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  1. rockdogza

    Image/jpeg in email signature?

    Hey guys, does anyone know if it is possible to put a image (ie jpeg) in your signature in email?
  2. rockdogza

    Arrow keys on the keyboard?

    Hey guys, I've got a simple Q - Where do you find the arrow keys (up, down, left, right) on the keyboard? I find it frustrating when working in pages or numbers and I can't move through a body of contents with the arrow keys. I've had my iPad 2 for about 3 months and still don't know where the...
  3. rockdogza

    Calendar start on Monday?

    How do you set the calendar to start on a Monday and not Sunday?
  4. rockdogza

    Dead pixel!!!

    I haven't even had my iPad2 for a month and I discovered a dead pixel on my screen!! Aaaaaah!. At closer inspection it seem that the pixel is only showing magenta, is there any way I can fix it?
  5. rockdogza

    Airport Express (802.11n) to Telkom (802.11g) Router

    Hey guys So i have decided to go wireless and had a look at the Airport Express that has a lot of options and possibilities. I only have one last question. I currently have a desktop connected via LAN to a Telkom (802.11g) router with a ADSL line. The Telkom router has wifi but only in 802.11g...
  6. rockdogza

    Youtube video quality?

    Hey guys Where do you set the video quality of YouTube in the YouTube app? Thanx!
  7. rockdogza

    Battery Life - When do you charge the iPad?

    Hey guys. So this is my first post and I have been thinking about this one for a while. I dunno if this issue has been raised before, but here goes. Here is the scenario: A while back I had a nokia cell phone. I fell into a routine where I would charge my phone, if it was close to flat, just...
  8. rockdogza

    New Member.

    Hey guy's, i am a 26y/o male that lives in sunny South Africa. I got my iPad2 16GB Wi-Fi + 3G(v4.3.5) a week ago and fell in love with it on the first day! This is my first apple so I am new to the hole apple interface. I am a architectural technologist so I know my way around a windows based...