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  1. D_LA_ROC

    noki.iPad - winterboard

    It was a hit theme on the iPhone and now its come to the iPad! noki.iPad brings you a very clean white theme that looks incredible. It comes with loading screens and an animated lockscreen that works in both, portrait and landscape modes!! This is the first ive seen like this. Most animated...
  2. D_LA_ROC

    iNitsua Z Twilight 3volution iPad - Winterboard

    This theme is great on the iPhone and now it has come to the iPad and it looks amazing! It comes with 3 different icon sets, an sbsettings theme, many wallpapers and a custom loading screen. Im sure there will be very many add-ons in the near future! This theme was originally created by...
  3. D_LA_ROC

    Blaze iPad Theme - Winterboard

    blAze iPad Theme is a different and unique orange theme. It comes with 2 weather widgets: portrait and landscape, sbsettings theme, loading screens and animated lockscreen. The music player looks real nice and It also comes with a very nice themed keyboard, but you need iAcces HD from Cydia...
  4. D_LA_ROC

    SmokeyHaz3-HD iPad - Winterboard

    Another great iPad theme from @iHaz3, "SmokeyHaz3-HD iPad" is a huge theme with much customization. It comes with a dozen different add-ons to make it either a light theme or a dark theme!! Included with it are wallpapers, photo widget lockscreen, SBsettings theme, weather widget, and much much...
  5. D_LA_ROC

    Buuf4iPad "BabaBuufey" - Winterboard

    Buuf4iPad "BabaBuufey" is now for the iPad and it's FREE! The theme includes: Custom icon mask, an awesome Animated wallpaper, custom lockscreen, and more. This theme is definitely one of my favorites. Although it doesn't include an SBsettings theme, I had no problem finding a Buuf one in...
  6. D_LA_ROC

    A I R iPad - Winterboard

    A I R iPad is a very clean and sharp theme that has a nice blue UI. Everything is themed except the SBsettings but considering this theme is FREE, I don't mind it. Get the Wallpaper and the background for FolderEnhancer here...
  7. D_LA_ROC

    Midnight - Dreamboard

    Midnight is a Dreamboard theme that makes your iPad look kinda like Android Honeycomb. Not exact, but sure close enough! With lots of widgets that you can position anywhere on the 2 page homescreen! Widgets include: Weather, Twitter, Facebook, Calculator, Tile game and more. It also comes with...
  8. D_LA_ROC

    Boxor HD for iPad - Dreamboard

    Boxor HD for iPad is a GREAT Dreamboard theme! It changes your homescreen and the way of using your iPad like you've never experienced. You can have up to 40 pinned apps in the 2 page box in the lower left, switch from multiple wallpapers right on the homescreen, Change the weather location for...
  9. D_LA_ROC

    Onyx HD iPad - Winterboard

    Onyx HD iPad is a complete theme with weather widgets, picture widgets, SBsettings theme, loading screens and a nice black UI. The iPod app is very nicely themed! This theme is by @DarkHacker1305 and @tdubwv13 on Twitter. Get it in Cydia for 2.99. Here are some screenshots of Onyx HD iPad...
  10. D_LA_ROC

    iDivinorumHD - Winterboard

    This theme was originally for the iPhone but it was updated for the iPad, So this theme is now universal and will work on all iDevices! The UI is completely themed with a vivid purple/blue/black color that, I must say, is very attractive! Even the IPF App is themed and looks great! ;) This...
  11. D_LA_ROC

    illumineHaz3 HD [iPad] - Winterboard

    Another theme from the Haz3 Series. illumineHaz3 HD iPad is a nice dark theme with glow to it. The icons look as if there glowing against the background and you can even have the icon names glow as well. The theme comes with an Animated lockscreen, photo widget, weather widget, SBsettings theme...
  12. D_LA_ROC

    EL3MENT iPad - Winterboard

    El3MENT iPad is a very creative theme with icons like no other. The theme has full custom UI and comes with 2 springboards, SBSettings theme, a weather and date widget, custom lockscreen, and more. The creator for this theme goes by the name @_toyvan_ on twitter and has other great themes for...
  13. D_LA_ROC

    SilverHaz3 HD iPad - Winterboard

    If you like dark themes, this one is sure to please! It has a custom slider and time for the lockscreen. Once you unlock, you will hear a rattling sound that will sends chills up your spine! Your whole iPad will be themed with SilverHaz3! Custom UI, loading screens, weather widget, RSS feed...
  14. D_LA_ROC

    iNitsua Z Neostyle for iPad! - Winterboard

    This is one of my Favorite iPad themes so far! iNitsua Z Neostyle for iPad is a Full theme including Animated Lockscreen, 5 animated springboards, SBsettings theme, Alternative icons, loading screens and more! The UI is amazing! This theme is a must have for any iPad owner. The creators are...
  15. D_LA_ROC

    Official iPad2 Jailbreak Chat Thread

    I'm wanting to know ANY new information in regards to the iPad2 Jailbreak, even if it's just a rumor. If the rumor proves to be false, it will be dropped and on to the next. I've been patiently waiting and hope it will be released soon. Also I kinda already miss the old thread. :( I was hoping...
  16. D_LA_ROC

    Make a quick few bucks on your iPad trying apps!

    This is not an ad!! You can actually make money installing free apps and it goes directly into your paypal account. It's called "AppRedeem" and there's enough free apps to install to make about 2-3 dollars and then the rest are paid apps, but you still make money back and even sometimes double...
  17. D_LA_ROC

    Heres some of my great iPad wallies..

    For you.... Sent from my incredible iPad 2
  18. D_LA_ROC

    Has anyone tried the RedEye Universal remote on their iPad?

    I recently came across this remote sensor for iDevices on eBay. You can get the app for it in the AppStore for free and with the sensor, you can remote control your T.v., DvD, stereo, and other electronics. I'm very interesed in buying and just wanted to know if anyone else has this and how good...
  19. D_LA_ROC

    New member

    Hello. I've been a huge fanatic of iDevices since the 3.1.2 days and it all started with an iPodTouch 2ndgen and I've owned many iDevices since then. (3 iPhones, 2 ipodtouches, and 2 iPads) I'm on twitter most of the day and night and now plan to be on here also. I like to follow up on all...