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  1. Amp1216

    Help with home button on ipad 2

    Ok the ipad im talking about is my sisters ipad recently her home button stopped working then she restarted it and it started working now my question to you is do u think it will happen again and if it dose will she have to take it to an apple store another thing has this ever happened to you...
  2. Amp1216

    Itunes back up emial

    Trying change my back up email to my main email for my itunes any help on how get rid of my back up email thanks My bad mispelled email did not catch that till i hit submit
  3. Amp1216

    Mobile verson of sites

    Hey ok well i like my local weather page but when i go to it its the mobild verson is there a way i can make it so i get the full site thanks
  4. Amp1216

    You tube app crashing

    Hey well every time I watch a video then I click comments during the video the you tube app crashes runs fine if I don't click comments buti used to be able to click comments during a video any help thanks
  5. Amp1216

    Has this ever happened to you

    iPod on the side is like opened and it still works kinda weird droped and it like opened up has this ever happened to you
  6. Amp1216

    Weather app

    Can some one name a good weather radar app with warnings and such i was looking for one for this sever weather season thanks
  7. Amp1216

    How many games you got or apps!

    How many games you got and how many apps you have I have 67 games on my iPad and about 87 apps on the whole iPad!
  8. Amp1216

    Anyone know of a kindom building game

    I've been a fan of evony for a while if you know what it is it is a kindom army building game pretty fun but I want to find a game like that on the app store where you build a city and a army any help. Thanks
  9. Amp1216

    Infinity blade II

    So is infinity blade II fun it's a 7$ game so I wanted to see if it is truly worth my money. Thanks
  10. Amp1216

    Status bar?

    There is a grey bar very noticeable not very thick tho is this bad?
  11. Amp1216

    Facebook app

    Was wondering if any one experienced so many crashes with the Facebook mine crashes all the time
  12. Amp1216

    Help with retinapad!

    Hey I'm using retinapad tweak that makes games that are not designed for iPad look good in x2 well here is my issue when I try to use it on this game called tiny wings
  13. Amp1216

    The browser

    So I've seen an iPad with basicly two different browsing types one with tabs witch you open and you can see them all you have open in a big window ive seen the other way witch is what I have the tabs on the top with the X you click on and such I was wondering can you switch witch type you want I...
  14. Amp1216

    Make a signature

    Just discovered that you can make a sig for this forum I've been using the app the whole time but can some 1 help me how to make one I've looked on the main site not on the app and can't figure it out
  15. Amp1216

    Any one watch netflix on your ipad and another question

    Ny one els watch Netflix on your iPad I do some times but and with the new iPad is Netflix a lot better like the video quality
  16. Amp1216

    Any one know any thing about a galaxy S phone

    Well kinda off topic good thing I put it in this section but my message button where I can text and stuff usually is in the bottom bar with the phone button contacts and applications well my message button disappeared I can still get to it but I would love for it to be on the bottom any help I...
  17. Amp1216

    Any help with finding wallpaper

    I'm looking for a dark blue wallpaper to go with my blue theme
  18. Amp1216


    Look at the pictures what happened!
  19. Amp1216

    How to hide the....

    How do you hide the photo button on the lock screen (my iPad is jailbroken so yea just making sure you know that)
  20. Amp1216

    What is that that tweak called?

    Hey I was looking for a lock sound that that says access granted when you unlock it any one know the name I've seen it on you tube but it wasn't about the lock sound
  21. Amp1216


    Hey I'm looking for a nice cool theme can any 1 tell me a couple good ones or is there a thread already running sme thing about themes (if there is can some 1 direct me to it)
  22. Amp1216

    Best wallpaper app

    What is a good place to get wallpapers like they have nice ones designed for iPad
  23. Amp1216

    Kinda of a apple and ipad question

    Ow often dose apple come out with an iPad and will it be the same for the next one or would they come out with a different device
  24. Amp1216

    Any one els have this problem?

    Some times when I open. The ipf app it just shows a black screen like its trying to logg in or some thing so some times I uninstall and reinstall I wanna know if any one els has this problem
  25. Amp1216


    Had a problem the other day with SBSettings I went to restoring I was in landscape mode and about three fourths of the screen said respring and it didn't tho I could see the screen working at the top well I did a shut down and it turned back on and worked fine but should I not respring from that...
  26. Amp1216

    MB cydia apps take up

    Well is there a way to tell how much MB that cydia Tweks/themes take up no big deal with space on my iPad but it would be nice to uninstall stuff that take up a lot of space and there is no need for it
  27. Amp1216

    New stylus pen

    Got a new stylus pen and it has become not very responsive is there any way to make it more responsive it was 16$ not sure if this is a iPad thing but i need help thanks to all the smart people on here!
  28. Amp1216

    New update!

    I have a jail broken iPad and there is a new uPdate and I wanna know if it is all that to get rid of the jailbreak or should I wait till there is a jailbreak available for 5.1
  29. Amp1216

    Ipad makes random noise!

    My ipad2 makes this random noise like almost there is like a notification but there is not even when the ipad is muted it still dose it's no big deal but it's kinda creepy
  30. Amp1216

    Scratches on the black frame

    I have some decent size like a inch or 2 size length what would be the best thing to try to make it not visible is there any like frame customizors that I could buy please and thank you
  31. Amp1216

    Cydia Tweaks!!

    I wanna your favorite cydia Tweks for iPad 1 and 2