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    iPad 4 also with yellow tint on display :-(

    Back to the original issue, I just received and checked my iPad 4 display. No imperfections, no LCD screen edge bleed. No yellow tint or overly warm temperature. In fact the display is clear white, likely a cooler temperature screen. I tried an iPad 3 last May and the screen temperature was...
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    So I'm returning my iPad 3...

    Like you I also sent mine back for same reasons. I'm going to wait a month while other screen suppliers gear up with screens that have less yellow tint. In all other respects I really liked my iPad 3.
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    Consolidated iPad 3 Returns Thread

    I suggest those who have returned their iPad 3s post here so members can get an idea of why people are returning their iPad 3 without alot of thread searching. This in no way is meant to bash Apple but to consolidate issues new owners are having. Suggest we keep answers short and to the point...
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    Here is how to transfer your Unlimited ATT data plan to your new 4G iPad

    Well, after I did all of the above, I ended up having to return my iPad 3 and revert my unlimited plan back to my iPad 1. The process was much easier this time. I simply logged on to my AT&T account on my iPad 1 and it gave me the option to put on unlimited plan on that iPad. The changeover...
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    Ipad 3 screen protector reviews

    I've used Speck's Shieldview dry-install screen protectors on both my iPad 1 and new iPad 3. On the iPad 3 it definitely reduces glare. It also has a very slight effect on screen clarity but not enough for me to take it off at this point...we'll see. Tactile feel on the screen is not affected...
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    The Official Ipad 3 Accessories Thread

    The ZooGue Genius Case for the iPad 2 works fine with the iPad 3. Just fitted it to my iPad 3 and it is a perfect fit. This case allows for great landscape viewing on any surface, i.e., belly, lap, desk, any surface, and it is infinitely adjustable for viewing angle. This is a small company...
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    Here is how to transfer your Unlimited ATT data plan to your new 4G iPad

    Just tranferred my AT&T Unlimited Data Plan from my iPad 1 to my New iPad (3rd Gen). I went through the 1-800-331-0500 number and asked for the section which manages iPad Unlimited Data Plan transfers from old to new iPads. I was transferred (no waiting) and talked to a knowledgeable rep who...
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    Will my original iPad unlimited AT&T data plan be grandfathered to the iPad 3?

    Has anyone actually made the unlimited data plan tranfer to their New iPad today? If so, what did you do?
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    Here is how to transfer your Unlimited ATT data plan to your new 4G iPad

    Has anyone actually tried this today on a New iPad they've received?
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    Going to England...what GPS app to buy?

    Thanks for your update. We're off to Scotland from the USA in two weeks and if the 02 prepaid micro-sim we purchased on eBay from a UK seller doesn't work, we'll definitely pop in a Three micro-sim. May even get one as a backup. Does anyone know if they offer the same thing for the iPhone 4...
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    Going to England...what GPS app to buy?

    First, I apologize to the OP if it appears we've hijacked your thread. I believe getting our USA iPads to function on the UK 3G network is as important as getting good UK navigation software for our iPads. DontUnderstandMyIpad: Thanks for the additional info on the Three (3) network. I'll...
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    Going to England...what GPS app to buy?

    Thanks Tim! I found out the hard way while traveling in Canada that iPads are separate beasts from mobile phones when it comes to connecting on local 3G networks outside one's country. I was determined not to be surprised again. It may all still not work. There is always wifi as a back up...
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    Going to England...what GPS app to buy?

    I'm planning to take my US 3G AT&T iPad to Scotland in May and have done much research on how to get it working on the UK 3G networks and using UK mapping software. The mapping software suggestions above seem spot-on though I believe TomTom is optimized for the iPhone and not the iPad. Perhaps...
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    Using the Ipad on an o2 uk sim 3g?

    UPDATE from dp118: While still in the USA, I installed my new UK 02 micro-sim in my USA iPad 3G. Before turning on the iPad I connected it to my PC with iTunes running. The iPad turned on and went through a normal sync. After syncing and still connected to iTunes, I went to Settings/Cellular...
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    Using the Ipad on an o2 uk sim 3g?

    My gosh, Do iPhones even work in this weather or do they stick to your ear?
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    Using the Ipad on an o2 uk sim 3g?

    Tim and Justin, Thanks for the excellent information. I might try installing the 02 card in the USA and hooking up to iTunes to see what happens. Don't want any surprises when I get to Scotland. I will definitely top up when I get to Edinburgh. Really looking forward to my trip and your...
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    Using the Ipad on an o2 uk sim 3g?

    Activating 02 UK iPad sim in US before going to UK? I purchased an 02 Micro Sim for Apple iPad (Pay & Go) and had it sent from the UK to the USA. I have a 3g USA iPad and am going to the UK for vacation. Can I activate the 02 sim in the USA before leaving? If so, any guidance? If not, can...
  18. D Apple TV GiveAway

    What's an Apple TV? I want one!
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    iBook in trouble

    Now that I've had my iPad since May and have tried every ebook app, including Apple's, I've settled into purchasing from Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Both of their apps have been upgraded to include ibook's features and they have better pricing on a much larger selection than their competitors...
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    Obama: Too Much Information Bad - Can't Work an iPad

    Thread Violates Forum Rules As often happens on these forums, personal political views bolstered by out of context statements take on a life of their own. Too bad it has happened so quickly on this forum with such a bright future. This thread has devolved beyond a reasonable discussion of...