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    Polycarbonate vs. Silicone

    Silicone TPU Polycarbonate If the silicone is thick, they will provide better protector than the hard case, but we also recommend TPU cases. They are a hybrid of Silicone and Hard cases.
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    New Leather Cases and Pouches for your iPad from Cimo Technologies!

    We'll ship it right away! Also, check out our new iPhone 4 cases! We're low in stock for the colored cases but many of the clear cases are available.
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    Introducing the new Black Leather Flap Case [w/ pics]

    Sorry about the issues. I see that you have continued with the PayPal option. We have solved the issue with American Express and PayPal. Thank you for emailing us!
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    New Leather Cases and Pouches for your iPad from Cimo Technologies!

    Thanks! We'll try to get some up as soon as possible. We'll also provide those as soon as possible.
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    o boy o boy o boy

    Welcome to the forum!
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    New Leather Cases and Pouches for your iPad from Cimo Technologies!

    We've got many new iPad cases in stock and we thought we'd share them with you: Leather Sleeve Slip In Case Comes in three different colors: black, pink and brown (seen above). Made from high quality synthetic leather, our padded pouch style case provides a great way to carry and...
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    Vandy has found you!

    Welcome to the forum!
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    The iPad is my first Apple product.

    Welcome to the forum, Dave!
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    Just got my IPAD 32Gig 3g

    Welcome to the forum! 32GB seems like the sweet spot for many people.
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    Hi from little Britain

    Welcome to the forum!
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    iPad Case Reviews

    Here is a review of one of our cases made by YouTube - Overview of the Cimo USA Silicone Skin case for the iPad
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    TPU vs. soft gel cases

    Thanks for the order! We use USPS First Class Mail. You will probably receive it between the following dates: 6/8 - 6/10. It will not require a signature so they will probably leave it in your mailbox/front door. Hopefully you will be able to reach it in time!
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    I got two cases. Some thoughts..

    We carry a very similar case now for a limited time for only 19.95 USD in 3 different colors! Leather Sleeve Pouch for the Apple iPad [ipad_leather_sleeve] - $19.95 : Cimo Cases, We ve got you covered
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    TPU vs. soft gel cases

    The image with the iLuv cases together is rendered. Therefore it looks darker. When you expand the images on that site, we see this: Our cases are almost identical to the one above. The only difference is the lack of the iLuv trademark in the top middle, by request.
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    TPU vs. soft gel cases

    Yes, that is correct. The TPU (Soft Gel) is also sometimes called Candy or even Crystal.
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    New Hard Cases Available at!

    The clear hard cases are 1.5mm thick. By the looks of the STM Jacket (we've had no experience with it so we can't give a guarantee), it should fit. As long as there is at a quarter inch of room to spare for the iPad.
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    TPU vs. soft gel cases

    We're glad to answer any questions! Actually, we will have the other colors, clear, pink and blue, online by tonight. As you may have noticed on the site, we have a variety of new items and we've been busy trying to update it as quick as possible. We will not have a black color option, but I...
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    TPU vs. soft gel cases

    (By the wording supplied, we will assume that soft gel means silicone cases [example of our silicone cases ]) 1) Silicone cases usually have the same amount of grip throughout all styles. Some companies have cases with different designs to have a grippy feel (example) but they are generally...
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    Hello from the middle of nowhere

    Welcome to the forum! Thank you very much for your service to our country.
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    New Hard Cases Available at!

    Thanks for the kind words!
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    Welcome to the forum, glad to have you here!
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    hey IPAD ,hey man!!!:D

    Welcome to the forum!
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    ZeeDD new member presentation

    Glad to have you here, ZeeDD!
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    Howdy from Atlanta

    Welcome to the forum! Thanks to the Kindle app we can read your book on the iPad, too!
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    New Hard Cases Available at!

    iLuv Flexi-Dot Thin Transparent TPU Case For Apple iPad Starting at only 14.95!
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    Apple iPad Case Mod Stand

    Great video presentation. Very creative.
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    Hi from Alaska

    Welcome to the forum!
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    Introducing the new Black Leather Flap Case [w/ pics]

    This item is back in stock (5/28/2010)
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    Hello Everyone from the Striper Coast....NJ!!

    Welcome to the forum, from NJ also!
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    iPad Converter - Handbrake

    Check out this link for an iPad preset for Handbrake How to Create iPad Formatted Videos Using HandBrake or FFMpeg
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    Show Yourself Here! :-)

    Haha great pics! Welcome to the forum!
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    New Hard Cases Available at!

    Hey guys, it's been a while since we've given you an update on the site. First we'd like to point out that we've changed the overall site color to white. The white background allows us to use a white background to the item images and improve readability. Also, you may have noticed the change in...
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    30 Second iPad Stand

    YouTube - 30 Second iPad Stand
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    I bit the bullet...

    Welcome to the forum! We hope June 1st arrives very soon!