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  1. Ruthie

    iTunes cloud

    I recently purchased an album from iTunes. I have noticed that where it shows some of the songs on my computer a large number of them are not highlighted and they have a cloud next to them. How do I get them out of the cloud and into my music list? I tried paying £21 so that I could have my...
  2. Ruthie

    Crash, crash, crash!

    It's all it ever does! I can be halfway through watching a programme on BBC iPlayer, or just browsing through the App Store or looking at posts on the forum, and suddenly my iPad just stops working. Sometimes if I just switch it off and then on again it will work again, but more often than not I...
  3. Ruthie

    WiFi connected but won't connect to internet

    Quite often when I'm listening to my radio app it will stop working for no reason and all I get is the little circle thing rotating as it tries to reconnect. I then find if I try to open anything that needs a wifi connection it won't work, I.e. BBC iPlayer. I have to hard shut down the iPad and...
  4. Ruthie

    Cannot connect to itunes

    I have 5 current App updates so went into my apps and logged into iTunes and requested it to update. However after five minutes of the Apps 'waiting' a message comes up saying 'can't connect to iTunes store'. I've tried shutting down my iPad but it's still happening. I've also tried loading a...
  5. Ruthie

    Ipad is stuck - urgent help needed

    I was watching a programme on BBC iplayer on my iPad and it suddenly stopped. It is stuck on the picture, no sound. I have tried switching it off but it won't switch off. It is completely stuck and I really don't know what to do. Has this happened to anyone else and what can I do?
  6. Ruthie

    I've ordered my new iPad 3rd Gen

    I have an original iPad so I'm really looking forward to getting the new one. Anticipated delivery date is Monday 19 March. Can't wait!
  7. Ruthie

    iTunes isn't synced properly with my iPad

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought that I should be able to see my iTunes account the same as it looks on my computer. I also thought I should be able to download my music to my iPad without having to use my computer. It doesn't show my music, the only stuff I have on my iPad is what I had...
  8. Ruthie

    Not showing all my music

    When I go to my purchased music in iTunes on my iPad it shows the albums that I have, but most of them don't show all the tracks. For instance in iTunes on my laptop, my Take That Circus album has 13 tracks, but on my iPad it only shows 9 tracks so there are 4 missing somewhere.
  9. Ruthie

    Ipod Query

    I would like to listen to the music on my iPod in my car. I have a cigarette lighter that I can plug into, but nothing that connects to my stereo. Does this mean I can't get any stereo sound?
  10. Ruthie


    I was just getting into this and now, since updating my iPad, it won't load. Is anyone else having a problem?
  11. Ruthie

    No sound on Skygo

    I am having a problem with sound on Skygo, it only works when I use my headphones. I have checked other tv streaming apps, BBC iPlayer and 4od, and they both play with sound so I know it's not set to mute. I have tried deleting the app and reinstalling it, but it didn't help. Can anyone suggest...
  12. Ruthie

    Cityville keeps crashing

    Is this happening to anyone else. Suggestions have been to clear cache, how do I do that? Also do you think I should delete it and relied, and if I do will I lose everything I have already done.
  13. Ruthie

    Stop Emails re Threads

    Ow do I stop getting emails every time some responds to a thread I have started or have been replying to?
  14. Ruthie

    Orange Film Thursday

    Orange customers can download a free film through iTunes straight to their iPad every Thursday. This week I downloaded The Wrestler. You get to keep it for 29 days, or 48 hours if you start to watch it. A great free deal.
  15. Ruthie

    Urgent Help needed

    I synced my ipad this afternoon with my itunes and now my ipad won't switch in. It just shows the grey apple in the middle of the screen. Will I have to reset it back to factory settings and will I lose everything. :confused::confused::confused::confused::confused:
  16. Ruthie


    Why, oh why did I only buy a 16gb iPad! Now I've run out of memory! My own fault, I was so desperate to buy one when they didn't have any 32's in stock, I thought oh well the 16 will be fine for me, how wrong I was.
  17. Ruthie

    Remote App

    I downloaded the Apple remote app. It told me to turn on home share which I have done. Then it said to connect to my computer and type in the pass code given on the app which I have done. Once I'd done this I had my iTunes library on my iPad. Great I thought, it works. Until I disconnected from...
  18. Ruthie

    Downloading your DVD's onto ipad

    How do you download a DVD onto your iPad and who much space do they take up?
  19. Ruthie

    Help with playing videos

    Hi, I've just bought my iPad and would be very pleased with it except that it won't play videos. By this I mean, any on You Tube or BBC I player, or if I want to preview films on iTunes. I've tried everything but it just won't work. Does anyone else have this problem and is there anything I can...