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  1. lkilgore

    Resetting an iPad

    Once I figured out how easy it was to reset the iPad, it took no time at all to reset it to factory settings. I was originally concerned when the iPad indicated that it was locked out, due to my teacher trying to enter the wrong password multiple times. What I have learned from this situation is...
  2. lkilgore

    Resetting an iPad

    Thanks for the reply and information. I was able to hold the home key and power button in order to get to a point where I could erase the iPad, including password, so that I could reset the iPad to it's factory setting. All is well, thank you.
  3. lkilgore

    Resetting an iPad

    I have an interesting situation that I know many of you will laugh out loud when you hear, but it is what it is. One of my teachers bought an iPad3. She didn't sync it on an iTunes account, but she says she went into the iPad and set a passcode - to keep her kids from playing around with it. She...
  4. lkilgore

    Managing multiple student accounts

    Mathfanatic, How many iPads will the cart support? Is there any issue with the 5 devices per iTunes account or does the cart have a way of negating that issue?
  5. lkilgore

    Intel and Microsoft Aim to Chip Away at Apple’s Tablet Dominance

    This is very odd. For the past 3 days, this particular thread has continually shown up on my app as having been unread. It won't clear away the little red "1." So, posting a reply to this thread, I'll see if it clears away the annoying little red number.
  6. lkilgore

    Intel and Microsoft Aim to Chip Away at Apple’s Tablet Dominance

    In the immortal words of ole George W... "bring it on."
  7. lkilgore

    TSA Inspector at Dallas/Fort Worth Airport Charged With Stealing 8 iPads

    It is incredible that people would leave expensive items, especially iPads, in checked baggage. The theft possibility is one thing... physical damage is another. It is also incredible that a TSA employee would be so dishonest - don't they investigate these people before hiring? The fact that it...
  8. lkilgore

    Would you ditch your eReader for the iPad?

    I bought the first gen Kindle and then passed it to my wife when I bought the next gen Kindle. I bought the iPad1 and then passed it to my wife when I bought the iPad... and I did the same with my iPhones (see a trend here?). I use both my Kindle and my iPad. The Kindle is still king when it...
  9. lkilgore

    Tutor app?

    I agree about Khan Academy. It is THE best place to go to find self-paced video tutorials. The math topics are extensive, so anyone needing help in math, this is the place to go.
  10. lkilgore

    Free Online Data Storage Sites

    I just opened an account with myPDV It looks very promising since it is more than just a file storage site. Thank you for the information about it.
  11. lkilgore

    Free Online Data Storage Sites

    Thanks for sharing about myPDV. I am looking at their website right now... and will likely open an account. I still like Dropbox, especially since it is so easy to integrate with a lot of iPad apps. By the way, whoever wrote the "How to myPDV" should have someone check the grammar. Run-on...
  12. lkilgore

    Exchange (ActiveSync) third party app?

    The best mail app I have found, that will do what you want, is ibisMail. You can go into the settings for the app and enter a passcode. The code could be a four digit pin or a regular word based password. When you first try to access ibisMail, it would prompt you for the passcode. I have set up...
  13. lkilgore

    Would an iPad 2 3G bought in America work in Ireland?

    At home I have broadban for 33,000 Won (approximately $33 USD) per month. It is unlimited Internet and it runs at 3mb/sec. Korea has the fastest countrywide Internet in the world - faster than the US, Japan, and Europe. The infrastructure is extremely high quality and reliable. The only...
  14. lkilgore

    Would an iPad 2 3G bought in America work in Ireland?

    WiFi can be used anywhere in the world where there is a WiFi hotspot that allows you access. I have used WiFi on my iPad1 and iPad2 throughout the Middle East, Europe, and Asia. I live in Korea now, and am using a WiFi hotspot with my iPad2 to write this posting. If I wanted to spend 30,000 Won...
  15. lkilgore

    How Do Children Save Their Work?

    Dropbox is good for files you manually copy into it. If you want everything to save automatically, I'm not sure. Probably an icloud type of solution.
  16. lkilgore


    I'll never get very much out of resale, as compared to what I originally paid. I had to buy my iPad1 in Kuwait, which added about $300 USD to the normal Apple price. Now that I live in Korea, I have a friend here who might pay me $400 USD for it... so I am considering it.
  17. lkilgore

    Hi All!

    You might try the app, "Quickoffice Pro." It will open Microsoft documents and you can type on them, just as you would a normal word processor. I use it all the time, including the use of template type documents. Another solution might be to convert the documents into Adobe pdf's. Then there...
  18. lkilgore


    I bought the iPad1 when it came out. Then I bought the iPad2 and passed my iPad1 down to my wife. I am a bit stuck now... since I don't have another wife to pass the iPad2, if I were to buy the iPad3. I'm trying to figure out a way to pass her iPad1 down to someone else... but I just can't...
  19. lkilgore

    How Do Children Save Their Work?

    You might consider using Dropbox. You can get a free 2GB storage capacity that you could install as a shared space on all of the iPads. Or... you might set up multiple Dropboxes, one for each grade level or subject area or perhaps one Dropbox for ES, one for MS, and one for HS. Dropbox has a...
  20. lkilgore

    I need help please

    ...oh yes, you might also try manually setting up an static IP. Make sure all of the other entries match your other devices - same router IP, subnet, DNS, etc., but then set a static IP that is only different in the last set of numbers. For example, my home wireless has a subnet mask of...
  21. lkilgore

    I need help please

    I'm going to ask a really obvious question here. Have you tried to "Forget The Network" and/or "Renew Lease?" If your one iPad, that is not connecting, is holding an IP address that is distinctly different than your other devices, then it is not connecting to your home wireless. Refreshing and...
  22. lkilgore

    I haven't fully decided, but I am leaning toward a MacBook Pro. I appreciate your confidence in...

    I haven't fully decided, but I am leaning toward a MacBook Pro. I appreciate your confidence in my language app idea. I am also thinking about some tourist related apps... tours of places from the viewpoint of locals. I used to live in Alexandria, Egypt... I could easily put together materials...
  23. lkilgore

    Managing and sharing stuff on multiple iThingies

    Col.bris, Has it always been possible to have two accounts on one device? I remember having problems with my iPhone 2G, back a few years. Has this ability been added since the introduction of iPhone or did I just not know how to do it all this time. :) I appreciate the information... this is...
  24. lkilgore

    Managing and sharing stuff on multiple iThingies

    As I understand it, you can sync up to 5 devices on one iTunes account. I use one account to keep my iPad1, iPad2, and two iPhones sync'd. I have only had to buy/download apps and download free apps once, and then everything sets up on all of my devices via an iTunes sync. Your new iPad2 won't...
  25. lkilgore

    App Development

    lol you spelled it fairly well... thanks!
  26. lkilgore

    App Development

    Good advice twerppoet. Spaciba!
  27. lkilgore

    App Development

    Thank you, jmbarker and ipaddeveloper888, for your quick responses. I was hoping to hear from some others, but it doesn't look like that is going to happen. I don't mind being without an optical drive, since I can buy an external one. Actually, for the past few years, I have rarely used an...
  28. lkilgore

    App Development

    I am interested in developing apps for iPhones and iPads. I know about Apple's Developer account and SDK. I also know that I should have a Mac to develop the apps. So, here is my question: Should I buy a Macbook Pro or a Mac Air? I don't want a desktop computer, because I live internationally...
  29. lkilgore

    Reading scientific papers on an iPad

    I agree. The concept of "apps" is what makes the iPad such a dynamic device. It creates innovation and offers us an endless supply of programs and capabilities. I suspect even Apple can't predict all the ways the iPad will be used, because of human inventiveness via the app concept.
  30. lkilgore

    Paperless office

    This is a quick reply... not fully thought out on my part. You could use standard web forms that could send you responses via email. When you receive the emails, you could copy/paste the text into a wide variety of apps, so that you could write on them during your sessions. If you used a...
  31. lkilgore

    iPad 2 keyboard case

    I like the Zagg case. I got one for my iPad1 and then when I passed the old iPad to my wife and got the iPad2, I bought a Zagg case designed for the iPad2. I lived in Egypt and now live in Korea, and travel everywhere inbetween. The Zagg case is the only case I use - my other cases are left...
  32. lkilgore

    What do I need to plug my iPad 2 into a projection unit?

    Just the standard Apple VGA adapter will work for direct connect to a digital projector. I am trying to figure out a wireless method of connecting. I think Apple TV will do the trick, but I live in Korea, so my access to Apple accessories are a bit complicated and expensive. There are other...
  33. lkilgore

    iPad keyboard and annotation apps

    Quickoffice Pro HD is a good choice for showing Powerpoints. It will also work with Word and Excel files too (can save in doc and docx format, for example). As far as a bluetooth keyboard is concerned, I am sold on Zagg's keyboard/hard case/stand. You can get one at Best Buy for $100 USD. When...
  34. lkilgore

    Ftp site on ipad

    FTPClientPro will give you a standard ftp program. I use it to access my website root directories. The program only costs $1.99 USD.
  35. lkilgore

    Internet Explorer

    I like Atomic Web, as a Safari web browser replacement.
  36. lkilgore

    Teaching request

    See if your school has a Moodle website. If so, it would be extremely easy to set up a secure forum that you could control with user logins. Moodle is designed as a Content Management System for delivering content to students.
  37. lkilgore

    How to put videos in a powerpoint presentation/ Office2HD

    My method may not be for everyone... but I have a Vimeo account where I store all of my videos. Then I have a Moodle website that I use with my students. I'll embed the video into the webpages. Then in Powerpoint, I will have a link to my website where I can click on the video, or set the video...
  38. lkilgore

    Reading scientific papers on an iPad

    I think the iPad is an excellent tool for reading pdf's. I use a wide variety of pdf's on mine, including some 100 plus page books. I haven't experienced eye strain yet. For traditional books, where I might read for several hours at a sitting, I still rely on my Kindle.
  39. lkilgore


    I use IPScanner to see all IP's on a LAN. You can also export the IP list via email, directly from the app.
  40. lkilgore

    Word Processing App

    I've recently installed Audiotorium, for note taking. So far, I'm very happy with it. Note taking and sound recording... is very useful. I have Pages, but I don't use it very often.