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    IPad 2 dac vs 3,4 & mini dac?

    I know the ipad 2 uses dac from iphone 4 which is the superior of the iphones and ipad? But can someone find me or do a benchmark for ipad 3 vs the 2 ,4, and mini? Ipad 4 & mini's dac: Cirrus logic audio 338s1116 Ipad 2 dac: Cirrus logic audio 338s0940 Why I didnt say anything...
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    Pwntunes set up problem?

    I wanted to tackle this stupid question/ confusion. Tried search and google. I downloaded Pwntunes and did the steps which a folder is already created in the correct directory already from installing the tweak. Once Needs sync option is on and I would open the music player app. It imports for...
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    Beware batteryinfo lite

    Will glitch your iPhone to a everyone lasting boot after 4 seconds if you have that with notification center.and it happened to my iPad 2 as well. That app does good, but conflicts with many tweaks.
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    Bear Extender w/ spilt usb & cck for iPad?

    Anyone have a bear extender that would be interested using it with spilt usb & CCK (camera connection kit) to see if it improves coverage of the area. It doesn't require a program as I was advised.
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    Using External Storage Devices with the iPad

    A Guide to or learn how to use your iPad with your External Desk/Portable Hard Drives, SD Card with CCK/ USB with CCK/ & Hard Drive w/o Jailbreaking I posted this before while sketching up the problems in another post. Going over it again to save people some time while making it organized...
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    Help! Media players not detecting shortcut

    Ello, I recently finished my project mounting my external harddrive to my ipad. The problem that i have is when i copy the EXT (my folder shortcut that links to my harddrive from my ifile directory in Volumes, also the shortcut is located in media, documents and many other places.) When I...