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    Is Apple getting ready to launch an 128GB iPad?

    The memory size has been discussed for 3 years on this forum and the arguments are always the same. The iPad is such a great device that it doesn't matter how much memory you have in it; it is still magical and will still do so many many things. If a hundred bucks means very little to you...
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    Remember 3 years ago??

    Remember 3 years ago the big stink about what a poor name the iPad was and how it was such a ridiculous name that only a few fan boys would ever buy one? The other thing I remember is the concern about the battery and the fact that it would have to be sent back to Apple to replace the battery...
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    Dented iPad 4 Corner

    I have a much larger dent on the edge of iPad 1 middle of the side and has not affected operation at all so I think the iPad might be tougher that we think. Kids have all plead ignorant to who could of dropped it, go figure.
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    Apple Announces 128GB Retina Display iPad

    I have always believed in buying as much storage as you can afford, but if you are just surfing, doing email and reading books 16gb is a good choice. Myself I think a 128gb that would give me an extra 64 gb for movies and tv shows would be great!!
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    iPad mini as dedicated e-reader opinions?

    I have an iPad 1 and have used it for almost 3 years but fell in love with the mini and bought 2 for the family for Christmas. Works great as an ereader; much lighter and thinner than a Kindle Fire and the original iPad.
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    iPad 5 rumored to be significantly lighter and slimmer

    IMHO the lightning adaptor should replace all the stinking USB plugs in all there assorted shapes!!
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    Q4 iPad Sales Figures Expected to be Weak

    What I think you are trying to say is... ;-) Is who cares if Apple sells an iPad or an iPad Mini they both consume apps and that's where the money is!!
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    Were you on the Original iPad pre-order list?

    Yep it was a nerve wracking Saturday morning, did not get it until 2 PM. Was overjoyed and still happy with my original. Still has great battery life, remember all the crying about how often we would have to replace the battery.
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    Dream list of wants for iPad 3

    Retina Display ambivalent about this, maybe have it as an option SD card slot I know highly unlikely but would be nice to move files or a movie to a card and take it along USB port I know highly unlikely but would be nice to move files or a movie to a usb thumbdrive and take...
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    New Amazon Fire Tablet killing the iPad? We think not.....

    What is interesting is the price point though, couple hundred bucks and I can get one for my kids and they can play games on it in the car and my iPad takes less of a beating. I read on my iPhone all the time with the Kindle app so may be an option. I had no inclination to buy any other iPad...
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    How many of you read an actual paper book?

    On the other hand, I find it tremendously exciting that ebooks are finally moving beyond mere text. The new Jackie Kennedy memoir, for example, includes the actual audio of her interview sessions along with the text. There are many similar circumstances in which an ebook could include...
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    How many of you read an actual paper book?

    I have had an iPad from day one, but in the last 9 months have started to read book after book, Mist Series, Forgotton Realm series, Game of Throne series, have had the novel London in paperback on my bed stand for 6 months and finally started reading it. You have to have a light on, reading...
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    Text to speech

    I had thought that you could not have an e reader that does text to speech but my son just got a Kindle and it has text to speech. Is there an app that will do that on the the iPad???
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    For those with wifi only versions of the ipad 2

    I have a 64gb iPad and would spend the extra dough for the 3G, just for the GPS. Did not think it was needed but after a month with Verizon iPhone it will be on my next iPad.
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    What happened to "The Funnies"

    I am not able to update the content and app seems to have been removed from the App Store? I think this app was $4.99 so wonder if it has been removed if the cost could be credited back? Was a great app and would rather have it back. Anyone hear anything??
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    Ipad 2 is official..details here xoom owned by ipad 2

    Surprised by no upgrade to 128 or 256 gigs I was expecting at least 128gigs
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    Ipad 2 is official..details here xoom owned by ipad 2

    I would buy the 3G version as it has gps!!
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    iPAD-2 New features. Most of them - Not for me

    I still love my iPad 1 and don't see a need to upgrade but would trade my 1 for a 2 in a second. The price is great, I wonder what this will do for the used price of an iPad 1????
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    Best GPS app for iPad?

    I would have sprung for the 3G version if I had known the GPS would have worked without a 3G contract, we do not have ATT here son thought there was no need. I guess I thought the maps and that would have to come through the 3G. The GPS on my Verizon iPhone is great.
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    iPad 1 owners, will you be getting the iPad 2?

    I am still enthralled by all the things I use the the first iPad for. Even though I do not at this time plan on immediately upgrading I hope it is so much better that I risk the rath of spouse to get it.
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    The Daily - iPad's Very Own Newspaper!

    Lots of people including me reporting that this app crashes repeatedly, interface is somewhat like the Sports Illustrated app demo we played with a year ago. Weird part is it prompts you to turn your iPad on it's side to read some content. Really awkward to do this. Would need to see the...
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    4.3 Bad news

    Before using a Mac for the first time a year ago, I had no idea that I would like using the gestures so much that using a windows pad or mouse is just hard to do. Who knows what new things they are thinking up, I am certainly not going to say that I am not going to use new things because I am...
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    Apps from the local library?

    Look for the Overdrive app and see if there is library near you that uses it on their web site.
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    Virus on my iPad?

    Exact same problem I am having, I am working with Apple Support right now. Total restore did not help.
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    Here comes the competition

    IMHO these devices look great but even if these devices did everything we find lacking in the iPad and have only a 2 hour battery life or freeze up twice a day or are slow or cost to much how many iPad users will switch. Competition is good, we will see when iPad 2 is released. Remember...
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    1st Problem with instability

    Not Jail Broken, have tried itunes restore but will try the reset Thanks
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    1st Problem with instability

    2 weird things are happening, 1st as it is pulling up a web page the screen flashes back and forth between sizes and zooms in and out 2nd on a text input box the space bar starts tapping out spaces on its own. Powered off and seemed to be ok then fritzed again. Hoping it could be from a...
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    How many of you will consider an Android Tablet?

    That is my wish also, a MacBook Air with a iPad screen that flips around. So it is either a laptop or an iPad depending on your need. Or maybe even a detachable iPad screen. MacOS in laptop mode, iPad OS in tablet mode
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    hi i dont like my ipad

    I don't like mine either!!!! I love it. Can't imagine being without it.
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    This ebook thing is expensive!!!

    You find an author you like and you read a book of theirs and love it, can't put the iPad down, you get done and just get a sample of another book by them and then you buy that one also. Where does it end??? It is just to easy to buy books like this!! I can't imagine why an author would...
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    Wow xm ????

    Try Pandora, works great and it is free. Question. Can you stream Pandora over 3G in a vehicle???
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    What do you think of Apple's decision to change the orientation lock switch?

    I use the iPad with the home button on right side 99% of the time so used the toggle very little. Was interested to hear that the mute button may just mute system noises which seems to make sense with other programs running when you are watching a movie.
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    Spider Solitaire available?

    I use Solitaire city and it works really to well, waste way to much time on this game.
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    How does iPad stack up to competition?

    Well I use my iPad as my home computer over 90% of the time. It does what I thought it would but am looking forward to the software update and the next generation of iPad. One gripe is the syncing part, it would be nice to be able to drop a folder of files into my iPad from a sd card. Don't...
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    WiFi hotspot, What is the best cheapest way?????

    I need to get a new cell phone and am looking at a Droid X, specifically for the wifi hotspot feature, looks like it will cost $20 per month in addition to the regular smart phone fees to get the hotspot feature. This seems reasonable to me, is there a better cheaper way???
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    RIM Launches BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet

    I think so also, I think Blackpad would have fit right into the Blackberry fold and given it instant name recognition.
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    i know that it a not a computer

    I have had my iPad for almost 6 months now, can't imagine being without it, there are some apps that I use continuously, every day. This new type of device is NEVER going to go away, it will just continue to improve. It's purpose is not to supplant the desk top computer; it is A something else...
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    Did you know your iPad had this keyboard?

    I know nothing about programming but was wondering why someone could not produce an app that would give you alternative keyboard. Sort of weird that with all the different keyboards for different languages that Apple could not implement some of the suggestions that are about my only...
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    Microsoft's Chief Exec Says Competing with iPad is a Priority

    I think that Microsoft is in a tough spot, they just can't copy the iPad; they have to incrementally jump ahead of the iPad. Now after saying that; if they develop a good device that starts up in a smiliar time to the iPad and has a Microsoft Office lite and USB support and is stable they...
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    Onscreen Keyboard Request

    I second and third this suggestion!!!