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    iPad Specs and Pricing!!!

    A decent looking device, but i think overall it's a total letdown.
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    Apple iPad Pricing Starts at $499

    Another apple device with a terrible network as AT&T. I don't think they will be selling many of the 3g version.
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    Apple Tablet Day is HERE!

    Ipad is the name....
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    Apple Tablet Day is HERE!

    So far there have been a small video clip released inside, but the is actually got a guy on the phone still, and is giving live updates, i believe there will be a few leaked streams.
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    Apple Tablet Day is HERE!

    WOW! 9000 people watching on wow.
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    Microsoft CEO, a good sport :)

    Oh of course less money for us lol.
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    Apple Tablet Day is HERE!

    Oh BTW! 40 minutes
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    Apple Tablet Day is HERE!

    TWiT Live - Netcasts you love, from people you trust they are supposed to have live coverage i'm also hoping to hear about the iphone on verizon also.
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    Apple Tablet Day is HERE!

    I'm actually really excited to see what they have up their sleeves. So far i've heard that they will be debuting their new phone line and also showing the tablet for the first time, and have alittle hands on. Both of which will be really awesome if they happen.
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    Apple to Reinvent Content, not Tablets

    Yeah i've heard the same thing about apple and the book publishers. It was when i was reading about the google debacle in europe with their new scanning of books machines. The tablet will make an excellent e-book reader.
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    Apple Proximity-Sensing Touchscreen Patent Details

    Yeah was just reading this on gizmodo. That seems kinda awesome, should be a fun toy to play with :)
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    Yup dan told me I should head over on this site and see what i can stir up ;)
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    NFL Predictions

    I have a feeling this is either going to be one of the best games i've watched in the longest time, or it's going to be a total upset and the most horrible game i've seen. I don't think there is going to be a middle ground. Both teams are very good on most fronts.
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    iPad Gaming

    Yeah i just read that in an article that most devs were told to have a full screen option for their apps available soon for testing or something of the like.
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    iPad built for Verizon?

    Not sure, but i know verizon sells netbooks with their internet on them, so my best guess is that it will have the verizon chips inside so you can also pay XX amount of money to have it connected to the internet through their service. Or possibly making it mandatory to have an internet plan? I...
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    [Pix] New iSlate rumors

    Sorry my bad, yes music will 100% be added into the device, but i'm just not sure about a phone feature, it's a 10.1 inch screen, and that's a pretty decent sized item, so that's why i'm saying i'm just not sure it would have a phone feature to it.
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    Apple and Steve Jobs - Changing The World

    I was thinking the same thing. I bet he has many amazing ideas that he's just getting around to starting.
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    Who Left the Front Door Open ?

    Nope the dark side is AT&T :P
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    Who Left the Front Door Open ?

    :eek: BANNED! :) They just let anyone in the doors now adays.
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    [Pix] New iSlate rumors

    It's possible, not saying it's not, just i don't think it's probable. The tablet is alittle bigger then an ipod to iphone conversion.
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    iPad Case Reviews

    Indeed. :) Cases and pouches and the like are all what distinguish those who love their devices to those who just have devices. Those who love their devices know. :D
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    iPad Gaming

    I think this will open up a whole new realm of possibilities. With better hardware you can have much better games, and alot better looking games. The iphone games were really good for the device they were one, let alot a device with alot more power. I think for the most part you will start to...
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    Apple Tablet Gaming Ideas...

    Yes EA is a very big contender in the gaming market right now, and most products they've come out with recently have been big hits. I would kinda love to see an awesome racing game for this, it seem like it would have ALOT of potential. Of course you have your basic games like solitaire and...
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    The iSlate OS Debate

    Yeah in 1 week the world can change. It will be interesting though. The OS is pretty smooth, they've worked out alot of the kinks, i wonder how well it will be ported over to the new tablet.
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    What other Apple products do you own?

    heck i can do that with a normal laptop now adays. I don't have anything really, an ipod but that's about it. Most of the times when i want something i always have a tight budget to buy with, lol. But i do know enough about apple products, everyone i know has one thing or another... and dan...
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    Microsoft CEO, a good sport :)

    Yeah that would be a sight for sore eyes right there. Though yeah, i mean they make enough money from mac users anyways with office. And the new office 2010 will be out soon, so even more money for them.
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    Quick Question.

    Is the program gone or just the shortcut?
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    NFL Predictions

    This is going to be one AWESOME super bowl. 2 great teams playing.. should be amazing.
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    How long will it take?

    It the code is being ported over as a iphone OS, then it will be cracked almost instantly. I would give it 2 weeks, maybe 3 tops. If they beef up some security on it then maybe alittle longer. But seeing as people have a fondness of hacking things, i doubt it will take long at all.
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    iPad built for Verizon?

    I hope it is, well really i think the main thing is that apple really got the shaft from AT&T when they first got the iphone. AT&T's network was the biggest let down for the iphone. I think at this point it would have been better on any other network. Verizon's is one of the largest networks...
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    How soon will you purchase the iPad?

    I'm really torn on this one, it would really depend on pricing and how awesome the device really is, and the abilities it has. I have a really good laptop right now, i was looking at netbooks for something cheap that i can take with me on the go, that's not a big laptop. This would be really...
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    iPad Pricing

    Well i know apple was trying to make this a more... affordable device. But comparing that to it's laptops, even if you cut a decent laptop in half your still at around 800-1000. So i'm going to say around 799 or 899. Even though i just polled at 801+ :)
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    Some of the guys from the android site may know me from over there. Names Ryan. I'm a sys admin from Florida. I know your going to give me grief but i've got the droid on verizon. If only the iphone were on verizon i might have that instead.
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    The iSlate OS Debate

    Wasn't it stated in one of the articles that it will be running a slightly modified verison of the iphone OS? So that way it's much easier to port over to the other device.
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    I believe it will be running the android os, i know they are coming out with one, just don't know the name of it. Competition is always better, makes the products better in the end.
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    Apple Very Optimistic About the iSlate: Has Ordered 10 Million Units

    I just dont know about the webcam, seems like if it's laying flat all the time, idk maybe it's just me. With netbooks at least its very similar to a laptop in that respect. Either way from what i can tell it's going to be pretty awesome either way.
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    Apple Tablet may not include OLED Screen

    I would however love it to have an OLED screen, they are so dang nice. I would however not like it as much if it were to cost $2000. It would have to be a substantial upgrade to the original to be worth an extra 1000 dollars.
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    Steve Jobs all but confirms Apple Tablet

    From what i can tell, most likely the reason for this is because apple's contract with AT&T will be up soon, and they should be showing off their new phone line, and from what i can tell, they will be showing off one that will end up going to verizon.
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    Apple Tablet - iPad - iSlate - iTablet - $999 & June Launch

    I don't know, it looks impressive, and most likely is amazing, but 1 mil per quarter? I guess possible if that's world wide numbers.