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  1. lkilgore

    Resetting an iPad

    I have an interesting situation that I know many of you will laugh out loud when you hear, but it is what it is. One of my teachers bought an iPad3. She didn't sync it on an iTunes account, but she says she went into the iPad and set a passcode - to keep her kids from playing around with it. She...
  2. lkilgore

    App Development

    I am interested in developing apps for iPhones and iPads. I know about Apple's Developer account and SDK. I also know that I should have a Mac to develop the apps. So, here is my question: Should I buy a Macbook Pro or a Mac Air? I don't want a desktop computer, because I live internationally...
  3. lkilgore

    Teaching Programming on an iPad

    I'm a computer teacher at an international K-12 school in Korea. Next year I want to offer an AP Computer Science class for my high school students, which will earn them college credit and will prepare them for a degree in Computer Science. I already know that AP Computer Science includes...
  4. lkilgore


    Are any of you using Moodle with your iPad? I design and operate several Moodle websites... the IT classes I teach to 7th grade through 12th grade is entirely on Moodle - all assignments, all turn-in's, all class resources, etc. Now, I would like to meld the two pieces of technology that I am...
  5. lkilgore

    Hi from Korea

    Hi everyone. I'm an American, living in South Korea. I bought my first iPad, when they were first released in Kuwait. Last summer I picked up the iPad 2 in America. I use the iPad every day. I teach IT to international students and it is an integral part of what I do in class. My wife uses her...