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  1. JohnnyApple

    Dedicated site for the Apple Watch @

    Just wanted to post up here and let everyone know that in addition to this section we also have a dedicated Apple Watch Forum at
  2. JohnnyApple

    Name your own price for $412 worth of Mac Apps - Seriously!

    I'm a sucker for bundles. I purchase them all the time. Usually because I see an App that I've been wanting anyway and you usually get the App plus a ton of others for the same price I would have paid for the App alone anyway. It's a win/win. They get a sale they may not have gotten and I get an...
  3. JohnnyApple

    Who's watching the liveblog now waiting for iPad mini info?

    I am... waiting for some info to come out. Switching windows back and forth :)
  4. JohnnyApple

    New section created - iPad Mini Forum

    Looks like this thing is for real, finally. So here we go, a new section on the site dedicated to the iPad Mini!
  5. JohnnyApple

    A comment about some of the rules and recent rule enforcement

    It is a rare occasion that we have a fiasco such as we had in the DragonVale threads recently. In fact, it's the first one of it's kind here at and I'm sorry to see it happen. First of all, we try our hardest to run a community that is open, friendly and educational for all of our...
  6. JohnnyApple

    iPad 2 on Sale: Post up the best deals / coupons!

    Since the new iPad has been announced (third generation) the price drop on the iPad 2 and clearance on iPad 1's should be happening. If you stumble upon a good deal please post a link in here. Only link to reputable, well respected online retailers. Thanks!
  7. JohnnyApple

    Official: Post where to get the best deals on new iPad (third gen)!

    If you find a deal online (legitimate deals, from legitimate well respected companies) post the links up here! Help everyone in the community find the best online retailers and places to buy it. Discounts, coupon codes, etc.
  8. JohnnyApple

    Thunderbolt ports likely to be embedded next to iPad and iPhone

    Some of the first good news for 2012 are starting to emerge. Apple has apparently filed three Thunderbolt related patents. The applications have been published by USPTO this week and prompted some voices to say that this is a clear indicator that Apple is going to be bringing Thunderbolt to iOS...
  9. JohnnyApple

    Would you be interested in an iPad Mini (7" iPad)

    There are constantly rumors about what Apple may do next with the iPad. We've got the iPad 3, but what if they also decided to release a smaller form factor iPad at a more agreeable price point? Would the iPad Mini be something you would be interested in purchasing? Please take part in our poll...
  10. JohnnyApple

    iOS 5 Edges Out Android in HTML5 Browser Test

    If you were by any chance, stretching you brain muscles in order to answer to the most intense tech question out there, HTML 5’s framework development house Sencha, comes to your rescue. So the challenge is now on: Who’s got the better browser, Android 4 or iOS 5. The answer might come as a...
  11. JohnnyApple

    Apple rolls out new iTunes 10.5.2 with features a bunch of fixes

    From the never ending stream of updates and new versions, here comes a new story: Apple just released iTunes 10.5.2 – which is the latest form of the multimedia application. The new version is available for download and is just 102 megabytes if you’re a Mac user. The Windows one is 66-68 MB...
  12. JohnnyApple

    Apple's brand new Mac App Store hits 100 million downloads

    Apple has just made headlines again: it seems that the Mac App online Store has reached 100 million downloads. And it’s no wonder, when it was first launched back on the 6th of January; it sold over a 1 million apps only in 24 hours. It might sound huge, but compared to its iOS counterpart...
  13. JohnnyApple

    Introducing - Forums dedicated to all things Apple

    We would like to take a moment to announce to the community a new project we've started that we are very excited about:! We've been Apple fans for a long time and some new products that they released allowed us to create some amazing communities based around...
  14. JohnnyApple

    Did the iPad help accelerate the demise of the Macbook?

    I was quite sad when I heard the news that the Apple Macbook series was no more. The Macbook represented a great machine at a great price point. It had enough hard drive space to be used as a primary machine. The display size was decent and usable... much better then an 11" screen and it was...
  15. JohnnyApple

    Sorry for the downtime on the site....

    We have been down now for right around an hour due to a system crash. We will have to investigate a bit more to try and find the cause of the problem but it is related to our RAID card for the server. Just wanted to apologize for the downtime and let you know that we rushed to get things back...
  16. JohnnyApple

    Google+ App awaiting Apple approval

    If you've been wanting to get your Google+ action on not just on your Android powered device but your iOS powered device then you have only Apple to blame for your frustrations. Google has let the world know that they've submitted the app to Apple for approval and are waiting on only that at...
  17. JohnnyApple

    The new Nintendo Wii U -- who else is stoked?

    Who else is stoked about the new Nintendo Wii U? As you know is our custom, we've got a dedicated site just for the Nintendo Wii U at the Wii U Forum. You can visit the site at the following url: Might want to register quick and secure your low member #... Also, I...
  18. JohnnyApple Server Upgrade

    Just wanted to post a note letting everyone know that we took the site down today (roughly 20 minutes) to do a server upgrade and move. We are now running on a fully dedicated server at a new datacenter and we expect the site to fly! If you notice any errors or problems please let me know...
  19. JohnnyApple

    Apple iPad 2 - Big deal or not?

    This seems to be a pretty small incremental change if the rumors are to be believed. We'll see a slight performance bump, the camera support (which, with facetime might be the biggest deal) and some other slight improvements. Nothing game changing, IMHO... do you think it will be a big deal...
  20. JohnnyApple

    Verizon iPhone is here!

    Behold the official Verizon and Apple Press Release! If you've been waiting for the Verizon iPhone, wait no longer! Be sure to visit iPhone Forum for all your iPhone information! Verizon Wireless & Apple Team Up to Deliver iPhone 4 on Verizon BASKING RIDGE, New Jersey and CUPERTINO...
  21. JohnnyApple

    Apple to freeze vacation for store employees - big product coming

    It appears that Apple has sent out memo's to all retail Apple store locations letting their employees know that they are putting a blackout/freeze in all vacations for a 3 week window starting with the last week of January. What is the reasoning for this? Logic and tradition seem to suggest...
  22. JohnnyApple

    4G LTE iPhone and AT&T's 4G Plans

    CES is going on right now and a ton of exciting news is coming out. The most exciting for the iPhone however is that a 4G LTE iPhone should be coming sometime in 2010. AT&T is holding a press conference right now and some of these key details have already been announced: AT&T CEO Ralph de...
  23. JohnnyApple

    Happy Holidays from

    We would like to take this moment to thank all of the members of this wonderful community. Without your contributions and friendship none of this would be possible. We've seen tremendous growth and we see no signs of that slowing down. With your help in the new year we will continue to put our...
  24. JohnnyApple

    Who else applied for a free Google CR-48 Netbook?

    Just curious, seems like a ton of people are already getting them. Worried you won't get a Google CR-48 Netbook? Think Again!
  25. JohnnyApple

    Apple upping iPad orders, lowering Verizon iPhone 4 orders

    To say that the Apple iPad has been a success would be a huge understatement. Apple has not only made a hot selling product but they created an entire market that didn't exist before. Now we see tablets from a ton of other manufacturers coming out - and Apple created this whole entire category...
  26. JohnnyApple

    iPad 2 Initial Parts Suppliers Revealed

    If you've been wondering when the iPad 2 would be coming out we can't help you. We can however let you know which parts suppliers have been tapped to help in the creation of the iPad 2. Digitimes can say it better then I could, so here's the full quote from them: (Source: Digitimes)
  27. JohnnyApple

    Would you be interested in a 7-inch Apple iPad?

    There are a ton of rumors floating around the interwebs right now about Apple possibly working on a 7" tablet so that it has coverage in an area that is going to be flooded soon with Android Tablets. The question is: How much market is there for an Apple 7" iPad? If your on this site its...
  28. JohnnyApple

    VLC for iPad Approved by Apple - In Store Now

    YouTube - VLC For iPad Preview If you were waiting for the VLC app for the iPad to be approved, wait no longer. It has been approved by Apple and is now available int he app store. We first discussed VLC being a competitor (and perhaps, far superior) to Cinexplayer previously. Now that...
  29. JohnnyApple

    VLC for iPad submitted to App Store

    We can only hope that the VLC App that was submitted to the app store this morning will get a quick approval. A group called Applidium is working with the VLC group to make this app a reality. What exactly is VLC? VLC is short for Video Lan Client, a very popular and cross platform video...
  30. JohnnyApple

    Apple building 2 million iPads per month

    When you have a super successful device that's on the bleeding edge of technology, you might expect some headaches in meeting demand. Apple anticipated this and really did as well as they could to have as many iPads available on launch day as possible. Demand however was still impossible to meet...
  31. JohnnyApple

    Is Apple stock set to go to $350 by years end?

    I've been watching the Apple stock price for quite a while now and it sure has been a fun ride. From $7 per share just 8 years ago to a peak of just shy under $280 earlier this year. Does that mean we can expect $280 to be the peak? Well, that's where we want to hear your opinions. A...
  32. JohnnyApple

    Why Apple should end it's fight against jailbreakers

    Colin Gibbs who writes for the Giga Om Network has written up a nice article about a recent Apple patent application to identify the “hacking, jailbreaking, unlocking or removal of a SIM card†from a phone so the device can be located and its data erased. This is aimed squarely at the...
  33. JohnnyApple

    Netflix App finally available for Apple iPad

    We knew it was coming and we were frothing at the mouth just waiting for it. I've got Netflix streaming on almost any device in my house with a screen.... now the iPhone and iPad can stream Netflix as well. If you are unfamiliar with Netflix, it's an online service that allows you to rent DVD's...
  34. JohnnyApple

    CineXPlayer - How is it working out for you?

    The iPad makes a great mobile video device, in fact, for me that is one if it's primary uses. I of course lamented at the fact that there is no "VLC" for the iPad, able to slice through obscure video formats with ease on my mac... there is no equivalent on the iPad. Making this a tougher...
  35. JohnnyApple

    Verizon iPhone and iPad about to hit field testing

    Boy Genius Report has broken some very interesting news today. The Verizon iPhone / Verizon iPad rumor train has picked up alot of steam lately. The most recent development comes from a block of source code in iOS 4 which queries the device to see if it's a CDMA iPhone or iPad 2. If it is...
  36. JohnnyApple

    Apple posts record $3.25b profit in first quarter.

    Apple posts record $3.25b profit in first full quarter of iPad sales, says more 'amazing products' coming this year. Apple just posted up its third quarter earnings -- its first full quarter selling the iPad -- and, well, it's raining cash in Cupertino. The company posted a record profit...
  37. JohnnyApple

    How-To: Get Flash on your iPad

    We at believe fully in having full access to the devices that you pay for. In this case it means having a jailbroken iPad if that fits for you. If not, more power to you. We don't condone pirating software however and that's why we limit our iPad Hacking section to discussions...
  38. JohnnyApple

    If you have Digg, plz Digg this

    Fallout from Apple's iPhone Bar Situation Continues
  39. JohnnyApple

    Apple already has CDMA Verizon Compatible iPhone

    BGR posted a recent article which quotes The Loop's Jim Dalrymple as saying that Apple already has a Verizon compatible (CDMA) iPhone laying around. The problem is that they need to negotiate a deal with Verizon. This would not be unusual for Apple to design hardware (or software) in advance...
  40. JohnnyApple

    iPad overtakes Android in web browsing share

    While the number of Android users and devices continue to grow, so does the Apple share. In fact, Apple's iPad is a very popular device for browsing and seemingly has overtaken Android according to NetMarketShare. Check out the stats below and let us know your thoughts in the comments...