...
  29. stever

    I think I just like the box

    Quick tip. Generally, if you have no connection, then you will have a 169.x.x... Or 0.0. So the 169 isn't telling you much useful. .
  30. stever

    The + sign in Safari has been replaced but I'm not getting all the options

    Go back to those other places and mock them back now! :)
  31. stever

    how to sync keynote from mac to ipad

    Many ways.... Get MobileMe and use iDisk. Use Dropbox. Or just email it to yourself. There are others... .
  32. stever

    You noticed these dumping of prices of Applications ?

    Yup. AppShopper is great. You can check the apps you own, or wish you hads, And it will send you alerts about new version releases, or price changes on those items. You might also like AppDeals .
  33. stever

    Little less hate out there, already, ok???

    Well, what about the several threads lately, started by people who are Shocked, just Shocked, and outraged, that iPads can't handle Flash/Java? Don't you think you might reconsider whether some rudeness is appropriate? I think one must have to work really hard at still remaining ignorant on...
  34. stever


    This is a joke, right? You are just pulling our leg? If you are really living somewhere so obscure that you wouldn't know about the Flash and Java thing, then you must not have the interWebz, and then you don't need them then anyway, right? .
  35. stever

    My Favorite

    Yup! This one has been my lock screen for about 3 months now. .
  36. stever

    World of Goo for iPad

    Are new members able to post links now? They used to be limited, to prevent spammers. .
  37. stever

    I need a lawyer!

    First... Welcome to these forums. Before we continue, go to the place that you almost always go for the current support for almost every product you use, especially tech products . . . The support page for the specific product on the web pages of the manufacturing company. In this case...
  38. stever

    A surprised iPad owner

    It is Superbike81, and he was discussing several good apps for students, including CourseSmart, and Zinio for textbooks, and had been able to get many of his texts for about half the normal cost. Here are two of the threads we were discussing it in: IPads for Students, and IPad and...
  39. stever

    Ok....answers please

    Whoa, guys...Whoa! It looks likely that you are making an unsupported assumption here. I just looked through all 10 of BBs posts on here. Nowhere does he say he is trying to get PAID apps for free. It is just as likely that he is asking if he can STILL get free apps if he JBs. It...
  40. stever

    Samsung Galaxy tab worth buy?

    Welcome to iPadforums, Swam! This question has already been discussed in several other threads here. And is still being discussed in those threads. I doubt that Yet another thread on the same topic will prove very useful to us, or to you. You may want to read those, and throw your...