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    Multiple gmail om iPad

    you could try adding the second gmail account in as an exchange account. I believe you use as the server when asked. This also enables push email for a gmail account, so not a bad thing to do anyways. Cheers
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    Help installing uodated apps

    you could try delete the app then re-download. Could also try holding down sleep wake + home until the iPad reboots (a "hard" reset), which has 'caused stalled app downloads to restart for me before.
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    Connect and use an external usb device ?

    You can connect a camera using the USB camera connection kit. I believe you can use it to connect a variety of other devices (a quick google will return a list no doubt). Won't be able to use anything that needs a high power USB port though, but I have for example successfully used an external...
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    best gps app for wifi only model that always has access to the internet?

    I like TomTom myself. It has all the maps locally, but one of the features I use a lot is the local google search, which does require an internet connection. I'm sure everyone has their own favourite though, so your mileage may vary.
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    Not yet an iPad owner, but have question re: "taking notes". (Thx!)

    that's what I meant by the "a few in the store", they're there, but seem to get bad reviews.
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    Location of Downloaded Apps

    you can also swipe from left to right and goto the search screen, type in the name of your app, then tap on it in the results list to launch it.
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    Not yet an iPad owner, but have question re: "taking notes". (Thx!)

    There seem to be a few in the store, but they all get pretty bad reviews, with one at least appearing to be a fake app from the reviews. (How that got past Apple I don't know) There are other fantastic note taking apps though, One I just downloaded ($1.99, not free) is call Tapose. It lets you...
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    New ipad issues gone!!!

    best thing is to let your iPad charge overnight I think, as it does take a while to get "fully" charged. They leave a margin of error at 100% so the battery doesn't catch fire or swell or do any of the things that batteries do if they're charged too quickly, so leaving it charging for a while...
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    iPad for 76 year old Mom

    A friend here in my office did exactly that with her 80 something mother who'd never used a PC before. She can send an receive email, look at photos and download apps. She still needed help, but it went smoother than I thought it would (I set it up for her).
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    Download error. Podcast

    Don't know the answer to your issue, however look into the Downcast app, which is an alternate way of downloading and listening to podcasts. Great little app.
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    Read and help

    it will ask after 15 minutes between purchases. Whilst you can set it to ALWAYS ask for a password via the restrictions settings (check to see you don't have it on), I'm not aware of there being a setting to never ask for your password, as it would be a bit of a security risk for you should...
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    Issues using HDMI connector

    1) I don't think you can. The iPad screen is mirrored on the HDMI device, although some apps show different views to the HDMI device. For example, keynote will show the presenter one thing on the iPad and the actual presentation via the HDMI device. 2) The problem you're encountering is the TV...
  13. I - Video tutorials for your iPad: a beginners guide Over two hours of easy to... - Video tutorials for your iPad: a beginners guide Over two hours of easy to follow step by step video tutorials on how to use your iPad. Intro2ipad is the guide to your iPad that will teach you all the basic features of IOS5 and how to get the most out of your iPad. Learn how to...
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    Syncing tv downloads to ipad

    So you checked the "Sync tv shows" button on the TV Shows tab in iTunes with your iPad connected? Did you select the "Automatically include all unwatched", that should get something syncing for you. -- Dale "Video tutorials for iPad: a beginners guide" - iPad app
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    Opening an iTunes podcast link on an iPad

    Consider downloading "Downcast" on your iPad, a fantastic app for managing, finding and listening to podcasts. (I'm not affiliated with them in any way, just like the app) Cheers Dale - "Video tutorials for iPad: a beginners guide" - iPad app
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    if you added the gmail account to your email accounts on the iPad and chose to sync contacts too. Any contacts you add on your iPad to your contacts in the "gmail" group via the contacts app, will automatically get synced with your gmail contacts. -- Dale intro2ipad - "Video tutorials for your...
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    New to iPad and Calendar

    That link debref supplied should do the trick (or even more specifically), but just adding that you can indeed choose to sync just in one direction to your google account from your work computer. So your work stuff will appear in your iPad calendar, but you can choose not to have other stuff...
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    Taking picture from Flickr to Facebook

    in the iPad Facebook app, upload the photo from your camera roll. When it's uploaded to Facebook, tap to view it then click on the arrow in the top right of screen and choose "Make profile picture". That should do it. -- Dale - "Video tutorials for your iPad: a beginners guide" -...
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    when you click on good reader in the apps pane of iTunes (with your iPad connected) can you see the file in question in the documents list? If so click on the Save to button to save it to your computer. -- Dale - "Video tutorials for your iPad: a beginners guide" - iPad app
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    Skype Question.

    it seems like the contacts on your desktop Skype (in my case OSX) are separate from the contacts you setup on the iPad version of Skype. At least for me my desktop Skype contacts aren't displaying on the iPad. -- Dale - "Video tutorials for your iPad: a beginners guide" - iPad app
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    How to clear a partially downloaded podcast

    Other app I would recommend looking into is "Downcast" which lets you manage and list to podcasts without having to sync or anything. I find it super useful. -- Dale - "Video tutorials for your iPad: a beginners guide" - iPad app
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    If you fire up iTunes (with your iPad connected), then click on the Apps tab, do you see the app in question listed in the Apps pane? If so click on it, with luck all of the documents it has saved (or data files) will be in the Documents pane to the right of the Apps pane. Click on one then...
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    Cant connect to my wifi

    You could try forgetting the network, then Reconnect at which point you will need to enter your Wi-Fi key again. I've had that fix some problems for me with our corporate Wi-Fi network at work. -- Dale video tutorials for your iPad- a beginners guide
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    Max of three iCloud accounts created on one IOS device

    agree its still a bit early to be a big problem, but as time goes on it could become an issue.
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    Max of three iCloud accounts created on one IOS device

    I imagine people wouldn't be too keen to hand over old ID's as your email, calendar etc is hooked into it. I guess I'll just keep hoping they alter their policy at some point.
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    Max of three iCloud accounts created on one IOS device

    at the time (which was about 3 weeks ago) I called apple and they said I was essentially out of luck (no reset). Was hoping someone might have heard otherwise lately. Not a real problem for me as I have multiple IOS devices, but if you just had an iPad you bought second hand it could be a real...
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    Max of three iCloud accounts created on one IOS device

    Hi All, When I was working on the tutorials for my app, I ran into the issue where one individual device can only create three iCloud accounts. (I ran out of mine creating test accounts for the vids) After that you get an error message stating your device is no longer eligible. Has anyone found...
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    Watching movies on iPad on tv

    I think they might have meant that the AppleTV doesn't ship with an HDMI cable, so you still need to buy one. But also agree, AppleTV is a fantastic add-on for the iPad. I use Air Video to stream non iTunes content (.mkv .avi etc) and it works a treat.
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    iPad2 AirPlay streaming issues

    No, all seems well with AirPlay and my iPad 2 (over an 802.11n connection)
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    The Official Ipad 3 Accessories Thread

    I think the AppleTV is probably the ultimate accessory for the iPad. Sharing your screen, photos and videos all on the big TV screen is fantastic. especially now at 1080p. Not quite what you're after I guess, but just thought I'd throw it out there.
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    IOS 5.1 wont update

    Tried rebooting via the hold home + hold Button until the IPad switches off? If that doesn't work you could try resetting settings in settings general reset, just the settings option though, not data. You'll need to renter your wifi key, re-enter things like ringtone choices etc but won't lose...
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    Great community here

    Hope I can help answer some questions. I'm an app developer with two apps in the store. My latest Is "video tutorials for iPad- a beginners guide". So if you know someone really new To ios get them to check it out.
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    Weird error when updating apps

    Yes I get that same error. I thought it might have something to do with me having a mixture of apps bought in different country Stores. (Netflix not here in Aus). Just a guess though.