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  1. Mtnmedic

    Small, portable receipt-type printer compatible with AirPrint

    Is there anything like this? I'm the Fire Chief of a small all-volunteer fire department in frontier north-central Oregon. I'm also a career Paramedic. I've been developing our fire department from scratch since late 2011 entirely from donations of used equipment as our operating budget is...
  2. Mtnmedic

    Whatever happened to Aweditorium??

    This was such a cool app. Great way to discover new music and I loved the presentation....very VH-1 instyle. I stopped using it for a while when I got hooked into Pandora, etc. I love Pandora but it's not nearly as good as Aweditorium for discovering some new acts and learning about them. I...
  3. Mtnmedic

    Updates over 100 MB via AT&T Unlimited

    Apparently, it's happening for me. Yeah, I get the usual "this update is over 100 MB and won't download until you connect to Wi-Fi" (paraphrasing) warning. So, I update all the others under 100 MB while on my AT&T Unlimited (I won't let that go until they pry it from my dead, cold fingers)...
  4. Mtnmedic

    Touchfire...anyone have it yet?

    If so, share your thoughts. My preorder has been sitting for 3 months, now fully paid but waiting. Michael "Spam, spam, bacon, eggs and spam. Hold the bacon and eggs." Sent from my iPad 3 using iPF
  5. Mtnmedic

    Vibraphone and Fusion/Bluenote Jazz, Anyone?

    I love it! The piano and the vibraphone are my two most beloved instruments (I don't play, sadly). The latter is the most under-appreciated, IMHO. My five favorite performers-all of them the grand masters of the vibes-and my fave songs of the genre: "Odds Against Tomorrow" (concert and...
  6. Mtnmedic

    Built in Emoji issue

    A you all know, iOS 5 came with the Emoji emoticons keyboard. I had that installed as a separate app but then removed it when I learned it would come with the new iOS. Selected it to be on. Works fine with emails, etc. but here in iPad Forums app (and iPhone Forums app), it doesn't. I can...
  7. Mtnmedic

    Proud iPad owners in Oregon....gimme a shout!

    Stand up (okay, you can sit/lay down) and be recognized! I'm in rural Wasco County! Michael "Spam, spam, bacon, eggs and spam. Hold the bacon and eggs." Sent from my iPad 2 using iPF
  8. Mtnmedic


    How about a way to send attachments (ie, pics) with Private Message in the iPF app? Michael "Spam, spam, bacon, eggs and spam. Hold the bacon and eggs." Sent from my iPad 2 using iPF
  9. Mtnmedic

    "Update All" button gone?

    Checked for updates in App Store, had several, but the "Update All" button is gone. Back to downloading one at a time and then going back to the App Store of more? Anyone else notice this or am I missing something here? Michael "Spam, spam, bacon, eggs...
  10. Mtnmedic

    Does anyone else think split keyboard is too small?

    Love it but it COULD be a little bigger. Ideally, user-adjustable. Not everyone has tiny hands and fingers. Michael "Spam, spam, bacon, eggs and spam. Hold the bacon and eggs." Sent from my iPad 2 using iPF
  11. Mtnmedic

    iOS 5 keyobard issue

    I'm having a real problem with moving my split (or unsplit) keyboard. It's very stubborn and insists on positioning itself in the middle of the screen. I like having the two parts in the bottom corners of the iPad. I had it that way last night but Also I wish there was a way to...
  12. Mtnmedic

    Using iPad to view Android cam streaming

    Okay, here's the deal: I'm moving from northern California to north-central Oregon next weekend, a 10-hour drive (without stops). I will be driving a 24' moving truck towing an auto transport with my car riding atop (not dragging along on the rear wheels). I have eight cats and they will be...
  13. Mtnmedic

    iPad 1 Owners: Now THIS is a case!

    And it's on SALE until the 30th for $15 (enter "woot" in the coupon code field during checkout-try all upper case or all lower case letters). Watch the videos, especially the product demo and tutorial. Damn cool. They should have one for the iPad 2 in May, I understand...
  14. Mtnmedic

    The Smart Cover made of wood!

    At first, I laughed at the idea. Then I watched the video. Damn. Now I'm actually seriously considering it! Michael "Spam, spam, bacon, eggs and spam. Hold the bacon and...
  15. Mtnmedic

    HDMI/VGA Display-Apps On First Gen iPad (No Jailbreak).

    Here is a working list of applications that are KNOWN to work with the Original, First Generation iPad using the VGA and HDMI adapters. I will be updating this list in this first post as often as possible so that folks won't have to go through the entire thread to find the good stuff. If you...
  16. Mtnmedic

    Tablet Timeline: A Retrospective

    Interesting reading. Enjoy! Michael "Spam, spam, bacon, eggs and spam. Hold the bacon and eggs." Sent from my iPad using iPF
  17. Mtnmedic

    For the people who gripe there is no retina display on the iPad

    Maybe this will prove to you that, once and for all, a retina display on the iPad isn't really necessary: Michael "Spam, spam, bacon, eggs and spam...
  18. Mtnmedic

    How 'bout THIS case?

    Looks rather interesting. Though it doesn't have the upright positioning as the Smart Cover would give you, I like the ideal that it still provides two popular angles to work with. I'm just wondering how stable it is when you push one end or another on the iPad. The main reason I was...
  19. Mtnmedic

    iPad 2 screen/face/bezel size vs iPad 1: using screen protectors

    I have two sets of the Power Support anti-glare screen protector, which is the best I've seen (believe me, I've tried a few). I would LIKE to use them with the new iPad 2. It think there is an ever-so-slightly width/height difference between the two devices. No biggie, I can trim, if...
  20. Mtnmedic

    Verbatim folding BT keyboard

    I picked up a Verbatim folding Bluetooth keyboard at Fry's a couple weeks ago. Has anyone else tried it? I did a comprehensive review on it, which I posted on but will copy and paste in my next post. I love the smaller Apple wireless keyboard, but don't want to tote it around, so...
  21. Mtnmedic

    Scosche IPAVHDO sneekPEEK II A/V & Component Cable set

    Has anyone used this? It is a cable made for the iPad which not only has the yellow/red/white A/V cables but also the red/green/blue component cables, supporting sound each way. I'm interested in seeing if this is worth having mroe than the VGA adapter and a VGA cable. The pricing between...