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  1. cadillac

    What do I need to plug my iPad 2 into a projection unit?

    What do I need to plug my iPad 2 into a projection unit? Regards Milton
  2. cadillac

    I make covers for iPads, that look like antique book covers

    I make old books, and recently have made custom bound book covers that look like antique books. Do you think these look usable? As our home was burgled and they sole heaps of electrical equipment but totally missed my iPad due to it being in one of my antique covers, and it was right next too my...
  3. cadillac

    Folded keyboard, are they any good?

    Found a folded keyboard, are they any good? regards Milton.
  4. cadillac

    slim keyboard

    Does anyone know where you can get a slim keyboard that is the same width as an iPad? Regards Milton
  5. cadillac

    G'day everyone

    G'day everyone, new to this list and looking forward to finding out more stuff about my new iPad, plus to let you know that I actually make custom bound covers for iPads that actually look like an old book. Regards Milton Watkins, Gold Coast