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    Free Books - 23,469 classics to go.

    There is a free app at iTunes called "Free Books - 23,469 classics to go." I'm hesitant to install it until I know how it's going to behave. If anyone has experience using this app, I'd be most grateful to have the answers to a couple of questions about it. For example, how does book selection...
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    How to visit friends in dragonvale?

    I have figured out how to add my friend to Game Center, and I see his name there, but i can't figure out how to visit his Dragonvale game. Can someone help?
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    Jacqueline Kennedy The Enhanced Edition

    This "book" takes full advantage of your iPad as it offers you the just released audio tapes made by Jacqueline Kennedy four months after President Kennedy's assassination. Strategically placed throughout the full transcript of the tapes are photos and newsreel video that can be tapped to be...
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    Downloaded my first movie, but can't find it to watch it

    I just purchased my first movie from iTunes and downloaded it to my iPad2. At least I think I did. the movie took almost an hour to download. When it was done, I went to the movies tab and synced, so I assume it's somewhere on my iPad. I scratched my head a bit re: how to watch it, did a...
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    App icons are grayed out and "waiting"

    I'd downloaded the "app shopper" app, and noticed last night that it was indicating a number (22 to be exact) of my apps had updates available. I tried to update from the app shopper app but was unsuccessful and was prompted to do the updates from my PC and iTunes and then to sync the iPad2...
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    Confusion re: how to get my purchased iBook to appear on my iPad bookshelf

    I've scratched around in the forums for awhile and can't find any reference to this problem, though I'm sure it's just me being confused by the iTunes software. I went to the iTunes bookstore and found a book I wanted to buy. I believe I did purchase it. My iTunes menu, on the left hand side...
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    Bring in or create new icons?

    I've searched the forums with no luck, so I fear there may be no way to bring in or create new icons to my iPad 2. Is there a way? I'd just like my new "group" icons to not all look exactly alike, if that's possible. Thanks in advance for your help!
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    Call me impatient...

    I'm at work and I just received my Ipad2. I would love to get it set up, but I'm thinking I need to wait until I get home and use my home computer. Am I wrong? Will I create issues if I try to use my Ipad in conjunction with more than one desktop computer?