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  1. seneca18

    is it possible to retrieve deleted history via safari

    If you have a backup of your iPad on iTunes that was done when you had the safari history you need, you can restore your iPad and get it back. Otherwise there is no other way I know of.
  2. seneca18

    US Senator fights for the right to use the iPad from takeoff to landing

    I have never flown the "big boys", but as a pilot of smaller aircraft ranging from a Cessna 172 to a larger twin engine Piper Seneca (thus my handle tag) the only thing I have ever noticed with cell phones interfering with anything is when I received a call while in flight, there would be an...
  3. seneca18

    Flipboard, Pulse or Other?

    I second Zite. The original Zite was amazing, then they really messed it up with Zite 2.0 but they received so many complaints they changed it again for the better. In my opinion the original Zite was the best but the new one is still the best news app for tech.
  4. seneca18

    WiFi issues every couple hours?

    It is not normal. I had an issue with my iPad 3 where it would constantly drop facetime calls. I tried everything, hard reset, restore from backup, and finally a full restore to factory settings and nothing worked. I ended up taking it to Apple and they swapped it for a new one after a few...
  5. seneca18

    WiFi issues every couple hours?

    They may have meant a hard reset, by pressing the home button and power button at the same time until you see the apple logo appear.
  6. seneca18

    I want assistance in hayday

    Welcome to the forum. If you have not done so yet you may want to head here, Hay Day Forum. also please take a look at forum rules and other guidelines, Forum Rules, Help and Info. Again welcome, seneca18
  7. seneca18

    a huge concern about my Mini's battery

    You should be fine. Better cold temps than having it in extreme heat conditions. Apple states that the preferred operating temperature for iDevices is somewhere between 32 degrees (F) and 96 degrees (F). As for charging and discharging, given battery technology these days it is ok to charge...
  8. seneca18

    Ipad3 not switching on

    Since this is an iPad 3rd generation you have it still falls under Apple's 1 year warranty. If nothing works for you I would make an appointment at an Apple store (if you have one near you). That may be your best bet.
  9. seneca18

    ipad 2 pda mode

    Hi There, I have moved your post into the iPad Help section where it should receive more attention. seneca18
  10. seneca18

    Cracked screen

    Apple does not replace the screens anymore, they would simply swap yours out with a another one for the price you mentioned. You may want to run a Google search of local cell phone/electronics shops in your area to see if they do screen replacements. If all else fails you can do it yourself...
  11. seneca18

    Anyone have trouble with small text size?

    With chrome you can request the desktop site also. I use chrome on my iPhone for this reason sometimes when safari does not give me the option.
  12. seneca18

    iPod touch new for 2013?

    Hi there, I have moved your post to the off topic section of the forum since it is not ipad related. My guess would be that Apple would not release another iPod touch this year. The current iPod touch models were released alongside the iPhone 5 and have a similarl build. In the past Apple has...
  13. seneca18

    New guy want's an iPad where to get it from

    Welcome to the forum. Apple's warranty goes with the iPad regardless of where it comes from. I'm not entirely sure but I would think the warranty would begin when you activate the iPad (if it is bought new). If you get it used the warranty will already be ticking away but will still cover...
  14. seneca18

    FaceTime and multiple iOS device problem

    I take it you can make calls using the iPad though? You did a reset already but you may try doing a restore through iTunes.
  15. seneca18

    Purchased apps

    Do you mean delete them off your iPad or delete them from the "purchased" section in the app store? If so, you cannot. They will always be in the purchased section of the app store.
  16. seneca18


    Hi There, I have moved your question into the help section where it should receive better attention.
  17. seneca18


    The iPad is only capable of sending iMessages to other iDevices. So if she has an ordinary cell phone you cannot send her a text message. Since your iPhone is on a cellular network with a designated phone number you are allowed to send sms text messages to any phone, the iPad does not do this.
  18. seneca18

    Ipad3 being recalled or no longer made?

    The 3rd Generation iPad was never recalled, nor should it have been. Apple just introduced the 4th gen at the same time they released the iPad mini. Like Kevin said they improved a few things on it but there was nothing wrong with the 3rd gen. You may have thought they were recalling them...
  19. seneca18

    Anyone Else Have This Problem?

    Whenever I FaceTime I constantly get the "Poor Connection" image appear and the screen goes black and sometimes completely drops the call. It is not my internet, as I am getting 30mps upload and 10mps download with an Apple Airport Extreme. When I make the call with my iPhone I never have...
  20. seneca18

    Java and the I-pad

    I read today Apple blocked most Macs from using any Java.
  21. seneca18

    Anyone Else Have This Problem?

    Awesome! Glad to hear they helped you out. Keep us posted how it works out down the line. I may still take mine back again because FaceTime is still giving me some issues.
  22. seneca18

    need app to lock ipad

    It is a neat option for unlocking your phone, with one major flaw however. It took me all of one look at my brother in laws Galaxy Nexus to figure it out just by the smudges left on the phone lol. I guess if you make the pattern really crazy it would work better. At least with number or...
  23. seneca18

    New Member

    Welcome to the forum. While I am not a FB user myself I just check in the app store and looked at the FB app and more importantly the reveiws. Since the update yesterday it seems there are many people having your same issue. Sounds like some were able to get it to work for a bit but it would...
  24. seneca18

    Anyone Else Have This Problem?

    I had done several restores from iTunes even as you did, start from scratch and not load from a previous backup. Unfortunately the problem continued. One of the differences between a normal restore and a DFU restore is that it allows the firmware to be updated, which relates to the WiFi. DFU...
  25. seneca18


    Are you running iTunes 11? You may just have to download the app directly from the iPad app store.
  26. seneca18

    Anyone Else Have This Problem?

    When I took mine in they used the speed test app to check the download and upload times. It is really no big deal, if you don't have it on your iPad when you go they will just have you enter your password and download it right there.
  27. seneca18

    Anyone Else Have This Problem?

    I recently took my iPad 3 in because of WiFi issues, mostly FaceTime constantly dropping calls where as my iPhone did not. They did a full DFU restore on the iPad which included all the firmware as well as software. So far it is working great. They told me to keep an eye on it and if it...
  28. seneca18

    Apple Releases iTunes 11

    Just downloaded it. Much improved I must say (so far). It is more responsive and snappier all around. Thumbs Up....
  29. seneca18

    I am evil and i must be destroyed!!!!!!

    Don't worry, your secret is safe with us.....:)
  30. seneca18

    iOS 6 killing linksys wireless router

    Your problem may not be as simple as mine but when I first upgraded to IOS 6 on my iPad 3 I kept dropping the internet at my gym. After trying everything I could think of finally what did the trick was to reset all network setting and I asked the employees at the gym to reset the router. That...
  31. seneca18

    How do we really know we bought a iPad4? Where is it noted?

    I may not fully understand what your question is now in regards to comparing the two. If you want to see the retina display in all its glory simply go to a webpage with text and zoom in all the way. You will see very little pixleation when compared to the iPad 2. Or head over to the wallpaper...
  32. seneca18

    How do we really know we bought a iPad4? Where is it noted?

    For what it's worth you can run a simple browser benchmark such as broswermark and compare the two. It will give you a little bit of an indication as to the difference in capabilities of the two devices. However in simple web browsing you will not notice much of a difference. My iPad 3rd...
  33. seneca18

    Who's planning to stand in line tomorrow at 8AM for the iPad Mini?

    I had some mighty will power tonight. I decided to drop by my local Apple store to check them out. I thought they were awesome. I really like the feel of it and how light it is. If it had a retina display it would have been a done deal but I held off for now, cough cough plus they were sold...
  34. seneca18

    iPad Owners Unhappy at Fast Refresh

    Just look at the Nexus 7. It was released in July and a new one was already released this week. One of the major reasons I jumped ship awhile back was due to a new Android device being released ever 2 weeks. I am more than happy to deal with every 6 months.
  35. seneca18

    Tim Cook catalogues the new Microsoft tablet as being compromised and confusing

    I was intrigued by the Surface initially but $119 for the keyboard. No thanks. ;)
  36. seneca18

    A very very very. . . bad move by apple!!

    Welcome back Skull, haven't seen you in a while.
  37. seneca18


    It really depends on what accessories you are wanting. The dimensions of the iPad 4 are the same as the 3 so there will be no deals to be had on cases or anything like that from Apple.
  38. seneca18

    Did the iPad 4 announcement surprise you?

    Steve Jobs would be proud that Apple was able to keep a secret finally since his death.
  39. seneca18

    My new IPad 3

    Apple retail employees have no more knowledge of product releases than we do. So to this persons credit I'm sure they had no idea an iPad 4 would be released. No one did in fact. This one completely caught everyone off guard. If you just purchased your iPad I would try returning it since it...
  40. seneca18

    Did the iPad 4 announcement surprise you?

    I am curious what Apple is planning to do with the remaining stock of the now "old" New iPads (make sense? lol), seeing as they have removed it from the website. Considering the iPad 2 still costs $399, I wonder if they will even try to sell them.