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    What kind of headphones do you all use. I use my Beats Solo HD headphones but looking for something more portable. What are you guys using?
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    Used ipad

    Gotta lose it unless the person you got it from will let's you use their account. Prob not likely unless it a close friend or relative.
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    Cleaning ipad2 surface

    I think this is a good idea if you don't go with a damp microfiber cloth. I would not use alcohol or perfumes.
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    Not Charging

    My ipad had stop charging and even being recognized about three weeks ago went to the apple store and they changed it for me even tho it was over a year!
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    AT&T: 250Mb Sure Goes Fast!

    Yeah I have the 250mb a month plan on my iPhone 4, I try not to use it unless I have to. I try to only visit mobile sites if I do, but yeah def wish I had unlimited. I use to go over but know I just find alternatives (wifi) good thing all my friends have wifi at their houses. On Vaca my...
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    Keyboard Issue

    Maybe it's a security feature!
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    For those with wifi only versions of the ipad 2

    The hotspot feature is especially worth it when you have multiple iPads and devices saves from have every iPad needing its own monthly charge saves you some quid!
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    galaxy tab 10.1

    FANGIRL! EW! JK! Apdroid here. That was a fail... Or maybe iDroid
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    Your most used app? 1. 2. 3.

    Netflix, Twitter, game I'm playi g at the moment (Choas Rings)
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    App: "Superbrothers" on sale

    This veryinteresting game is on sale today for 1.99 called Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery EP. Take a look at it I've been playing for a little and its nice especially if you use headphones.
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    galaxy tab 10.1

    I just checked on the back light bleeding I didn't see any type of bleed. I downloaded an all black picture and turned up the brightness, and olnt thing that caught my eye was a slight bright spot but I don't think it was light bleed. At least not as bad as on the I pad 2 or 1. Earlier I said...
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    galaxy tab 10.1

    Nice! I'm Glad everyone is enjoying there tabs! Hs anyone noticed it takes for ever to charge? I think it because of any background services that could be hindering the charge or is it my charger?
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    galaxy tab 10.1

    More pictures.
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    galaxy tab 10.1

    Now that i have had some more quality time i am enjoying the 10.1 very much. The big difference i feel is that the 10.1 is just a much more personal device than the ipad. and its very light weight fast like the ipad 2. Sometimes the 10.1 handles task much faster, but there are more noticeable...
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    galaxy tab 10.1

    Web pages look alot crisper and I don't have to zoom in to read an article or a sentance or two, that obviously attributed to the higher screen resolution.
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    galaxy tab 10.1

    I'll have some up later today!
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    galaxy tab 10.1

    The battery, while I have not done a test comparing both, but I would have to say that the battery on the 10.1 is great, but I can believe that 20 percent diff but nothing higher than the 20 percent. The iPad would prob win slightly. But I don't think it will be to a point that it would die on...
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    galaxy tab 10.1

    Hey guys, so today the galaxy tab 10.1 came out everywhere today in the US and I went down to best buy and picked one up it literally arrived as same as I did they where still trying to put up a display. But I got it as soon as it came off the truck around 1:45 pm est and I got mine. So what I...
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    Face time

    its done through email connection that apple attaches it like a number to a facetime device.
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    Exchanging iPads

    totemynote, haha GB appts!! Yeah i did i find that comment by sweet poision a little off, but she is always trying to help and im sure she was just trying to clear things up. The mods are good people here.
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    ipad 2, iphone 4, macbook pro, imac, ipod touch - overkill?

    its not overkill the question is, do you actually use them all? there are probly some reletives of yours that would benefit from an ipod touch! Ive seen worse gadget overloads~! lol
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    I'd Like Your Opinion

    I do it every now and then, atleast once a week, like stated by sj. If you are always on your ipad and have sensitive data do it.
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    Odd - Happen to Anyone Else?

    yeah that happens usuallsy for me when i do a new backup.
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    Just got my ipad today!

    Yep replacen I doubt you'll have Any trouble trouble getting another one.
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    Okay, so what do I do now?

    Ah first set up an iTunes account (a.k.a apple ID) if you don't already, on your computer. That way you can skip the sign up process and sign right in when you get your iPad 2 at home. When you saign up you'll be prompt to add a credit card. This is how you can buy movie and apps through your...
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    Exchanging iPads

    I think everyone one should take advantage of the apple stores I def a 100 percent agree with this post. As long as your truthful not an Douche, and respectful sometimes, even when it not covered under warranty, they will still give you a replacement! That's what they are there for they...
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    iPad replacement/apple best customer service

    Yeah I always read about people not willing to drive to an apple store cause it's to far and they deem in not worthy. I know I'm lucky to live next to one. Not everyone can just head on to apple whenever they want. I'd like to think that even tho it might be far I believe it is def worth the...
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    iPad replacement/apple best customer service

    So yesterday my iPad 1st gen 16 wifi stop responding to a the apple cable charging or syncing, very odd. So I made my appointment for today at 10 am. I went explained how out of no where it dosent want to respond and the genius looked at didnt know why it wouldn't work and told me because it's...
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    Sky fire, what a POS

    Skyfire is def the worst browser I have ever used. Yea the flash compatibility is useful but barley you can't scroll through the video. The browser it self is so Suggish patty I honestly get frustrated and annoyed. The only good feature are the twitter and Facebook connect, and that is the only...
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    Notes App

    Penultimate is a great note taking app very innovative great for quick fast note taking all I am missing is a stylus to give me that pen feel.
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    Found a Broken Ipad

    Lol it's not free! The will take it back and salvage what they can if the owner dosent come to get it they will have to pay either way only way it would be free is if it was apples fault! don't get all "apple so great" lol they are all about the bottom line. They will not seek out the...
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    ipad 1: How to convert demo build to standard retail build?

    O damn I want a deal on an iPad 1!
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    Email attachment

    The native way to do it is BEFORE you start the email, this is for sening pictures in email, you can click the Box with arrow symbol and select up to five pictures then you'll see an option that says email. Once selected a email window pops up and add those files, for files go with tim!
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    Trading for 1st gen...

    I own both and I would say if you def could use the money go for it, seems like your fine with loosing iMovie, but there is a way to get it on iPad one. I personally like iMovie on the iPhone 4 better, for the fact that it can capture much nicer video Nativly then iPad 2! IMO Also I...
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    How Do You Return (for Refund) a Junk App in iTunes Store?

    If you go under purchase history for your iTunes account o. ITunes. You'll see a button that says "report a problem" that will allow you to query and get you money back on a crap app! There are a lot of them! Read reviews man good and bad ones!
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    Should I keep my smart cover?

    I think you should keep it! It's more of a wow factor than anything! Since you have the skin on it I could see if conflicting with that new case, so don't return until your sure! keep the magnetic cover for when your home and the other For when you go out but if you think that is to much work...
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    iPad 2 exchange at apple store?

    I don't believe you need the any of that. If it defective set up a guineas bar appointment, and if the findthat it's something that's the iPads fault they will exchange, they have iPads there waiting for that specific reason, now does not have to be the place you purchased, any apple store will do.
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    What a great device!

    Yeah but 5 bucks for garage band and iMovie respectively, Is well worth the price I would pay 20 for each that's how good they are. And the rest I believe are expected? Was this your first iOS device.
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    picked up xoom to compare with my ipad 2.....Fail!

    O I love the zoom! The only thing iPad beats it IMO is apps. Yeah it laggs, now and hen that cause it needs some matnince witch I actually enjoy! If you are not an avid android user then it could be frustrating! I love the screen on the zoom just uncomfortable in portrait mode! That's cause it...