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    The iPads Best Unintended Feature

    They pulled a print off a smashed iPad in CSI New York the other week to catch someone. lol
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    Could this be why the new jailbreak didn't work for me?

    Mine took two attempts, successful on the third. I was basically rushing it, by holding the buttons slightly longer than what the limera1n window appeared to show... it worked. (MB model iPad too.) Didn't work on iOS 4 beta 2 whatsoever though, although I did get a blank limera1n icon at...
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    Double Twist - Apple Is Now Big Brother Video

    Double Twist is awesome. Total iTunes rip off that works with Android, PSP etc Runs alot smoother than iTunes.
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    Playing .avi on Ipad

    I use avidemux to do MKVs, but with .AVI files they can be quite blocky done this way for some reason or other.
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    Playing .avi on Ipad

    First three .avi files I tried on CineXplayer didn't work. Got rid, gone back to OPlayer. One that plays everything i've tried so far.
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    STUNNING NEWS: Tethering with Android -ain't going to happen

    Been rooting Android phones for years. Tethering just uses your phones current data plan, that's all. Obviously there will be more data usage, but if your under your limits then what's the problem? If anything, going over is a good thing for the carriers so they can charge more. That's all...
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    MSN Messnger for iPad

    I got the full IM+, does do push notifications, you can browse the web inside it too.
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    Best RSS Reader for iPad

    Newsrack is the best for me overall, and i've tried alot of them. I use Pulse too, but for specific feeds that bring up the shiny shiny pictures on them. Mobile RSS use to be my fave but I kept running into a few gripes, like it would update and show 200 odd unread articles, click on the feed...
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    Epson Debuts Two Eye-Catching Printers That Work with Ipad

    Loved Epson printers for years now, get more life out of the ink cartridges too. Be looking out for this one.
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    MSN Messnger for iPad

    BeeJive is good, but not cheap for what it does.
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    Avidemux .mp4 method - No sound!

    Hi folks, Up until recently I have been happily using Avidemux to change MKVs to ipad compatiable videos without any bother, but for some reason now it just doesn't encode the audio to AAC. I have no idea what might have changed. It like completely misses out the audio even though it is...
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    WiFi Oddity - Strange - Linksys WAG320N

    It's a strange old device, I am positive these issues are more software related than hardware though. That's some consolation. It's dual banding on channels 8 and 6 , wide 40mhz and it's great. Hitting 18Mbit on the app (iphone one) and I score just over 20Mbit on the laptop...
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    WiFi Oddity - Strange - Linksys WAG320N

    Ok, seems to be fixed now. What a strange issue. I enabled wireless MAC address filtering, added the iPad. Used it shortly, then disabled mac address filtering on the router, and booom. It's connected full bars ever since setup for N only, 40mhz wide channel and 2.4Ghz. Weird.
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    WiFi Oddity - Strange - Linksys WAG320N

    Changed SSID, reset network settings on iPad (where it reboots). Tried again. Setup one on 2.4ghz, N-mode and wide channel. Connection falls over, drops to bottom near instantly. New SSID for each test. 2.4ghz, standard channel 20mhz, G mode. Again, connects fine then the WIFI...
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    WiFi Oddity - Strange - Linksys WAG320N

    Hi guys, Been having a rather odd problem getting this router setup. Connects to other Pcs fine, internet works etc. It's the whole wireless issue agaaaain. It's a dual band router, which puts up alarm bells right away... but... I can get it connecting fine under 5ghz , N-only mode...
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    Best diary app

    Max Journal will probably be the best one to opt for id say, very simple interface, uses time stamps and can attach photos. Pretty cheap too.
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    Flash Runtime Ported to iPad

    What makes me laugh is how everyone is suddenly convinced Flash is dying out just because Steve says so. It isn't, far from it. Infact, now I have Flash 10.1 on my mobile phone and it works great. It's looking very healthy, and won't be going anywhere for atleast 5 years. "It seems like...
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    Air Video universal app just came out today!!!

    Alot of apps I have ended up resenting paying for, but this certainly aint one of them. It's worth every penny, it's excellent. Far better than more expensive software i've used on PC.
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    Flash Runtime Ported to iPad

    I miss not being able to play videos on IGN and stuff and there's no native app yet so Frash would be awesome. Suppose you could always turn it off when not required.
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    Battery draining 1%/hr after Spirit Jailbreak

    Oh, and having backgrounder installed caused me extra battery drain even when not turned on.
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    Devs don't seem to give a damn about the iPad, I'm bitterly annoyed by the lack of apps and effort towards this thing, but what can you do.
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    Battery draining 1%/hr after Spirit Jailbreak

    I was getting concerned about this, but I disabled WIFI and it pretty much stopped it. Seems its my email updating that does it.
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    Jailbreak with 3.2 but what will I do when 4 is release

    Unfortunately, I can see devs creating apps only compatiable with 4 so they can release one version for the iPhone 4 and the iPad simultaneously.
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    Really Frustrated with iPad Today...

    Yet I have problems getting a signal upstairs somedays. Scan the area and it's a clusterfeck of wifi activity.
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    iPad battery life, I can handle the truth

    I couldn't get ten hours out of it with constant WIFI usage, never. Even with a strong signal. But then I cannot recall an occasion where i've sat down for a ten straight hours surfing the net on this thing and even on a heavy day, I always have 20-30% battery left at night. Battery usage...
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    itunes 9.2 update **WARNING**

    Jailbreak here, iTunes 9.2 and have synced since. ????
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    Slow in developing apps for iPad?

    Devs are waiting for the iPhone 4 and us iPad owners are getting screwed over. Wait and see.
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    Question abt loading ipad Apps

    Can't you just add them to iTunes and sync?
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    Playing .avi on Ipad

    Hi there, I had been looking for time saving solutions in the encoding process and come across an absolute gem. xttp:// Basically, you change the container type to mp4 and just re-encode the audio to AAC. It saves lots of time and I've found it to work on...