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    Two older iPads (iOS 9.35 & iOS 10.3.3) stopped working this week

    Hello, I apologize if I am posting in incorrect area but I am not real good with tech matters. I have an older iPad mini (9.35) and a bigger iPad (iOS 10.3.3) and I am unable to use them this week for email. I am not able to update the Apple software. Can anyone help? Thank you.
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    Is the iPad mini 5 not going to be produced?

    i have 1st generation mini iPad (it won't update beyond iOS 9.3.5) and was thinking about buying the iPad mini 5 - is it true that it will not be made? Also, another question please, are the Apple iPad minis going to be discontinued? Thanks.
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    How to clear red checkmark, when no updates to make.

    I have a red checkmark showing on my iPad mini (1st generation) that I have an app that needs to be updated, however there are no updates to be made. How do I clear and erase the red checkmark? Thank you.
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    iPad mini purchased 5/2013 won't update from i.o.s 9.3.5

    Good morning: I purchased iPad mini in May 2013 and it is nice and light as far as weight is concerned and I love its size but it will not accept updates. Heard a rumor that there may be an iPad mini 5 but also that the mini may be discontinued. Any suggestions, please. Thank you.
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    3 year old Apple iPad mini screen goes black

    hi, I purchased my Apple iPad mini in May 2013 and within one year, a key stopped working so Apple gave me a refurbished iPad mini. Within the past two months, my screen goes black when I am on Facebook or this morning it happened when I tried to open my yahoo email. How long does the iPad...
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    ipad mini purchased May 2013 (battery drain)

    Good morning, I have an ipad mini purchased at Apple Store in May 2013. The battery is charged 100% daily and practically drains down all day to near empty. May I please have a recommendation about my options. Should I buy a new ipad mini or what about a battery replacement (and if so, what...
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    After ipad updates, my photos are gone?

    Hello- I have an ipad mini (acquired in May 2013) and after doing regular software updates, many of my photos are gone. Can anyone give me easy to follow instructions on how to get them back? Thank you.
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    Losing Internet Wifi connection at home

    I have a Netgear N150 Wifi router next to my desktop in my office room at home and when I sit on sofa in living room and attempt to search on safari, I often lose Internet connection. Why does this happen? Please help. Tried to attempt to update Firmware on Netgear N150 router which was only...
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    Help please, Home button not working ipad mini

    I purchased an ipad mini in May 2013 and I have a warranty on it. The Home button does not work at all. I took it to the Apple Store this morning and they verified that it would not work. They told me that they can give me a refurbished ipad mini or that I can go to...
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    Problems with ipad mini after 8.0.2 update

    Good morning: I undated my Apple ipad mini and regular size ipad over the weekend to IOS 8.0.2 and I have been using the mini since that time, and my ipad mini is extremely slow and gets hung up and also seems to freeze on me.:( I never had any problems with it before this recent upgrade since...
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    Help please re: updates ipad mini

    Should I update icloud control panel and also quicktime on my ipad mini? I am not very good with technical issues.
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    Unable to sign out of gmail on ipad mini

    Hello, Can someone please tell me how to sign out of gmail on my ipad. I have no problem on my desktop, only the mini ipad. Thanks.
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    Anyway I can date + time stamp ipad pictures?

    I have two iPads purchased May 2013 - is there a free way I can date & time stamp my ipad pictures? Thank you.
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    Calendar events appear twice on my ipad mini.

    I have calendar events that appear twice on ipad mini -- for instance, Father's Day, Independence Day...... How can I prevent this from happening? Thanks.
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    Unable to delete event from ipad mini.

    I have an event on my ipad mini (purchased May 2013) which I am unable to delete -- it has a person's name and what looks like a gift box pkg. next to the name. It does not appear on my desktop computer, only on my ipad and can anyone tell me how to delete this please.
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    Tips and Tricks for the ipad mini?

    Is there a tips ad tricks section? (purchased my ipad mini May 2013). Thanks.
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    Can I copy few songs on ipad to iTunes on new desktop (need easy steps please)

    I used to have few songs on both desktop and ipad. But old desktop broke and could not be fixed. Now I have new custom built windows 7 desktop and would like to copy few songs from ipad to new computer. The songs were not iTunes purchases. Please provide easy simple steps to follow if this...
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    Pls recommend printer for ipad mini

    My desktop computer no longer works. Have an okidata b4400 great little printer but called okidata and unable to use it as a printer for my ipad mini. I have netgear n150 router and wifi. Pls recommend printer for ipad mini. Thank you.
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    Pls recommend Best app to create documents

    Need something similar to Microsoft Word for typing of documents (free or otherwise). Thank you
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    Is it necessary to Sync Ipad mini with desktop?

    Purchased in May 2013, & if I recall correctly, Apple salesperson told me at time of purchase, it is not necessary as iCloud does it automatically each day. Thank you.
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    I am a newbie with an ipad mini with retina display

    I purchased my ipad mini at the Apple Store in May 2013 (with Retina Display). I have a lot of photos on my ipad mini which I am unable to delete. I believe that I synced them from my desktop. Can someone please give me easy to follow step by step instructions on how to delete them. I...
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    I am a new user with a new Ipad

    Good morning: I just acquired my new ipad this past week. If someone could recommend some good free apps and give me some pointers, I would be appreciative. Also, please recommend how to have the time/temperature/date on my screen all the time and as soon as I turn it on, also, would...