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  1. ahoward1126

    When exiting the garage band app....

    When I exit the garage band app, the top bar is red and says recording for a split second....why? And if it is recording, where does it go?
  2. ahoward1126

    Griffen Cinema Seat

    Bought this for the long road trips, so my daughter could watch movies. Works out great, and for only $20 bucks, you can't beat it.
  3. ahoward1126

    Face time

    Can someone explain to me how it is I can call someone using face time with my iPad 2 (16gb wifi) This may be a stupid question, but I'm not sure how it works.
  4. ahoward1126

    Change default browser?

    Is there a way to change safari from being your default browser? I'd like to make Atomic my default
  5. ahoward1126


    In the Safari settings there is a databases tab......what are those?
  6. ahoward1126

    Atomic web browser vs icab

    Ok I have Atomic web browser, and really like it. But I hear a lot about it better? If so why?
  7. ahoward1126

    Atomic Web Browser search engine

    I wanted to add to the search engine list, but wasn't sure what to put in the URL. Any ideas?
  8. ahoward1126

    Screen Protectors

    What are people's feelings on screen protectors? Love them? Hate them? I just bought a cygnett opticlear ant-glare screen protector, and am very pleased with it.
  9. ahoward1126

    What does this symbol mean?

    The little arrow next to the battery life.....what is it?
  10. ahoward1126

    iTunes question

    I have sync apps checked on my iTunes, ( did that when I first got my iPad, and downloaded a bunch of apps on iTunes). My question is, when I plug my iPad into my computer will it wipe out any new apps I've downloaded on my iPad, or will it just back up the newly downloaded apps to my computer...
  11. ahoward1126

    Best apps for toddlers?

    I've downloaded PBS kids, Elmo ABC, Read Me Stories, and Doodle Buddy. Any other good suggestions for my 2 year old daughter?
  12. ahoward1126

    iPad 2 saved the day!

    My little girl (almost 2) had her tonsils out this morning. Needless to say she wasn't real happy coming out of surgery. I pull out my iPad 2 and load up the Elmo ABC app, and she was all smiles! Thanks to Elmo and my iPad my daughter was able to forget about losing those tonsils.
  13. ahoward1126

    Charging iPad...

    Is bad for your iPad to charge it every night?
  14. ahoward1126

    Camera Connection Kit

    I have a Kodak Zi8 HD camera and I was wondering if I can use the connection kit to take the videos off the SD card and put them on my iPad? Also is there a good app that I can edit with on the ipad with the Zi8 videos? I've heard imovie only works with videos shot on the iPhone and iPad...that...
  15. ahoward1126

    Apple shipping?

    I ordered my iPad 2 on April 17 from Apple online, with an estimation of 2-3 weeks on shipping. Original delivery date was 5/11, then 5/6, now 5/9. Does it usually change this much? I was siked to be getting it next friday, but am alittle bummed its that following monday. I know, I've waited...
  16. ahoward1126

    More about myself....

    I gave a short introduction yesterday, and forgot to mention that this is my first venture buying an ipad. I have a 16gb Black WiFi model on its way. My apple order says it supposed to ship May 4, with a delivery of May 6. I already ordered a case for it, A Poetic Swivelbook, and am super...
  17. ahoward1126


    Hello, Im new to the site, my name Is Adam. I live in Indianapolis, have been a iPod touch owner for almost 4 years. I decided to get something alittle bigger, so I took the plunge and bought an iPad 2.
  18. ahoward1126

    Targus vs Poetic case.....?

    I was recently really close to buying the Targus Versavu 360 rotating stand case for my iPad 2. It retails for about $55. Then I ran across the Poetic Swivelbook Leather Case Folio (Cost $19.99). There were only a few reviews on it, both great. They said its exactly like the Targus, except it...