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  1. willerz2

    Ad Blocker?

    From the looks of it so far, I don't believe you can add specific host sources to iOS 9 adblocking based on beta testing several adblockers. Hopefully the API is expanded to include that option as opposed to specifically blocking ads one at a time or generalizing all elements given a certain...
  2. willerz2

    Restoring without losing jailbreak

    I'd boot into No Substrate mode to see if it's a tweak compatibility issue, that way you can narrow down which tweak it is prior to a pseudo factory reset as Marilyn pointed out above so that you won't end up installing the tweak again and repeating the same scenario
  3. willerz2

    Should I get an iPad?

    Overall I use my iPad for 4 things mainly, moderate gaming (such as Hearthstone, Clash of Clans, Fallout Shelter, and The Walking Dead, games that are light enough that they don't turn the iPad into a heatsink after a while), reading eBooks using iBooks, streaming my media using XBMC to my...
  4. willerz2

    Jailbreak restore problem

    Welcome to iPadForums. DFU restore your device. Simply restoring using the iTunes restore button without entering DFU mode generally causes issues during the restore process, usually resulting in errors at the beginning of the restore as opposed to the end of restoration process which it seems...
  5. willerz2

    How to Jailbreak iOS 8.x Using TaiG

    Bit of an update for those that're just restoring to 8.4 and looking to jailbreak. TaiG released a Mac utility a few weeks back which a lot of users aren't aware of. Here's the TaiG source link, or a MEGA link here of the same utility hosted by me if your connection to their host server is slow...
  6. willerz2

    PP Jailbreak getting stuck at 5/8

    There's actually a Mac utility by Taig here. Since PP got the job done, I'll just leave it here for others with the same question
  7. willerz2

    PP Jailbreak getting stuck at 5/8

    Why not use TaiG instead? Cleaner execution than PP considering they're the original.
  8. willerz2

    8.4.1 Jailbreak possible ?

    Not possible. Apple patched 4 exploits that TaiG used. Only a matter of time though, but I'd say they'd rather save it for an iOS 9 jailbreak which be coming relatively soon, though it's hard to tell considering how competitive the scene is and whether or not you have a whole PP debacle again.
  9. willerz2

    iPad 2 custom grid tweak - help required

    I prefer Iconoclasm generally speaking. Then again, it's user preference on the appearance you're trying to achieve. I scale down my icons and remove the labeling for my icons, then I kind of scrunch them up a little bit for a more dense view. Generally if you want to keep the same layout in...
  10. willerz2

    Whatsapp on ipad air 2

    Jailbreaking enhances the stock capabilities of iOS and does not detract from it. The stigma that jailbreaking has is that it opens up the availability of accessing your device using SSH/FTP openly, but the security can be beefed by changing your SSH password, or toggling SSH when not in use. In...
  11. willerz2

    iOS 8.x Jailbreak Status

    iOS 8.1.3 has been released (7.0.3 for AppleTV). This update patches the TaiG and PP exploits for the iOS 8.0 - 8.1.2 jailbreak. Users should install OpenSSH and Apple Conduit File 2 if they haven't already to troubleshoot issues on currently jailbroken devices so not to be forced to the latest...
  12. willerz2

    com.memdefrag error

    Make sure you install the APT library from Cydia.
  13. willerz2

    Need help restoring my ipad 1

    It's best to keep this discussion on either iPhoneForums or iPadForums, since you're posting the same issue and results/discussion on both ends, there'll be a lot of confusion going back and forth to resolve the same issue.
  14. willerz2

    iOS 8.x Jailbreak Status

    It's selectively, not a universal fix.
  15. willerz2

    iOS 8.x Jailbreak Status

    The driving force of iOS 8.1.1 upgrades was for a wifi fix, which wasn't implemented for all devices since majority of users still experience the wifi issue with 8.1.1 among other things, so even with it jailbroken, it's no different from jailbreaking iOS 8.1. And because 8.1 is still being...
  16. willerz2

    Jailbreaking Methods for the iPad

    A hard reset is where you press and hold the power and home buttoms together until you see the Apple logo on your screen. It doesn't require iTunes at all and usually solves most software problems assuming the lack of touch recognition is a software issue. If you see a white flash (or if you...
  17. willerz2

    Jailbreaking Methods for the iPad

    See if a hard reset resolves it assuming it's a software issue. Otherwise you'd need to get the screen fix, possibly a digitizer problem.
  18. willerz2

    Jailbreaking Methods for the iPad

    Try turning it onto a different orientation i.e. portrait or landscape and see if the orientation shift makes a difference to the touch as they may be dead portions of the screen/
  19. willerz2

    iOS 8.x Jailbreak Status

    iOS 8.1 is still being signed on all devices that support it. Download the IPSW, DFU the iPad, Shift/Command Click the Restore button on iTunes.
  20. willerz2

    Wiping all Cydia Tweaks without Restoring and Rejailbreaking

    SemiRestore updated for iOS 8 support. Links have been updated in the first post.
  21. willerz2

    Ipad2 best IOS that is quite new, fast, and jailbreakable

    Restore it to 8.1 if it's not already on 8.1, and jailbreak using Pangu8.
  22. willerz2

    iOS 8.x Jailbreak Status

    There aren't any major issues with iOS 8 and Pangu8. The wifi issue only affects a portion of the iOS 8 users, others don't experience the same wifi issue. As for the other questions, I'm not understanding what you're trying to say.
  23. willerz2

    iOS 8.x Jailbreak Status

    @Mickey330 Marilyn, here's a slightly more descriptive iOS 8 compatibility list, great for users that have the MS Excel app where they can cache/save the spreadsheet for referencing as well. Viewers on browsers may receive a intermediate page stating that you're being redirected to another page...
  24. willerz2

    iOS 8.x Jailbreak Status

    iOS 8.1 and 8.1.1 are both being signed right this moment,
  25. willerz2

    iOS 8.x Jailbreak Status

    Personally, if I had the option to go back to iOS 7, I would considering iOS 7 is completely ironed out. Third party keyboards via the AppStore are far from usable for me, so there isn't an incentive for me to actually use iOS 8 aside from the fact that my devices are on iOS 8, so I would say...
  26. willerz2

    iOS 8.x Jailbreak Status

    With the incentive that Pangu has, they've probably found exploits already. But as for actually releasing it, that would depend on bugs present on 8.1.1. But it's been announced weeks ago that 8.1.1 patches the Pangu exploits, so those that didn't make the jump once the window closes have it out...
  27. willerz2

    Ipad2 best IOS that is quite new, fast, and jailbreakable

    The optimal iOS (in my biased opinion) to ever run on any iOS device would be iOS 6 for devices capable of running iOS 6, if not, then iOS 5 as they have low resource demands, and is flawless with respect to jailbreaking. (Just putting it out there) But with respect to iOS 8.1, as scifan57...
  28. willerz2

    Official Apple IOS Firmware Download Links for iPad

    For future reference on how to determine the correct IPSW, plug your device into iTunes, and head over to your device's detail page which allows you to Backup, Restore, tells you the breakdown of your storage, etc. On the top, you should see your capacity, phone number (if applicable) and its...
  29. willerz2

    Is this a Jailbreak or IOS 8.1 Issue?

    There is an outstanding wifi issue on iOS 8.1 and will be patched on 8.1.1. The patch developers will most likely push an independent package to resolve the wifi issue as 8.1.1 cannot be jailbroken. If you can connect to your wifi, then just temporarily ignore the fact that the icon isn't...
  30. willerz2

    iOS 8.x Jailbreak Status

    Best to post it on the XBMC forums. I don't use XBMC on my devices anymore, only on my AppleTV and computer.
  31. willerz2

    iOS 8.x Jailbreak Status

    Wait... What?
  32. willerz2

    iOS 8.x Jailbreak Status

    It's actually ill-advised to wait in this situation. iOS 8.1.1 patches the jailbreaking exploits used by Pangu8, so if for some reason the jailbreak fails during the procedure and a restore is warranted, you'll be forced to upgrade to an unjailbreakable 8.1.1. As the utility has been revised to...
  33. willerz2

    f.lux = battery hog?

    f.lux is broken at the moment, even the beta package. It constantly transitions back and forth randomly, and the launch daemon is still broken, hence the battery drain (when not referring to the transition phasing)
  34. willerz2

    First steps post-jailbreak

    If you can't find them, it'll be below > su root > alpine > passwd > [enter new password]
  35. willerz2

    Free Space

    Is the data still on the iPad? The one thing that I'm not so fond of when it comes to iTunes is their method of syncing as I've never had any luck with it. But from experience, on several occasions, iTunes recognized that my device had plenty of free space, but on the device itself, the data...
  36. willerz2

    First steps post-jailbreak

    OpenSSH is the core of it all, if you don't have the others that's fine. Apple File Conduit 2 is Saurik's update for afc2add as netmage is no longer maintaining AFC2add. As long as you have OpenSSH, you'll be fine. As for MobileTerminal, until it's updated, you can use MTerminal by lordscotland...
  37. willerz2

    IOS8 Sucks

    The one major flaw with Samsung devices is TouchWiz. Majority of users have an issue with TouchWiz, but if you flash another ROM or get the GPE edition, it's topnotch, yet Samsung insists on keeping TouchWiz clunky :/ The one reason that iOS devices outperforms a lot of Samsung alternatives is...
  38. willerz2

    Magic 2015—Duels of the Planeswalkers Garruk’s Revenge Expansion Out Now

    When playing MTG, I always prefer to interact with the physical cards. Having grown up with MTG, it's nice that they're expanding the franchise into an official electronic version as opposed to using something like Cockatrice. Definitely looking forward to the release, particularly the iOS release.
  39. willerz2

    IOS8 Sucks

    Apple in a nutshell
  40. willerz2

    IOS8 Sucks

    It's also difficult to report issues to the fullest because there isn't a way to actually log everything that's going on at the same time when the issue is present. Granted though it would probably kill the OS having to log it all, but that would probably help boost the ability to resolve bugs...