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  1. soopersonamara

    No sound on ios6?

    I took a risk and updated my iPad 3 to ios6 on the day it came out (Sept. 19). When the update finally installed, the first thing I noticed was that there were no keyboard clicks. I powered the iPad off and back on, and the problem just disappeared. I could hear keyboard clicks and all other...
  2. soopersonamara

    iPad 3 in India

    So, I just found out that I'm going to spend the summer in India with my grandparents. Of course, my iPad 3 is coming with me. I have the 4g model of the iPad, on the Verizon network here in America. Will it work in India? Also, what are the Indian carriers that support the iPad? I'm looking...
  3. soopersonamara

    Hi All l:)

    I'm soopersonamara, but you can call me just sooper or sona I recently got my first iPad. it's a 3rd gen iPad, white, 32gb, Verizon 4g. That's about it, I'm happy to be a part of this forum now!
  4. soopersonamara

    After the Return...

    So, it was a day after I got the new iPad with 4g. Out of curiosity, I tried switching the sim card already in it with the one from my iPhone, to see if it would work. After my little experiment, though, I my brain left me and I blindly put the original sim card back into the iPad without the...